33 Crochet Designers You Definitely Want to Know

Holiday Crochet Pattern Bundle from 34 designers

If you haven’t grabbed your Holiday Crochet Bundle, yet, then don’t hesitate. The big huge sale on these crochet patterns only lasts until tomorrow. If you don’t get them ASAP then you’ll miss the chance to get 40+ crochet patterns at a 90% discount. It’s the best way to get a lot of patterns from a variety of crochet designers at one super low price. And if you use my affiliate link to buy the bundle then you’ll also get two additional free Marly Bird crochet patterns. PLUS you’ll be entered to win another 10 free crochet patterns from me. Need more details? Learn all about it here.

Meet 33 Terrific Crochet Designers

Once you’ve gone and purchased your bundle, come on back here. I wanted to introduce you to the other 33 crochet designers who collaborated to bring you this big discount. While you can buy the bundle through any of us, I hope that you’ll use my affiliate link, since that’s the only way to get the extra free crochet patterns that I’m offering. (Plus it’s a way to support my work if you like it.)

I love collaborating with others. I do a lot of different types of collaborations, and I’m all about building community. That’s one of the reasons that I’m happy to participate in projects like this with other crochet designers. And it seems like a good opportunity to introduce you to the others, many of whom I’ve worked with or mentioned on the blog in the past. So, with no further ado, here are the other 33 crochet designers who also have patterns in the Holiday Crochet Bundle.

Bundle of patterns from different crochet designers

1. A Crocheted Simplicity

Jennifer of A Crocheted Simplicity always has cute crochet designs. In fact, I’ve included some of her crochet patterns in my roundups over the years. Here are three of them:

2. Blackstone Designs

Sonya Blackstone enjoys creating simple and fun crochet patterns. She offers many of them free through her blog. In particular, she excels at creating holiday and seasonal crochet patterns. Here are some of the roundups where I’ve included those patterns:

And we both participated in the Celebrate Mom Blog Hop, for which I shared a shawl pattern.

3. Blue Star Crochet Company

Veronica of Blue Star Crochet enjoys designing wearable crochet, so if you’re looking to make garments and accessories then you might want to check her out. You can also find crochet reviews, crochetalongs, and more on her blog.

4. Briana K Designs

Briana is a knit and crochet designer who started off selling finished items on Etsy but then switched to selling patterns. I love working with her. Get to know more about her from her Yarn Thing Podcast interview, in which we talk about Infinity Crochet. She also did a free crochet ornament pattern for last year’s Knit and Crochet Quickies hosted here on my site. Plus she contributed a knit and crochet shawl pattern for the Mother’s Day crochet pattern collaboration earlier this year.

5. Cre8tion Crochet

Lorene from Cre8tion Crochet was featured on the Yarn Thing podcast way back in 2014. She was already designing fun crochet projects back then, including a popular Owl Stuffy. Then she came back to the podcast in 2019 to share her Year in Crochet program. Check out the interviews to learn more about her work. Fun fact: She collaborated with Briana K and others on Crochet Foundry magazine this year.

6. Creations by Courtney

Courtney creates crochet patterns for accessories and garments with an eye towards being size-inclusive. All of her crochet garment patterns are sized S – 5x. I’ve included her patterns in the Fall and Thanksgiving projects roundup as well as the Portable Crochet Projects roundup, both linked above.

7. Crochet 365 Knit Too

Cheryl is a crochet blogger and designer who also knows how to knit. I’m always happy to find other bi-crafty people in this community. I hosted a New Year’s Eve pattern giveaway to countdown to 2018, and she participated in that. It’s great to be sharing another project with her.

8. CrochetKim

Kim Guzman was one of the earliest guests on the Yarn Thing Podcast. She’s an established crochet author and designer. In particular, she’s known for her skill with Tunisian crochet. You can find a Tunisian crochet stitch library on her website.

Holiday Pattern Bundle Roundup

9. Crystalized Designs

Crystal started crocheting while she was on bed rest. She quickly realized that she wanted to turn it into a career, and her crochet design business was born. I’ve included one of her patterns on the blog before: 10 Free Crochet Slipper Patterns.

10. Fosbas Designs

Susanna of Fosbas enjoys creating crochet patterns for moms and their kids. I’ve included some of those patterns on the blog in the past. You’ll find them in the Fall and Thanksgiving crochet patterns roundup, the Portable Crochet Projects roundup, and the Summer Tops crochet pattern roundup all linked above. You’ll also find them in: 20 Free Crochet Spa Patterns.

11. GoodKnit Kisses

Kristen offers video tutorials for a variety of different crafts including crochet. In 2018 we reviewed the Leisure Arts Oval Loom for knitters, and she was generous enough to share her expertise with us for that post. She also participated in the Chic Sheep blog tour, contributed a square for the Wedding Blanket CAL, and I included her in the 13 Free Knit and Crochet Baby Projects roundup.

12. Green Fox Farms Designs

Lisa of Green Fox Farms Designs has an art degree and taught herself to crochet when she was pregnant with her daughter. Her creativity shines through in her work. She celebrates the magic of the craft in all she does.

13. Handmade by Raine

Raine enjoys a variety of crafts including cross-stitch, sewing, knitting, and crochet, many of which her other and grandmother also enjoyed. She likes creating practical, useful items, but infusing them with a touch of something special.

14. HanJan Crochet

Hannah of HanJan Crochet creates a diverse array of different types of crochet patterns. Head to her website and you’ll find crochet patterns for babies, weddings, home, and wearables. I’ve included her patterns previously in the Crochet Cables roundup and Crochet Patterns for Fall and Thanksgiving, both linked above as well as in my Crochet for Charity roundup.

15. Hooked on Homemade Happiness

What a great name for a business right? Breann shares elegant crochet patterns, especially for accessories and wearables. She participates in CALs, and she also sells artisan yarn on her website. I recently included one of her patterns in my roundup of 15 Free Crochet Stockings Patterns.

16. KnitzNPurlz

Irina of KnitzNPurlz began knitting as a young child. She continues to love it today, and has also become a crocheter. Recently she’s been sharing a lot of crochet projects that use chunky t-shirt yarn.

17. Knottie Hooks

Faydra learned to crochet from her mother at a young age. Now, through Knottie Hooks, she shares stitch tutorials, free crochet patterns, and additional information to help others learn the craft that she loves.

18. Krissys Over The Mountain Crochet

Krissy is a mother of five living in the Appalachian Mountains. In addition to free crochet patterns and tutorials, she also shares recipes on her blog.

19. Loops and Love Crochet

Amanda of Loops and Love Crochet started crocheting when she was pregnant. She is relatively new to the crochet design scene, having been a designer for just a couple of years. She’s got some great patterns, which I’ve included previously in the roundups of crochet patterns for Fall and Thanksgiving, Charity Crochet, and Portable Crochet Projects, all of which are linked above.

20. Made by Gootie

Agat, whose nickname is Gootie, learned to knit as a child. She loves the craft and also loves to crochet. She shares patterns for both. I’ve included one of her patterns previously in the Spa Patterns roundup linked earlier in this post.

Roundup of Crochet Designers participating in Holiday Bundle Sale

21. Mama in a Stitch

Jessica of Mama in a Stitch is another bi-crafty member of our designer community. She launched her blog in 2014 with a knit fingerless gloves pattern, and she’s been sharing her knit and crochet patterns ever since. I’ve included her previously in my roundup of 12 Free Crochet Summer Tops.

22. Meladora’s Creations

Candy of Meladora’s Creations loves to crochet. After struggling through some life challenges and working at a job she hated to make ends meet, she was able to turn her love of the craft into a business. She teaches crochet through video tutorials and shares patterns on her website.

23. MJ’s Off the Hook Designs

Michelle is one of the crochet designers behind the Crochet Foundry magazine (mentioned above since she worked in collaboration with several people including both Briana K and Cre8tion Crochet.) You’ll also find that I’ve included her patterns in the roundups of Spa Patterns, 30 Free Crochet Summer Tops for Beginners, and Mother’s Day blog hop patterns, also all linked above. And she was another participant in the Fall Crochet Bundle, the predecessor to this Holiday Crochet Bundle event.

24. Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Nicole is the one behind this big Holiday Crochet Bundle sale and the previous Fall Crochet Bundle. I’ve included her patterns previously on the blog in the roundups of Easter crochet patterns, crochet cables, and 24 knit and crochet Christmas quickies, all of which are linked above. She was also included in 20 Free Pom Pom Project Ideas, my Yarn Pooling book blog tour, and I did a free crochet shawl pattern for her Celebrate the Holidays blog hop.

25. Raffamusa Designs

Raffaella, whose high school nickname was Raffamusa, began her crochet journey with Tunisian crochet. She also likes crocheting appliqués, potholders, accessories, and baby items. She has Tunisian crochet stitch designs and patterns on her website along with other crochet patterns.

26. Repeat Crafter Me

Sarah Zimmerman is a terrific crochet designer well-known for her C2C crochet patterns. In fact, she’s authored a book of them. I’ve included her patterns in many roundups over time including:

27. Same DiNamics Crochet

If you’re enjoying learning about all of these great crochet designers, then you might want to check out the Inside the Crochet Designer’s Mind series on this blog. You’ll get the opportunity to meet all kinds of different crochet designers there. Plus the site has crochet patterns, pattern reviews, articles and more. This was another stop on my Yarn Pooling book blog tour.

28. Strings and Cuddles

Elisa is a crochet designer and knitter who also enjoys the craft of card making. She started the crafts as a way to pass the time when feeling homesick after first moving to the United States. Now she is a pattern tester who also shares crochet patterns of her own.

29. Sweet Potato 3

You might be familiar with Sweet Potato 3 from my recent participation in her Crochet Cancer Challenge, for which I shared the Wings of Hope hat pattern. It’s a great cause that Christine cares a lot about. She was also part of the Countdown to 2018 project mentioned above and has a pattern included in my roundup of 10 Free Crochet Gift Card Holder Patterns.

30. The Friendly Red Fox

Kali is a crochet blogger who specializes in amigurumi. As she says on her Facebook page, she enjoys “creating warmth, comfort and personality with crochet!” Recent patterns include a bat, a tiger, a sloth, and a unicorn.

31. The Hook Nook

Jessica Carey of the Hook Nook had a rough childhood and wanted things to be different for her own kids. One way she did that was learning to crochet so that she could pass special heirloom pieces on to her kids. She believes in crochet as therapy and has a new book called Making with Meaning that shares patterns and essays on this topic. Learn more about her from her feature on the Yarn Thing Podcast.

32. The Loopy Lamb

Ashley is a Canadian crochet designer who started her blog in 2018. She learned to crochet to reduce anxiety and quickly found that she loved the craft. I’ve shared her patterns in the roundups (all linked above) for: Easter Crochet Patterns, Fall and Thanksgiving Projects, Portable Crochet Projects, and Charity Crochet.

33. YARNutopia

Nadia is another crocheter, and a friend of mine, who uses the craft as therapy. She started selling her crochet work in 2012, donating a portion of the proceeds to help people like her who live with inflammatory bowel diseases. She’s been included on this blog many times including in the roundups of shark crochet patterns, Halloween crochet patterns, and crochet slipper patterns all linked above. But perhaps most special is the Oliver and Olivia crochet blanket I designed for her when she was pregnant.

There they are. The 33 crochet designers who are also participating in the Holiday Crochet Bundle. I hope you’ve met some new folks and see some others whose work you already enjoy. Don’t forget that when you buy the Holiday Crochet Bundle through my affiliate link, you’ll get some extra bonus patterns just from me!

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