FREE Video Tutorial-Golden Waves Throw

Golden Waves Throw is a beautiful blanket that even a beginner can make with a little patience. Crochet cabled blanket worked with no Post Stitches? You heard that right! Join me in this video tutorial where I walk you through each step to make this amazing afghan.

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About the Golden Waves Throw:

Sometimes there is a pattern that just speaks to you. Once you see it you know that you have to make it and share with everyone else that you know. The Golden Waves Throw was one of those for me.

I asked Red Heart if this could be one of the patterns that we did a video tutorial for. I knew that so many of you would love it, but might be intimidated by the cables. Let me tell you a secret, there are no post stitches involved in this pattern!

Video Tutorial-Golden Waves Throw

Better yet, this crochet throw pattern is completely reversible! The faux cables will go opposite directions on each side but overall the pattern looks exactly the same. Finished off with some great big tassels, optional, this is a great crochet throw for yourself of as a gift.

Working the pattern as written you will get a nice large throw blanket. Alter the starting stitch count (a multiple of 10 + 3) to get a smaller size for a lap blanket or even a baby blanket. Get started on this beautiful blanket today and you will make someone, or yourself, very happy.

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Video Tutorial:

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