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Each week we are pulling together some of our favorite patterns from the Yarnspirations website. Use these patterns to inspire you to try new projects or even some new yarn! This week I have a collection of 10 FREE knit socks sure to get you excited to pick up your needles and hooks. Browse through them for your next project to put your hooks or needles.

Find My Complete Guide to Learning How to Knit Socks Here.

Yarnspirations Featured Patterns

Weekly Theme-Knit Socks

In preparation for our 2020 sock-along I wanted to pull out some really great patterns to get you excited. Even if you haven’t ever made a pair of socks before you can learn along with me.

The 2020 sock-along is a great event that will teach you not only how to make knit socks but also crochet socks with the help of my friend Rohn Strong. Join us for the sock-along event to build your confidence to make any of these 10 FREE knit sock patterns from Yarnspirations.

Want some more practice with your first sock? Try out the knit-along that I did to make your first pair of knit socks. These socks are worked on DPNs and worked in worsted weight to make it easier to learn the basics.

Knit Socks 10 FREE knit sock patterns from Yarnspirations

Featured Patterns of the Week-FREE Knit Socks

  1. Posh Socks
  2. Step Dance Socks
  3. Jacquard and Stripe Socks
  4. Spiral Socks
  5. Little Baby Socks
  6. Sock It To Me
  7. Sock-A-Block Socks
  8. Cables on the Side Socks
  9. My Frist Socks
  10. Slouchy Socks

More FREE Patterns

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