60+ Must-Have Crochet Tank Top Patterns for Summer

When temperatures rise, and summer is in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about crochet tops and crochet tank top patterns. Ok, so maybe it’s not the very first thing on your mind, but tank tops are the perfect warm-weather choice.

With the help of a few pattern books (or online crochet patterns) and some yarn, you can create your own easy crochet tank top that perfectly suits YOU. Whether you’re looking for something lacy and delicate, a v-neck and frills, or something bold and eye-catching, these must-have crochet tank top patterns will surely provide the perfect style and project type for your summer wardrobe.

Cotton yarn is ideal and cool for summer crochet designs, but check out each pattern to see what’s suggested, including yarn weights and crochet hook sizes. And don’t forget to swatch for crochet success!!!

There are patterns for every skill level; you can always watch my video tutorials if you need extra crochet stitch help. Don’t forget to make sure the yarn weight and crochet hook size are appropriate for one another and for your gauge too.

Crochet hooks at the ready? Read on…

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Let’s Start With Crochet Crop Tops!

Short and sweet for the summer heat. Crop tops are a hard favorite with youngsters these days. And, with such a huge variety of fabulous designs and crop top patterns, who can blame them?

Ideal for the hottest climates (day or night), these crochet crop top patterns, bralettes, and super cute short tanks won’t take long to whip up, and they’re sure to be a red hot (or mega cool) hit!

Pump out a few of these crochet crop tops; you’ll be the hottest, or coolest, crocheter in town!

Crochet Crop Top 5-Pack

Here’s an awesome collection of crochet crop top patterns with plunging necklines, ties back or front, and peekaboo sections galore. At the beach or on vacation, there’s surely a pattern to satisfy even the pickiest teen!

Sagebrush Tank Top Crochet Crop Top Pattern

A classic design you could shorten or lengthen to suit the wearer.

Roza Crochet Crop Top Pattern

Another classic with a couple of options for different looks from the back.

Breezy Summer Crop Top

Simple but cute – check it out!

Aileen Bralette Pattern

This would look great on its own or under a shirt or cardigan. Pants or skirt? Anything goes!

How About A Crochet Cami?

Camisoles are often viewed as underwear, but the last thing you want is bulky straps and an obvious white tan line when that hot weather comes around. Tank patterns rock! Go sleeveless!

Frills or not, camis can keep you cool when the sun pops out. So, check out these cute camisole patterns. I’m sure you’ll find one that’s perfect for your summer style.

Juliette Summer Crochet Tank

A summer classic with a hint of pattern.

Isla High Neck Crochet Cami

If you want to cover a little more skin, this is perfection!

Summertime Vintage Style Crochet Top

Reminds me of that laid-back style of cowgirls with a little bit of lace. Yeehaw!

Crazy Lace Cami

You HAVE to check this out! SO CUTE!

Eva Tank Top

Peekabook side seams and lacy V at the neckline!

Try These Summer Crochet Tank Tops For Size

When it comes to summer tops, don’t get stuck on how they look from the front. You can really add some pizzazz at the back. Check out these delicious summer crochet tops and tank patterns and show your best side from the front or behind.

Clara Crochet Summer Top

Slight V shaping in front and back. Classic lines, split side seams, shirttail back.

Rowan Racerback Tank

Great as a beach cover-up or in the gym.

Beach Cover-Up Summer Crochet Top

Make it longer for a tunic and shorter for a crop. Looks great on the beach or on the street.

Senorita Crochet Top

A classic with great shaping lines and split seams.

Colorful Crochet Tank Top

If you have yarn scraps or a striping yarn you love, this one’s for you!

Care For A V-Neck, Or…?

When you have a smaller project, particularly a crochet tank, necklines make a huge difference. Whether you prefer boho styling, scoop neck, v-neck, or slash. Check these out for size and style.

Aestas Crochet Tank

Check this out for the cool lacy neckline and side seams.

Veronica Tank

A great triangle motif at the neckline, then simple stitches. Interesting construction!

Totally Textured Tank Top

The name suits perfectly! Square neckline and cap shoulders.

Birdy Down Top

A v-neck with lace – very cute style!

Calida Tank

Zigzag/lacy ripple stitch pattern!

Let’s Go Lacy!

2 crochet tank tops - top right - white scoop neck tank on woman wearing dark blue jeans, bottom left - earthy shades square neck crop tank with heavily textured stitch patterns (green, rust, cream, light grey, brown) - Marly Bird

Crochet summer tops are such a fun project type. They’re smaller than a sweater or an afghan, making them easier to whip out on a whim. Get those summer vibes going and get your crochet on with these awesome lace tops.

Sophia Crochet Tank

A classic all-over lace top with a little more coverage.

Plantana Top

Another great-looking construction with lace trim – check it out!

To Be Free Tank Top Pattern

Very open stitching – wear it over a bra top or tee.

Florescentia Lace Tank

Solid top bodice, lacy skirt from underbust.

Fern Lacy Tank

Open lace with center button band in front.

Halter Top Right There!

Some may think that crochet halter tops are only for the young, but I say halter tops can be for the young at heart! So halt-er that thought right there, and get crocheting on that summer tank just for you.

Pura Vida Crochet Halter Crop Top

Make this 4 color inverted V halter top in your fave colors!

Crochet Halter Top With Lace Trim

Very cute and romantic! Love the color!

Matcha Top!

Wear it SO many different ways!!! Seriously – it’s amazing!!!

Willow Top Crochet Pattern

Bra top with fringe and halter neck. Classic boho!

Rhombus Crochet Top

This would be a great teaching/beginner crochet pattern – it’s an easy crochet tank top pattern!

Not Just Granny Squares…

Contrary to popular belief, the humble granny square is not only for blankets! You can easily construct and crochet tank with multiple colors just like we found right here. Some of these tank top patterns are single colors; some have multiple colors so you can use scraps. Whatever you choose, these crochet top patterns are well worth a look!

Crochet Sunflower Boho Crochet Halter Top

The ideal flower child top!

Super Cute Boho Style Crochet Top

Gotta try this one! Looks great in only one solid color.

Willow Granny Square Tank

This really is just two very cute squares and straps! Super simple!

Sunburst Granny Tank Top

A little more coverage but just as cute!

Is It A Circle Tank

I’ve not seen anything like this crochet top pattern – you have to check it out!

Need A Longer Line Crochet Tank Top?

Longer-length tank tops ideally will drape beautifully. I love the A-line swing formed by either crocheting top-down and increasing or bottom-up and decreasing. tank top crochet pattern, tunics,

Slide Tank Top

This one has an interesting construction – it lookslike a bandage-style top.

Driftwood Tank

Has a pointed hem – looks fun to make!

Happy Hour Crochet Top

Great lacy pattern, slash neck tunic.

Livorno Tank

Classic A-line with solids and lace.

Summer Breeze Tank

It would be so easy to make this just a little longer! But don’t forget to buy more yarn.

What Goes With Crochet Tank Tops?

It’s summer! Pretty much anything goes with crochet tank tops, right?! What other crochet garments can you think of?

Crochet cardigans from cropped short or long-sleeved cardigans to tunic length and longline dusters; the choice is yours (or the one you’re crafting for). Cardigans are a great choice since you can let them flow open or close them up to protect you from the breeze.

Shawls are another great option. If you want to show off your crochet tank but need something for when it gets cooler, sling that shawl around your hips. Once the temperatures drop, drape that beautiful shawl around your shoulders and dance the night away.

Ponchos are also a fabulous choice and super easy since there’s no need to worry about fitting sleeves of any kind. Not to mention, you can snuggle your arms up underneath a poncho with no problem once the sun dips low in the sky.

Boho style is really hot every summer. Sharpen up those crochet skills, and check out this blog post for more boho fun.

Here’s More Awesome Crochet Pattern Bundles!

5 pattern pack by TCDDIY - top row  left to right - bramble stitch white cardigan with green trim, denim blue slouchy V-neck sweater. Bottom row left to right - long sleeve crop green sweater with cables, deep cuffs and hood, turtle neck rib muscle tank in light blue, crochet sun dress in coffee brown with basket weave bodice and rib look skirt. - Marly Bird

What could be better than crochet pattern bundles? You get a selection of crochet patterns you love at a cheaper price!

Crochet Pattern Bundle by TCDDIY – 5 patterns – sleeveless tank, jacket, hoodie, dress, sweater – a super-trendy package of fun patterns!

Summer Top Pattern Bundle – 5 patterns – 2 bra tops, a ribbed crop (very cute), a tank with ribbing for the straps, and a peplum tank. Awesome!

Easy Crochet Garments Bundle – 5 patterns – 1 tank, 2 tees, 2 crochet sweaters!

Any 5 Crochet Flower Patterns! – Choose which 5 you’d like – perfect for adding to a tank for your flower child!

Ultimate Crochet Top Pattern Bundle – TEN different crochet top patterns!

Don’t Forget…

If you’re looking for help with different stitches, be sure to check out my video tutorials. Though I don’t have specific videos for all of these crochet top patterns, you’ll find I cover many of the more common crochet stitches in my crochet video tutorials to help you be successful. I even have videos on seaming!

If you don’t have them yet…here are links to stitch markers, blocking mats and pins, and yarn needles.

Need yarn? Don’t we all? Here’s a great choice for summer crochet tops. Aran, worsted, or finer weight yarns – it’s all there! Grab a few skeins for you and maybe for a friend too! Pick a crochet top for your skill level, and show us what you’re up to in our Facebook Group!

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