Build Your Summer Wardrobe with Crochet Summer Tops | 50 FREE Summer Crochet Patterns for Tanks, Tees, and Lightweight Ponchos

Summertime doesn’t mean that you have to put down your crochet! Change up the type of project that you are working on and you can still enjoy your favorite craft. This collection of 50 FREE Summer Crochet Tops Patterns is the perfect inspiration to get you started on your crochet tops and crochet tees all summer long. Also, see our summer craft tips to make warm weather crafting more enjoyable.

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free crochet summer tops patterns

Crocheting in Summer

A lot of people think about putting down their crochet during the summer months. After all, if the weather is warm, then you don’t want a big wool project on top of your lap, right? Wrong. There are so many different options for lightweight yarns that there’s no reason you can’t crochet in the summer. Moreover, you can easily find crochet patterns that are small enough, or worked in segments, so that they don’t cause you to overheat while you craft.

Plus, you can crochet summer tops and other projects that are fun to wear as soon as you get them off of your hook. Add to your summer wardrobe with some great handmade items thanks to the fifty crochet summer tops patterns below! And if you’re feeling ambitious, check out our roundup of the best crochet shorts patterns too!

Summer Yarns for Lightweight Crochet

If you are thinking about yarns to make summer crochet tops, then you will want to think about what they are made of more than the weight of the yarn. I don’t think that you want to make a summer top with a bulky weight yarn but worsted can still work, depending on the stitch pattern. And even lighter weight yarns can be the perfect choice.

Moreover, you want to think about the yarn material. Looking for yarns with cotton, linen, silk and bamboo are great options for your summertime projects. In the collection of 50 free crochet summer tops patterns below, you will find a selection of yarns that are great for wearing and crocheting with throughout the summer.

Options for Summer Yarns

Paton’s Yarn

Bernat Yarn

Red Heart Yarn

Sugar Bush Yarn

  • Cabot: 70% pima cotton, 30% linen
  • Bliss: 70% extra fine superwash merino, 20% mulberry silk, 10% cashmere
50 free crochet summer tanks and tees patterns

Summer Crochet Tops Projects

There are several different types of summer crochet tops that you can make. Crochet tees, crochet tanks, and crochet summer ponchos all make great garments to make for yourself. Crochet summer tops are also great for beginners. If you’re working on your first garment then try out a summer tank or sleeveless tee because then you won’t have to worry about crocheting sleeves!

50 FREE Summer Crochet Tops Patterns

Browse through the following 50 FREE summer crochet tops patterns below. Find one (or more!) that will enhance your summer wardrobe.

20 Free Summer Crochet Tops Patterns from Yarnspirations

  1. Zig Zag Crochet Top
  2. Hello Yellow Crochet Top
  3. Lace Essence Top
  4. Mesh Top
  5. Colorblock Top
  6. Festival Fancy Vintage Top
  7. Lacy Cropped Top
  8. Pretty V-Neck
  9. Long Dash Crochet Top
  10. Just Peachy Crochet Tank
  11. Love to Layer Tank
  12. Simple Crochet Tank Top
  13. Openwork Top
  14. Boxy Crochet Top
  15. Breezy-T
  16. Six Points Top
  17. Granny’s Hankie Tank
  18. Nautical Top
  19. Summer Breeze Crochet Top
  20. Summer Rules Crochet Top
crochet summer tops patterns

30 More Free Summer Crochet Tops Patterns

  1. Floral Motif Tee | Designed by Marly Bird 
  2. Recline Sweater | Designed by Rebecca Velasquez
  3. Shelby Top | Designed by Desert Bloom Crafts
  4. Lunar Lace Tunic | Designed by Desert Bloom Crafts
  5. Wandering Free | Designed by A Crocheted Simplicity
  6. Spring Crochet Top | Designed by Rebecca Velasquez
  7. Ahsoka | Designed by Rebecca Velasquez
  8. My Favorite Summer Top | Designed by A Crocheted Simplicity
  9. Sun Kissed Crop Top | Designed by Yarnutopia
  10. Dina Tee | Designed by KT & the Squid
  11. Valerie Tee | Designed by Two Brother’s Blankets
  12. Could Shoulder V-Neck Tee | Designed by Moogly
  13. Seaglass Summer Cardi | Designed by Moogly
  14. Cupcake Tee | Designed by Moogly
  15. Handkerchief Cocoon | Designed by Moogly
  16. Top Down Summer Tee | Designed by Joy of Motion Crochet
  17. Pretty Spring Dress | Designed by Knitting with Chopsticks
  18. Dreamsicle Tee | Designed by Sigoni Macaroni
  19. Ava Shell | Designed by Ambassador Crochet
  20. Twinkle Tank | Designed by Ned and Mimi
  21. Sherbet Shirt | Designed by Divine Debris
  22. Pretty Stitch Crochet Top | Designed by Loopingly Made
  23. Ribbed Shell Tee | Designed by Cre8tion Crochet
  24. Ruffle Sleeve Crochet Top | Designed by Loopingly Made
  25. Lacy Days Kimono | Designed by MJ’s Off the Hook
  26. Two Tone Tee with Ties | Designed by Crochet with Mary Beth
  27. Anabella Sava Top | Designed by Coco Crochet Lee
  28. Fran’s V-Neck Blouse | Designed by I Need It Crochet
  29. Easy Camo Top | Designed by Coco Crochet Lee
  30. Shell Yeah! | Designed by Heart Hook Home

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