Eyelet Lace Knit Hat Pattern

It’s been over a decade since I first designed the Gerri Hat, an eyelet lace knit hat pattern. I published it on my originally blog, Yarn Thing Designs back in Spring 2009! I had created it as the final project for my beginner’s knitting class, which I taught back then at Knit Knack in Olde Town Arvada, Colorado. It was so satisfying to see those beginner knitters create such a sophisticated knit hat design. They were so proud and I was happy for them. The design has stood the test of time.

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eyelet lace knit hat pattern

Advanced Beginner Knit Hat Pattern

You wouldn’t start this knit hat pattern if you were a brand new beginner. After all, you need to learn all about working in the round, creating lace stitches, etc. However, as mentioned, I made this the final project of a beginner knitting class. That worked out really well.

If you’re new to knitting, you might want to check out the lessons in BiCrafty Bootcamp: Knitting Lessons for Crocheters. Anyone can learn knitting from the group up with this series of lessons. If you already know how to crochet, there are bonus tips to make knitting even easier. Those lessons will teach you all that you need to know for advanced beginner knitting projects including this eyelet lace knit hat pattern.

Features of This Eyelet Lace Knit Hat Pattern

This is a seamless, bottom-up, one-piece knit hat pattern. You’ll begin with the brim, which has a ribbed design for comfort and fit. This brim is short, but effective; I wanted it to complement the eyelet lace f the hat body without detracting attention away from it. You’ll work up to the crown of the hat, which, as you can see in some of the detail photos, has an easy but intricate design.

This is a unisex adult hat, knit in the round, designed primarily for females. The eyelet lace has that feminine touch. It’s a sophisticated knit hat design that works well in different types of weather. You can dress it up or dress it down depending on your style for the day. It’s a worsted weight hat with a brim, so its warm, but it’s a lace hat so it has breathability as well.

What Is Eyelet Lace Knit Stitch?

Eyelet lace is one of the easiest lace knit stitches. If you’ve just starting to learn knitting and want to get into lace knitting, this is a great place to start. You use basic knitting techniques to create tiny little “holes” in the fabric. This openwork style creates the effect of lace.

The Yarn For This Knit Hat

I designed this hat to use Cascade 220 Superwash Yarn. This is a lovely DK weight yarn made from wool and yet you can machine wash it. I chose a light blue shade for my design because it’s easy to knit with this light color and the eyelet lace shows up nicely. However, there are many beautiful shades to choose from if you want to knit your hat in a different color.

Get This Knit Hat Pattern Now

The Gerri Hat pattern is available for sale here on the website or over on Ravelry.

eyelet lace knit hat pattern

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