Exploring Different Boho Crochet Patterns

Are you looking to add a little bohemian flair to your wardrobe? Crochet patterns are a great way to do just that! Boho crochet patterns are a unique and creative way to express your individual style and personality. In this blog, we’ll explore the different styles of boho crochet patterns, from simple and classic to intricate and complex. You’ll also get helpful tips on how to choose the perfect pattern for your project, no matter your skill level. But first, let’s think for a moment about that boho look and feel.

Boho Crochet Patterns montage: left side multi color crochet vest in orange, lilac, grey stripes; top right - light grey tassel cowl on white background; bottom right - bright yellow crochet bag with tassel bottom against white skirt.

What Is Boho Style?

When you first think of boho style, you’ll likely think of the ‘fashion trend.’ You’ll picture in your mind those flowing lines, romantic long skirts, flared pants, crop and bra tops, short shorts, and that free-loving style from the huge ’60s and ’70s music events. Wearing a poncho was all the rage, as were tassel bags, crochet tops, and crochet bags. Granny squares were EVERYWHERE! Can you see it now?

Well, guess what? Yep – it’s back! In fact, there always seems to be something boho in style.

You’ll also be thinking fringe, headbands, more granny squares (in every color combination under the sun), more tassels, peekaboo lace, mesh openwork, bell bottom blue jeans, round John Lennon glasses, sandals, and walking barefoot through meadows full of tall grass and flowers. Some call it the hippy or hippie look, but I think boho has a little more romance thrown into the mix, along with that love and peace, man.

Yes, I think boho is a feeling or vibe as well as a style. It’s almost a way of life rather than just a fashion trend. I think it’ll always be around. I know I know…now you can hear that music, too, right? Smell those scents? Uh-huh! You got it!

Why Crochet Boho?

Now that we’re in just the right relaxed, laid-back, easygoing frame of mind, let’s think more about that cool boho style and explore some reasons why you might want to crochet boho.

Like I said…it’s a way of life…a feeling of being a free spirit. Some fantastic crochet patterns emulate that feeling of enjoying life. Many crochet patterns use some kind of crochet motif as a focal point on the bodice of a top and then use a simple crochet stitch around it, making the motif really stand out as the highlighted feature.

Motifs, such as granny squares and their relatives, can make a fabulous border at the hem of a skirt, a crochet top, a cardigan, or a long duster-style crochet vest.

If you’re not so much into wearing boho crochet, but you love the style, why not try working on a boho crochet bag pattern or a wall hanging? You can find some awesome boho home decor crochet patterns too. How about we check out a few free crochet boho patterns right now?

Free Boho Crochet patterns

Cross Body Boho Bag Pattern

Red Heart Lunar Tunic Crochet Top Pattern

Grey Splendor Vest Pattern

Red Heart Be A Friend Crochet Shawl

On The Wild Side Scarf Pattern

Flower Child Pullover

Best in Hoodie Vest Pattern

Bernat Crochet Fringed Cowl

Flutter Cardigan

Poetry Poncho

Boho-Inspired Crochet Tassel Bag

Eyelet Stitch Crochet Bralette

Crochet Boho Patterns

Boho crochet tank pattern top right - lacy back panel, solid front. Lace panel in cream, solid in blue. Mom and daughter on sandy beach facing the water.
Bottom left: multi-color crochet motif bag help by someone wearing a denim shirt and bleached jeans.

Square Scramble Sack Tote bag

Delilah Boho Bag

Boho Lotus Duster

Crochet Tie Shrug Pattern

Boho Crochet Tank

Happy Hippie Sweater Pattern

Wild Oleander Hooded Scarf Pattern

Let’s Go Boho!

Whether your crochet project is a tank top in puff stitch or a crochet tote bag sporting pom poms, you’ll be right on target for the boho look.

So, grab some skeins of your favorite cotton yarn, or any fiber for that matter, pick up that crochet hook, and get creative. You have lots of boho crochet patterns to choose from here. There’s sure to be one you’d love to make for yourself, a friend, or a family member.

Don’t feel stuck. If you see something that you think might be too difficult for you, we have all kinds of tutorials (including YouTube Videos) on different crochet stitches, tips, and techniques to help you out, so be sure to use the search function on our site. You’ll find tons of video tutorials for every skill level too!

Summer is a great time to go for that laid-back, lacy, boho style. That means there’s no time like the present to get crocheting something special.

Go for it!

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