Tournament of Stitches 2019 Make-Along

With the success of the second annual Game Day make-along 2019 not far behind us, we are looking ahead to the next big sporting event here in America…March Madness. Just as we brought our love of hook and needles to the Super Bowl ????, we are doing the same for this basketball event ????. It is the time of year for the second annual Tournament of Stitches 2019 event!!!

Marly Bird Tournament of Stitches March 6, 2019-March 26, 2019

Heads up, things will be run a little different for this years make-along, so be sure to read the full post (heck, bookmark this post!) to know how it works and how to participate…and of course, WIN PRIZES!

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What is the Tournament of Stitches Make-Along?

The Tournament of Stitches make-along is a great way for knitters and crocheters to work alongside each other making something that is similar but not identical.

For those of you who joined us last year for the TOS 2018 (that is how we like to abbreviate the Tournament of Stitches), you might remember that it was like a big choose your own adventure book. Truth be told, it was a ton of fun BUT, it was SO.MUCH.WORK.FOR.ME!!!!

After I nearly had a meltdown last year ????, I promised myself that if I did the TOS again I would simplify it in order to make it something I can continue doing without tears and frustration. So, rather than the four concentration levels throughout the entire project that can be mix and matched each week, I have written the pattern that will have you building on your skills from the start of the pattern to the end ????.

Both the knit and crochet versions will go from Social —> Netflix and Chill —> Smooth Jazz —> Be Quiet, I’m Knitting/Crocheting ????

When is the Tournament of Stitches Make-Along?

March 6 – April 3, 2019 (you must be a part of the Marly’s Minions Facebook Group. More details about that below) @ 10 am MT

What are we making?

Another change this year is that I am not doing four different projects. There will be one project for knitters and one project for crocheters. Just as last year, I want you to know what you’re making but you will not know what the final version will look like.

I’ve decided that I want to make this years project a ????shawl????. NOT a triangle shawl and NOT a rectangle shawl, but an asymmetrical shawl. One that I think will allow for the skill level transition and some excitement.

How do I participate in the Tournament of Stitches Make-Along?

To participate in the Tournament of Stitches Make-Along you will need to go to the Marly’s Minions Facebook GROUP this is where we will be posting information. You can RSVP for the event to stay up to date with what is going on. By marking that you are going to be joining us you will get notifications when new clues are posted.

There is no cost for participating in this event, IT IS FREE; but we do ask that you share this blog post with your friends that knit or crochet, and when you post on social media use #TournamentofStitches and #MarlyBird

????What supplies do I need?????

There is nothing worse than running out of yarn for a project, right? With that in mind, we have decided to be cautious and suggest a larger amount of yarn for this project than you might use. But, we want to make sure that no matter shawl you make you will not run out of yarn by the time you are at the end of the make-along.

Ravelry button
Be sure to favorite and queue up this project on Ravelry!

Link to the Knitting TOS on Ravelry

Link to the Crochet TOS on Ravelry

[I will be adding both of these patterns to Ravelry so you can add your projects to them…consider this a place holder for those links.]

Supplies for Knitters—

Yarn: At least 1,400 yds of a worsted weight yarn. I will be using Chic Sheep by Marly Bird™.

Colors: At least 2 colors that are contrasting, but I am using 5 colors for my sample! My colors are (3 balls) Lipstick; (1 ball each of the following) Sterling, Platinum, Stiletto, and Lace.

Needles: Size 9 (5.5mm) 24” and/or 32” circulars or LONGER size needed to obtain correct gauge.

Notions: Stitch markers, tapestry needle

Supplies for Crocheters—

Yarn: At least 2000 yds of a worsted weight yarn. I will be using Chic Sheep by Marly Bird™.

Colors: At least 3 colors that are contrasting, but I am using 5 colors for my sample! My colors are (3 balls) Velvet; (2 balls each of the following) Vineyard, Regal, Polo; (1 ball) Green Tea

Hooks: I/9 (5.5mm), J/10 (6mm) size needed to obtain correct gauge.

Notions: Stitch markers, tapestry needle

Chic Sheep by Marly Bird™ yarn-purchase now-merino wool yarn

How do I get the TOS instructions for each week?

My team and I will link to the instruction page for each week in this blog post below (directly below this section, you will see dates that will be highlighted when the instructions have been posted) @ 10 am MT the day of the event.

You will also get a notification from the FB Group for when we post the instructions for each week AND (we learned this last time) we will have one dedicated thread in the group for each clue in each round.

Having one thread dedicated to each week makes it easier should you have a question, you only need to find that thread in the FB group and ask it. Our top Minion Moderators and testers are watching those threads so they can help you.

????HERE ARE THE Weekly Instructions????!

Knitting Shawl Instructions (click the link):

Week 1 Knitting Clue-AVAILABLE NOW

Week 2 Knitting Clue-AVAILABLE NOW

Week 3 Knitting Clue-AVAILABLE NOW

Week 4 Knitting Clue-AVAILABLE NOW

Crochet Shawl Instructions (click the link):

Week 1 Crochet Clue-AVAILABLE NOW

Week 2 Crochet Clue-coming AVAILABLE NOW

Week 3 Crochet Clue-AVAILABLE NOW

Week 4 part 1 Crochet Clue-AVAILABLE NOW

Week 4 part 2 Crochet Clue-AVAILABLE NOW

Are there prizes?

❤️Red Heart❤️ has been so wonderful to again offer prizes throughout the event. We will have a winner each week.????

Each week, my team and I take a look at previous weeks thread on FB. We randomly select a winner from the amazing progress pictures you post by the deadline.

????Please take note????: If you want to have your project entered for a chance to win a prize it must be completed and posted to the Marly’s Minions FB Group by 11:59 pm MT, April 10, 2019.????

Need Help? Here are the links to get pattern support!

Note: You must be a member of the Marly’s Minions FB group to access! 

Week 1 questions thread

Week 2 questions thread

Week 3 questions thread

Week 4 questions thread

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  1. Karen says:

    I am a newbie to TOS. Please send me explicit directions about getting started. I have never done a knit or crochet along.

  2. Susan Baughman says:

    I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying using your new Chic Sheep yarn.Knitting is my primary craft, but due to some hand issues, I have been crocheting hexagons to make a throw for the sofa. I am using stash and supplementing with new yarn. I came across this one at Hobby Lobby yesterday. Wow! Fantastic yarn for crochet! I am not an acrylic fan and was so happy to find a really nice wool yarn like this.

  3. Beth Noll says:

    I tried adding the project to my Ravelry queue but the TOS projects in Ravelry all say they’re for 2018?

  4. Mary J says:

    I had not posted my finished shawl to FB before the warning posts yesterday. I’m not sure how to post it here? I’ve tried to copy and paste the photo here, and it doesn’t work.

    Since my husband and I have been hacked before, I stopped using “Marly’s Minions in Facebook.

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