Best Fall Crochet Sweaters Patterns for This Autumn

It’s sweater weather! I love making and wearing crochet sweaters. They’re cozy and comfy and you can make them in so many different styles. I’ve designed cardigans, patterns, even a swancho over the years. Here’s a roundup of all of my best fall crochet sweaters patterns.

fall crochet sweater patterns

Crochet Swancho Pattern

crochet swancho pattern

One of my all-time favorite designs for fall has got to be the Crochet Swancho Pattern. It’s not a poncho. It’s not a sweater. Instead, it’s the best of both worlds! This was originally a CAL but it’s now a full free pattern available here on my site. It’s available in sizes from small to 5x making it one of the most size-inclusive of all crochet sweaters patterns.

Crochet Ruana Patterns

I really love making and waring crochet ruanas. They are the perfect layering pieces. And since you never really know what the weather might be like in autumn, they are great to have on hand. I make mine extra cozy and warm but with short sleeves for breathability. And pockets for convenience! I have designed a couple of these for you:

Creekside Crochet Ruana

Creekside Crochet Ruana Pattern

Originally a CAL, this crochet ruana is one of the coziest design. The short sleeves mean you won’t be too hot. And yet, you can stick your hands in the pockets if you do get chilly!

Lyvia Crochet Ruana

lyvia crochet ruana

I love, love, love my Creekside Crochet Ruana. However, I wanted one that was similar bit lacier. So, I made the Lyvia Ruana. It’s a bit dressier and can be a bit lighter for those warmer autumn days.

Crochet Cardigan Patterns

Of course, instead of ruanas, many people prefer traditional crochet cardigan patterns. These are also great layering pieces. They have long sleeves and wonderful drape. Here are some of the ones I’ve designed:

Hamilton Crochet Cardigan

hamilton crochet cardigan pattern for autumn

I love wearing sweater cardigans that feel good, have a bit of flair and swing as I walk. This crochet cardigan hits the mark on all accounts! The oversized front lapels have lots of great swing!

Candy Apple Tie-Front Crochet Cardigan

candy apple crochet cardigan

I also really like cardigans that have a tie-front. Tie-front sweaters transition easily from season to season. Create a simple knot in the front at the waist leaving the long ends dangling for an effortless, playful look. Or, wrap the ties around your waist and tie in the back for a fitted and elegant style. This one is a lace design.

Midnight in Paris Cardigan

Here’s another great tie-front cardigan. I love these for fall crochet sweaters patterns! Don’t you?!

Granny Square Cardigan

granny square cardigan free pattern

If you’re looking for free fall crochet sweaters patterns then start with this cardigan. Use the granny square in terrific colors to create a great look for autumn!

Floral Grannies Crochet Cardigan Pattern

floral crochet cardigans pattern

Take those grannies to the next level with floral squares. This one might have open-work squares but look at how thick and cozy the rest of it is. The original color makes it more of a spring design but change it up to a mustard or a neutral and you’ve got a great fall design. This is a free pattern!

Lacy Shawl Crochet Sweater with Collar

Lacy Shawl Crochet Sweater with Collar

Combine lace rectangles with terrific thick ribbed sweater cuffs for a timeless chic sweater design. You can get this pattern when you purchase the digital edition of Fall 2015 Love of Crochet from Interweave Crochet.

Bainbridge Cardigan Crochet Pattern

crochet cardigan pattern

Use fine wool and silk yarn to create a lovely textured fabric for this cardigan that has scalloped edges along the neckline. I originally designed this for spring, and in fact, you’ll find it in the digital edition of the Spring 2015 issue of Love of Crochet from Interweave Crochet. But the color works for all seasons, really, and you could obviously change the color for more of a statement autumn style.

Hydroponic Crochet Cardigan

lace crochet cardigan pattern

This is crocheted in one-piece, which is a unique style for crochet sweaters and cardigans. Although it has long sleeves, it’s lacy, so it’s definitely meant to be a layering piece.

Xanadu Crochet Pullover Pattern

crochet pullover sweater pattern

Interestingly, I haven’t designed many crochet pullover sweaters. However, do check out the Xanadu, a free crochet pattern for a short-sleeved (but still warm) crochet pullover. The ribbed hem is particularly cozy.

Practically Perfect Poncho Pattern

crochet poncho pattern

We began this roundup with the Swancho, so let’s wrap it up with a regular poncho. The Practically Perfect Poncho is one of the coziest fall crochet sweaters patterns to just throw on and cuddle up in. Wear it to yoga. Wear it over jeans. Layer it over a dress. Have fun with it!

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