Top 20 Knit Prayer Shawl Patterns

We recently answered the question “what is a prayer shawl?” Moreover, we looked at ways to craft them including how to craft a prayer shawl if you don’t usually pray. We linked to the top 20 crochet patterns for prayer shawls. And now we have a roundup for you of the top 20 knit prayer shawl patterns.

And if you love to knit prayer shawls, here are a few patterns designed by Marly Birds: Stitch Switch vol. 2 Knit Shawl Collection, Eowyn Knit Shawl, Sky River Knit Shawl, and, just to add even more choices for you here are 36 Free Knit and Crochet Shawl Patterns.

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What Makes a Good Knit Prayer Shawl Pattern

You can make any knit shawl pattern into a prayer shawl. However, most people find that the best knit prayer shawl patterns have a few things in common:

  • They’re easy patterns. You don’t want to have to learn something new when you’re focused on prayer.
  • The patterns have a simple repetitive stitch design. A basic garter stitch knit shawl makes a good pattern. But any pattern that has a stitch repeat that you can pick up on easily works well as knit prayer shawl pattern.
  • It’s made with comfy yarn. A prayer shawl is like a hug for the recipient. Therefore, it’s even better when it’s made with yarn that feels extra good.

Top 10 Marly Bird Shawl Patterns to Use As Prayer Shawls

In the crochet shawl roundup pattern, we highlighted ten Marly Bird shawl patterns that work well as prayer shawl patterns. Of course, we want to do the same thing for the knitters. So here are the top 10 Marly Bird knit prayer shawl patterns:

1. Tilted Blocks Knit Half Circle Shawl

knit half circle shawl pattern

The majority of this knit shawl pattern is worked in simple garter stitch. There’s almost nothing more meditative – or prayerful – than that! The tilted blocks pattern makes up the border of the piece and adds some special pop to this knit prayer shawl.

2. Beginner Garter Stitch Bias Shawl

Beginner knit garter stitch bias shawl pattern by Marly Bird

This knit shawl pattern was made with beginners in mind. Those are always a smart choice when selecting a prayer shawl pattern because they often don’t require a lot of focus, especially for advanced knitters.

3. Crazy Stripes Shawl

striped knit shawl free pattern

This knit shawl pattern is a little bit more complex than what you would typically want for a prayer shawl pattern. However, it’s still suitable and the print is so outstanding that it does make a nice choice as a gift for someone special. And it’s truly not so complex that you can’t practice prayer when crafting it. Tip: you can say a prayer at the start of each color change!

4. Make It Mine Knit Shawl

Make It Mine Knit Shawl Free Pattern

Knitting isn’t quite as easy as crochet to just stop in the middle of a pattern and pick up again later. But some patterns do work well for that in knitting and this is one of them. If you want a knit prayer shawl pattern you can craft on the go, then choose this one.

5. Red Heart Marly’s Garter Stitch Shawl

Marly's garter stitch knit shawl free pattern

You’ll start at the center top of this shawl and knit your way down to the point. While there are color changes and some stitch variations, it’s consistent enough for make for a good knit prayer shawl patterns.

6. Stellar Stripes Knit Shawl

Stellar Stripes - a knit and crochet shawl pattern

This is one of those shawl designs that you can work up in variety of different color combinations to suit the recipient or time of year.

If you’re bi-crafty then you might be happy to know that this knit shawl is also available as a free crochet shawl pattern.

7. Super Simple Two Ball Shawl

super simple two ball knit prayer shawl pattern

It says right in the name that this is a super simple shawl for you to knit. That doesn’t mean that it looks plain, though. With the right yarn choice (and only two balls needed) you get a stunning knit prayer shawl. The tassels add a pop of something special.

8. Uptown Chic Knit Shawl

Uptown chic knit shawl free pattern

This pattern does require a little bit of concentration. However, it is such a cozy and stylish wrap that it works really well for a comfort shawl.

9. Pear Sorbet Shawlette

Pear sorbet shawlette knit pattern

The detailed center panel on this one is so special and eye catching. And then the rest of it is so easy and meditative to craft.

10. Social Knitter Shawl

Social Knitter Shawl easy pattern

This is called the Social Knitter Shawl because it is designed for people who are busy talking and chatting and socializing while they knit. In other words, you have an easy pattern repeat so that you can focus on something else. You might want to make this as a charity knitting project with a group. Or just focus on the prayer as you craft, since you don’t need to focus on the stitches.

11. Mariposa Chic Knit Shawl

mariposa chic knit shawl - prayer shawl pattern - marly bird

This is the Mariposa Chic Knit Shawl Pattern and was part of the original Tournament of Stitches Event. Made with a washable merino wool in a worsted weight, this pattern is accessible for many and it is a free knit pattern here on the Marly Bird website!

Top 10 Knit Prayer Shawl Patterns from Other Designers

And here are ten more terrific knit prayer shawl patterns free from other designers:

1. Bernat Knit Comfort Shawl

Bernat knit comfort shawl free pattern

Prayer shawls are also called comfort shawls. This comfort shawl pattern uses three different shades of Bernat yarn to create an ombre-inspired knit prayer shawl. It uses simple knit stitches. However, if you need help with the pattern, you can also access a full video tutorial for this design.

2. Red Heart Fall Berries Shawl

Red Heart Fall Berries Shawl knit pattern

Red is a power color. Therefore, it’s a really smart choice for a color for a prayer shawl. This knit prayer shawl also has terrific texture, which will make it cozy and comfortable for the recipient.

3. Red Heart Textured Triangle Shawl

textured triangle shawl

This is an oversize knit shawl, which means it offers the perfect comfort to the recipient. It’s knit in four parts; the first part in particular is very easy and repetitive so it works perfectly as a knit prayer shawl.

4. Red Heart Small Shapes Shawl

Intermediate knit prayer shawl free pattern

Doesn’t just looking at this knit shawl brighten your mood? Your recipient will feel the same way. This is an intermediate pattern but it has a repeating stitch design that’s easy to pick up on. That’s what makes it another good knit prayer shawl pattern.

5. Red Heart Brighten My Day Wrap

striped knit prayer shawl free pattern

Speaking of brightening your mood, here’s a wrap named after how much it does just that! It’s a surprisingly easy knit pattern with a repetitive design that is perfect for prayer shawl crafting. Enjoy!

6. Asymmetrical Knit Shawl

asymmetrical knit prayer shawl free pattern

This knit shawl pattern uses garter stitch, stockinette stitch, and a 16-row repeat lace stitch. The design is beautiful. And yet it’s repetitive enough to allow for mindful knitting or prayer shawl crafting.

7. Red Heart Simple Lace Triangle Shawl

Simple Lace Triangle Shawl Free Knit Pattern

This is a simple lace triangle knit shawl pattern designed for an “easy” skill level. The yarn does all of the work to create a beautiful ombre effect. It’s the perfect pattern for a lacy prayer shawl.

8. Red Heart Ribbed Slit Shawl

Ribbed Slit Shawl free knitting pattern

This shawl is special because it has a slit in it which allows the shawl to tuck into itself, keeping it in place. Other than that, though, it’s an easy knit pattern, perfect for a knit prayer shawl.

9. Continuous Wrap

Red Heart knit prayer shawl continuous wrap free pattern

This knit prayer shawl pattern has a simple six row repeat. Learn the repeat, and enjoy crafting as you pray or repeat a saying while you work, infusing the piece with that message.

10. Red Heart Fringed Knit Shawl

fringed knit shawl free pattern

A little bit of fringe can add delight to any knit shawl. You’ll essentially repeat the same two rows over and over again for most of this shawl, making it perfect for prayer shawl crafting.

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