Treat Yourself with This Sophisticated, Chic Knit Lace Hat Free Pattern

Chic Lace Knit Hat Free Pattern For Advanced Beginners

Are you looking for a chic and sophisticated knit hat pattern? Look no further – you’ve found the one. It has delicate baby knit cables that are soft and sweet. The knit lace work is exquisite, if I do say so myself. And if you find the right yarn to work with, this can be a truly stylish slouchy hat. Learn more about this chic knit lace hat free pattern now.

Let’s Talk About The Yarn

When I originally designed this knit lace hat free pattern, I used Universal Yarns “Eden Silk” which has unfortunately been discontinued. It was a blend of merino wool and silk that had the perfect sheen and shine for a sophisticated hat. Moreover, it came in a pink blush color that had a soft romance to it.

That said, there are so many different yarn options out there. This is hardly the only one that will work. So, take a look through your yarn stash and see if you have something comparable. You want a DK weight or light worsted. So, for example, you might want to try Patons Silk Bamboo Yarn This is 70% bamboo and 30% silk, giving it excellent sheen and drape. Sugar Bush Bliss might be a little bit too lightweight but the blend of 70% extra fine superwash merino, 20% mulberry silk, 10% cashmere does make it a choice worth trying,

Take the time to find the right yarn for this project. Treat yourself. You’ll be glad that you did.

knit lace hat free pattern by Marly Bird

The Big Impact of Baby Cables

Baby cables make this knit lace hat free pattern really special. You get that cabling effect but in a soft and subtle way. The baby cables are a special stitch.

You’ll do the following: Knit 2 sts together, leaving sts on lhn, then knit into the first st again, slip both sts off lhn.

The result is lovely knit cables that are different from what you normally see. It’s special, and it allows you to practice something new which is always fun, too. Other knitters will notice and ask you about the stitch,

A Knit Lace Hat Can Be Slouchy

When you think about a knit lace hat free pattern that is chic and soft and sophisticated, you probably think of a beanie. In other words, you likely think of something that clings close to the head. However, a slouch hat can be sophisticated, and this pattern shows you how. Made with instructions for three different sizes, you can make it slightly slouchy or super slouchy. Paired with curly hair, it’s especially romantic, but it works for almost anyone.

Take The Time To Finish It Right

This is one of those knit hat patterns that you definitely want to block before you wear it. After all, you’ve gone to the effort to make those pretty lace stitches. Blocking the work will open them up and really showcase them. The baby cables look great set against that open lace.

Get The Knit Lace Hat Free Pattern

This knit lace hat free pattern is available right here on the site. Click here or on the image below. When you go to that link, you’ll also see that you can purchase an ad-free version of the pattern on Ravelry if you prefer that option.

Chic Knit Lace Hat Free Pattern

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