Patterns from Marly Bird

Welcome to the collection of knit and crochet pattern designs created by Stitch Ambassador for Yarnspirations, Marly Bird. Original hand knitting and crochet patterns focus on comfortable and classic shapes while keeping an eye on details that make for unique designs.

You will find knitting patterns for beginners, knitting patterns for intermediates, crochet patterns for beginners, and crochet patterns for intermediates. 

Patterns from Marly Bird

With over 450+ patterns by Marly Bird, surely there is something you will want to make! All of the patterns are now in one place for you to check out. 

Because many of you like to look at patterns specific to the craft, the patterns have been organized that way. Simple click on the link to take you to all the knitting patterns or crochet patterns from Marly Bird. 


Free Crochet Patterns by Marly Bird

Marly Bird Crochet Patterns have been put together in one place for you to see. You will find free patterns, paid for patterns alike on this page. Take your time and check out all the wonderful patterns!

There are over 100+ free crochet patterns available by and from Marly Bird. Great place for beginner crochet patterns, intermediate crochet patterns, as well as quick, easy and simple crochet patterns! 

Free Knitting Patterns by Marly Bird

Marly Bird Knitting Patterns all in one place. You will find free patterns, paid for patterns alike on this page. Take your time and check out all the wonderful patterns!

Wow, all of Marly Bird’s free knitting patterns in one place! How did we get so lucky! Over 100+ patterns for the beginner knitter, intermediate knitter, and fun, fashionable, and stylish patterns that you will be able to make in no time! 

More About Marly Bird

Knit and Crochet Patterns by Marly Bird have been published in some of the top books and magazines in the world as well as by some of the top yarn companies in the industry. She also has her own yarn line, Chic Sheep by Marly Bird™, and an independently published pattern line previously known as Yarn Thing Designs.  

Marly Bird Video Tutorials

While you’re here, I want to tell you about the video tutorials on the Marly Bird YouTube Channel. The videos are for knitting and crochet techniques, stitches, and patterns. 

If you find you need some help with your knitting or crochet, take a peek at my YouTube channel. 


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Marly Bird

The One and Only, Marly

Marly is a knitwear and crochet designer (and yarn addict) that is here to help you learn how to knit and crochet in a way that's fun and approachable.

Meet Marly

Knitting & Crochet Patterns for Every Mood
A cartoon image of a joyful chicken, sitting comfortably in a green armchair, knitting happily with blue yarn, surrounded by pink and white flowers, looking for DIY project ideas. -Marly Bird

Netflix & Chill

Simple projects for when you want to relax and zone out

A colorful illustration of a white rabbit with a unicorn horn, nestled among multi-colored leaves arranged like a fan behind it, projects every mood of peacefulness and whimsy. -Marly Bird

Social Butterfly

Frustration-free projects that you can easily work on in public areas

A whimsical illustration of a white chicken adorned with pink flowers and light pink butterflies, featuring flowing tail feathers and a playful pose, all set against a simple white background, perfect for mood-based projects. -Marly Bird

Smooth Jazz

Projects that require a bit more intense focus (but music is nice!)


Shhh Be Quiet!

Advanced projects requiring deep focus (but a big payoff, too!)