Over 50 Knit Lace Patterns For Any Occasion

Knit lace isn’t only for summer. That’s why we’ve gathered a fabulous selection of knit lace patterns. You choose what to make, when to wear it, or whether to give it away. Because the fun is in learning and making.

You don’t always need lighter-weight yarns, either. We’ve covered a wide range of items and yarn weights for your lace knitting pleasure. If you haven’t seen lacy blankets yet, you’re in for a treat!

Knit Lace Patterns - Marly Bird

In case you didn’t know, heavier yarns also make great lace garments and accessories. They end up more of a statement piece because the lace patterns are so much larger and more visible. You’ll welcome a bulky or worsted weight yarn knit into a lace scarf and piled up around your neck once the cooler weather moves in. They can be real showstoppers!

Want to learn more about knitting lace? Check out this post (includes another free pattern)

So check out this selection and make a list of your favorites. You can never have enough knitting time, so you may as well get started right away.

Here goes…

Knit Lace Patterns for Blankets and Throws

Let’s start with some rectangles. This simple shape makes lace patterns easy to follow since you work straight and have zero shaping.

Knit Lace Pattern for Blankets and Throws - Marly Bird

Bernat Knit Lace Blanket

Bernat Rose Leaf Knit Blanket

Caron Lace Panel Throw

Red Heart Lavender & Lace Throw

Red Heart Lace Chevrons Baby Blanket

Caron Crystal Lace Knit Blanket

Red Heart Arrowhead Lace Throw

Horseshoe Lace Tasseled Knit Blanket

Capes and Ponchos

Knit lace capes and ponchos are also (usually) simple shapes, though you might find some more interesting constructions in this list.

Capes and Poncho Patterns - Marly Bird

Garter Lace Knit Poncho

Lace Panel Knit Poncho

Summer Knit Poncho

Mile End Poncho

Caravan Poncho

Claire Poncho

Leaf Greenery Lace Poncho

Lemon Poncho

Cowls and Scarves

These cowl and scarf knit lace patterns are also pretty straightforward. This time you can try working your knit lace straight in a scarf or branch and attempt a cowl where you get to knit lace in the round. You might find it a little different since working lace in the round means you’re always working on the Right Side.

Knit Lace patterns for Cowls and Scarves - Marly Bird

One Ball Lace Cowl

Cozy Lace Cowl

First Timer Knit Lace Scarf

Hooded Lace Scarf

Love This Lacy Cowl

Lofty Ripple Scarf

Lace Knit Cowl

Calliopsis Lace Cowl

Dart Cowl

Shawls and Wraps

Shawls are always a favorite with knitters. Choose a rectangular wrap for simplicity, or if you’re daring and want to try some lace shaping, go for a triangle. They’re not as hard as you might think.

Shawls and Wrap Patterns - Marly Bird

Asymmetrical Lace Shawl

Pastoral Knit Lace Shawl

Glitter Girl Shawl

Lacy Edge Knit Shawl

Knit Cushy Lace Wrap

Pretty Triangle Shawl

Lace Border Shawl

Elegant Lace Shawl

Knit Lace Hat Patterns

Knit lace hat patterns do require a little more focus because unless they’re worked straight and gathered at the top, you’ll need to shape the crown. This adds a little more complexity to the pattern, but don’t worry – I know you can do it!

Knit Lace Patterns for Hats -Marly Bird

Lace Beret

Slouchy Lace Beret

Chic Knit Lace Hat

Eyelet Lace Knit Hat

Cannetella Knit Slouch Hat

Saticoy Hat

Azalea Beanie

Ice Cap Knit Hat

Stax Hat


Lace socks are a great project choice. Not only are they fun to make, but they’re also great to give or to wear yourself. These collections are an awesome deal since you get at least three patterns in each set.

Knit Sock Patterns - Marly Bird

Lace Sock Set

Simple Lace Sock Set

In Bloom Sock Set

Lace & Texture Sock Set

Garden Gate Lace Collection

Himalayan Socks

Marly Socks with Simple Lace

TheNoblethread’s Fairy Glen Socks

Hint of Hazelnut Socks with Vertical Colorwork

Monkey Socks

More Sock Patterns (not just lace)

Knit Lace Video Tutorials

Marly put together a playlist of all the knit lace videos she has made on YouTube. If you ever want to feel like you’re stitching along with your BiCrafty Bestie, click play and watch.

Knit Lace Video Playlist on the Marly Bird YouTube Channel

There’s tons of knit lace patterns here for you to enjoy. 

They’re not crazy difficult, either. I’ve included plenty of beginner patterns in case you feel timid. Check them out and give something a try. 

You only improve by practicing, so let’s get lace knitting and prove you can make something special in knit lace.

P.S. Don’t forget to block your lace. Check out this post to find out why blocking really makes your project shine!

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