BiCrafty Bootcamp: Beginner Crochet Lessons for Knitters!!

Step-By-Step Instructions for Learning to Crochet

with Bonus Tips for Knitters Who Want to Become BiCrafty



BiCrafty Bootcamp weekly lessons resume 2/3/22. Get your materials list RIGHT HERE.

For the past several months the Marly Bird team has come together every week for BiCrafty Bootcamp: Knitting Lessons for Crocheters. Those crocheters are now bicrafty. In fact, they have intermediate knitting skills that they never expected to gain so quickly.

And now we want to give knitters the same chance to become bicrafty.

So, starting on September 1, 2021, we’re launching BiCrafty Bootcamp: Beginner Crochet Lessons for Knitters!!

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What Is BiCrafty Bootcamp: Beginner Crochet Lessons for Knitters?

This is a step-by-step from-the-ground up set of lessons in learning how to crochet. It’s designed specifically for knitters. We’ll provide tips and tricks for how to use what you already know in knitting to make it easier to learn how to crochet.

How Does BiCrafty Bootcamp: Beginner Crochet Lessons for Knitters Work?

First, sign up here ✅ This lets us know that you’re interested in joining us. Each week we’ll send out a newsletter about the week’s lessons. Therefore, it also helps keep you on track with your beginner crochet lessons.

???? Starting 9/1/21, we’ll begin posting weekly crochet lessons here on the blog. In each post, you’ll find:

  • New crochet skills, starting from the beginning and graduating towards more advanced skills.
  • Tips for using your knitting knowledge to make it easier to learn how to crochet.
  • Helpful insights from the team about learning how to crochet. All of Marly Bird’s team members are now bicrafty.
  • A pattern, or a portion of a pattern, so that you can put the skills that you’re learning to use. We believe that the instant gratification of making something as you learn helps solidify the skills. Plus, it keeps you excited all through your beginner crochet lessons, as you see how far you’re coming each week.

Each week we’ll also have a live YouTube video where Marly shows you all about that week’s crochet lesson. She’ll usually be joined by one or two team members: Cryssi and Kathryn. They’ll answer your questions, chat with you about crochet, and encourage your growth in this craft.

Who Should Join BiCrafty Bootcamp: Beginner Crochet Lessons for Knitters?


Obviously, people who already know how to knit but don’t yet know how to crochet are the primary audience for this set of free online crochet classes. However, if you don’t know how to knit, then you can still learn crochet from these lessons.

Moreover, if you do know how to crochet, then you can still join us! You can help encourage the newbie crocheters in the live video chats and in the Marly’s Minions Facebook Group. It’s a great opportunity to crochet in community. Plus, you’ll complete a lot of crochet projects that are great for you or for gifting. We hope to see lots of people join up!

What Are Some Of The Items We Will Make in BiCrafty Bootcamp: Beginner Crochet Lessons for Knitters?

That is a great question and Marly has a HUGE line up of items for this fun free online crochet course. Knowing that crochet is a LOT faster than knitting, she has some larger items planned for all of us wanna be bicrafty people.

Here are just a few: crochet spa items, crochet winter accessories, crochet amigurumi, crochet blanket, crochet pillow, crochet market bag, and a final project surprise…I am not going to tell you!

Don’t’ those sound like fun?

Materials: What Do We Need To Get Started?

You don’t have to invest a lot of money to get started in crochet. You’ll need some yarn and a crochet hook. Plus, we’re going to teach you how to use an I-Cord maker. BiCrafty Bootcamp Crochet Edition is approximately 20 weeks long.

Here’s what you’ll need for the first four weeks of the class:

*note: we will give you the list of items you will need at least 2 weeks before you need them during the BiCrafty Bootcamp.

  • YARN:
    • WeCrochet Dishie Yarn: 2 balls color A, 1 ball each of colors B and C. It is best if you coordinate these colors. This is a great worsted weight cotton yarn that will work really well for our first set of projects. *psst: you know Marly and she will offer tips to use more colors than 3, so if you want to splurge and get 5, go ahead…but not 4…never 4! LOL.
  • HOOKS:
    • One set of crochet hooks. We’re going to work with worsted weight yarn. As you know from knitting, tension affects gauge. Therefore, you may need a hook size smaller or larger than what we recommend for a pattern. Getting a set makes that easier. We recommend at least US size G, H, I, and J crochet hooks. Learn more about crochet hook sizes here. You can get affordable crochet hook sets from WeCrochet here.
      • For anyone seeking ergonomic crochet hooks, we highly recommend Marly’s favorite hooks which are sold on Etsy by Too Shay Crochet.
    • Locking stitch markers. KnitPicks has a great affordable set that you’ll use again and again.
    • Chenille needles as well as tapestry needles for weaving in ends. We aren’t going to crochet over our ends in Crochet Bootcamp!
    • OPTIONAL: I-Cord Maker. As a knitter, you might already know how to knit the I-Cord. However, an I-Cord Maker simplifies things for you so much. We’ll be working with this starting in week one of your beginner crochet lessons.

These supplies will take you through our first four weeks of BiCrafty Bootcamp Crochet Edition. Plus, of course, you’ll keep using the hooks and other tools throughout the classes. Order these now so that you’re ready to start with us on 9/1/21. And remember to sign up here!!!

Big Thanks to WeCrochet!

WeCrochet is our sponsor for BiCrafty Bootcamp Crochet Edition. WeCrochet sells yarn, hooks, patterns, and more. They love all things crochet. Therefore, they’re an obvious sponsor for this project which seeks to make more knitters also fall in love with crochet!


Lesson One: Introduction to crochet hooks, single crochet, turning chains. Spa headband pattern. VIDEO HERE.

Lesson Two: Half double crochet, double crochet, treble crochet. Long Wave Crochet Stitch. Self-care beginner crochet facecloth pattern. VIDEO HERE

Lesson Three: How to crochet into spaces, work multiple stitches into one stitch or space, and crochet shells and granny stitch. VIDEO HERE.

Lesson Four: How to increase and decrease for chevron crochet. VIDEO HERE.

Extra Credit Week: Go-To Baby Shower Blanket Crochet Pattern. Practice single-double combination stitch while working with double-stranded yarn.

Lesson Five: Crochet edgings for beginners. Triangle-style shawl pattern. VIDEO HERE.

Lesson Six: Granny square crochet motifs and ear warmer pattern. VIDEO HERE.

Lesson Seven: Confetti Dots Granny Blanket pattern and Join As You Go Motifs. VIDEO HERE.

Lesson Eight: BiCrafty Bootcamp is on pause for the holidays. Finish your blanket. Practice your skills. And order your yarn for PART TWO which begins 2/3/22.

Lesson Nine: Crochet stitch anatomy. Learn to work in the front loop, back loop, third loop and around the posts in crochet. VIDEO HERE.

Lesson Ten: Crochet Cables. Cables are NOT just for knitters! Learn to work front and back post stitches to create a gorgeous fabric. VIDEO HERE.

Lesson Eleven: Crochet Top Down Hat. Learn how to crochet in the round to make a hat from the top down. VIDEO HERE.

Lesson Twelve: Crochet Waistcoat Stitch, aka Split Single Crochet. VIDEO HERE.

Lesson Twelve (cont’d): Colorful Crochet Market Bag. VIDEO HERE.

Lesson Thirteen: Corner to Corner Crochet. VIDEO HERE.

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  1. brenda ray says:

    I so l love to knit and crochet. Since covid, not many classes to attend, I live alone and am finding it hard to focus on a project to completion. This would be awesome to be a part of.

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