Ultimate Guide to Summer Knitting Patterns!

We recently updated our Ultimate Guide to Summer Crochet. And now it’s time to update this one – our Ultimate Guide to Summer Knitting. After all, we love both knitting and crochet here on the Marly Bird team.

knit summer guide

Knit and Crochet Summer Roundups

We do many themed pattern roundups here, often including both knitting and crochet patterns. Here are a few of these summer crochet and knitting pattern roundups. We already added these in the ultimate crochet guide, so we won’t belabor the point. However, all of these roundups are perfect for knitting in the summer, so we don’t want to leave them out either:

Best Summer Knitting Patterns: Clothing and Accessories

knit summer topis

Knitting summer clothing is a great way to add to your wardrobe. A surprising number of summer knits are fashionable, breathable, and fun to craft. Start with these 20 free lightweight knit tops. You’ll find tanks, tees, and tunics you can knit now, wear now, and layer up to wear throughout the rest of the year.

knit summer sweater patterns

Many find that lightweight knit sweaters are also perfectly suitable for summer. If you agree, check out our roundup of 10 free knit and crochet spring/summer sweater patterns.

23 Free Knit Summer Shawls

As we mentioned yesterday, shawls are perfect for summer. Whether it’s a breeze in the evening or the AC in a movie theater, it sometimes gets cold. A knit shawl is the perfect solution. So check out our roundup of nearly two dozen free knit summer shawl patterns.

knit crop tops

So far, we’ve talked about layering up. But summer is all about enjoying the warm weather too. Therefore, you might want to check out our patterns for knit crop tops and knit vests.

knit vest patterns for spring

Marly Bird Spring/Summer KAL Patterns

Marly Bird spring kal patterns

Don’t forget to check out our roundup of the past five years of Marly Bird / Yarnspirations spring knit-alongs. Although they happen in the spring, each project is also really great for summer. In fact, Yarnspirations calls the vest My First Summer Knit Vest. These are all great accessories you can make today and enjoy wearing immediately.

Knit Beach Bags and Farmer’s Market Bags

In summer, we often have to carry extra stuff, so knit tote bags make perfect sense. Check out the Seaside Knit Beach Bag pattern. We also have 10 Free Knit Bag Patterns and the Vacation Knit Project Bag.

Tips for Summer Knitting

summer craft tips

People don’t always like to knit in the summer. On the one hand, there are lots of great daylight hours to enjoy knitting. On the other hand, it’s often warm, and knitting might feel uncomfortable. However, if you choose the right projects and the right yarn, you can enjoy knitting all year long. So check out our 17 summer craft tips for easy summer crafting.

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