36 FREE Patterns: Knit and Crochet Fall Shawls

We are pulling together some of our favorite patterns from the Yarnspirations website each week. Use these patterns to inspire you to try new projects or yarn! This week, I have a collection of 36 FREE quick knit and crochet patterns for fall shawls, sure to get you excited to pick up your needles and hooks. Browse through them for your next project to put your hooks or needles.

Weekly Theme: Fall Shawls

A warm shawl around your shoulders can be the perfect accessory as the weather cools. Plus, they make a great gift to make for your loved ones. Check out these 36 FREE Yarnspirations patterns that’ll keep you warm this autumn.

Eighteen knit and eighteen crochet projects mean there’s something here for everyone. There are various stitches, techniques, colors, styles, and shapes for these fall shawls. Many of these also make great patterns for prayer shawls.

Which one catches your eye?!

Fall shawls to crochet and knit

Free Crochet Fall Shawls Patterns

All of these are perfect to crochet for autumn. And, of course, many of them work as an extra layer throughout the other months of the year. You’ll find oversized blanket shawls, casual daytime shawls, dressier evening shawls, shawls with texture, and shawls in many shapes and sizes. You’ll even find pocket shawls. Enjoy these patterns!

Textured triangular crochet shawl

Free Knit Fall Shawls Patterns

And here are eighteen knit shawl patterns for fall. Again, there’s a lot of variety here. You’ll find shawls in stripes and stripes in chevron. There are even lace shawls for a dressier, lighter look. Enjoy lots of color or more neutral options. Have fun!

Rendezvous knit shawl

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