Twisted Knit Headband For Beginner Knitters!

At first glance, twisted knit headbands exude an irresistible charm, blending cozy warmth with chic sophistication. Crafted from soft, luxurious yarns in an array of colors and textures, these headbands are a testament to the enduring appeal of handmade craftsmanship. Whether intricately knitted or delicately crocheted, each piece carries a unique charm, inviting admiration and appreciation. And one of the most enticing things about these twisted knit headbands is they are absolutely beginner friendly!

You know Marly loves designing hats like the Kaleidoscope Harmony Hat, Confetti Blips hat, Harmony Hues hat, but lately, she has been working on headbands or ear warmers so she can wear her hair in that cute updo without messing it up.

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What’s so great about this easy-to-knit headband?

Well, we love the simple twist that makes this knit headband a hot seasonal favorite. But that’s not all! Keep reading to learn more.

Versatility Redefined – More than JUST an Ear Warmer

One of the most compelling aspects of twisted knit headbands is their versatility. Unlike traditional hats or scarves, these accessories offer a unique blend of style and convenience. They can be effortlessly styled in a multitude of ways, allowing for endless creativity and personal expression.

For a casual daytime look, pair a neutral-toned headband with your favorite knit sweater and jeans for an effortlessly chic ensemble. Alternatively, opt for a bold, vibrant headband to add a pop of color to an otherwise monochromatic outfit. Whether you’re running errands or meeting friends for brunch, a twisted knit headband is the perfect finishing touch to your look.

Absolutely Beginner Knitter Friendly Headband Pattern

Because of its unusual shape, many beginners think this project is not something they can tackle. On the contrary, this is an absolutely beginner friendly design! As long as you know how to knit and how to purl, you can tackle a little seed stitch. And if you need help fixing seed stitch in knitting, we got you covered with that as well with this fun how to fix seed stitch video on the Marly Bird YouTube Channel.

Headband Video Tutorial

So many knitters are visual learners so we made a great video that will give you all the confidence you need to take this on! Marly Bird walks through step-by-step instructions from start to finish for making this beginner ear warmer headband. Perfect project for beginner knitters and experienced knitters. Learn the long tail cast on, seed stitch knitting, binding off or casting off, whip stitch. Use the chenille yarn by Bernat called Velvet to make this lux headband with a twist.

⚠️ CAUTION ⚠️ the chenille yarn has a tendency to pull out of place if it is not knit tight. The result is called worming and it can happen if the stitches get pulled out of place due to lack of being knit tight or even from the agitation of a washer. So if you use the chenille yarn be sure to hand wash only.

In this tutorial by Marly Bird on how to knit a twisted headband there is a lot covered. Here’s a summary of the key points covered:

  1. Introduction and Materials: Marly Bird introduces herself as a knitwear and crochet designer. She explains that the tutorial will cover casting on, knitting, purling, casting off, and seaming to create a twisted knit headband. The materials required include Bernat velvet yarn and size 8 or 5mm knitting needles.
  2. Casting On: Marly demonstrates the long-tail cast-on method, ensuring the tail is long enough for the required number of stitches. She explains the process step by step, emphasizing the importance of keeping the stitches snug.
  3. Knitting and Purling: Marly shows how to knit and purl stitches, alternating between them to create the seed stitch pattern. She demonstrates both English and Continental knitting styles, providing tips for maintaining tension and recognizing knit and purl stitches.
  4. Working the Pattern: Marly explains that the seed stitch pattern is a one-row repeat and encourages beginners to maintain consistency until the headband reaches the desired length.
  5. Casting Off: Marly demonstrates the bind-off process, where stitches are completed and finished to prevent them from unraveling. She emphasizes the importance of not pulling the yarn too tightly to avoid tight bind-off stitches.
  6. Seaming: Marly explains how to seam the headband to create a tube, using the whip stitch method. She demonstrates how to join the edges, ensuring the twist remains intact to achieve the desired design.
  7. Finishing Touches: Marly suggests weaving in yarn tails and securing them with knots to ensure the headband is neatly finished.

Overall, Marly Bird’s tutorial provides comprehensive guidance for beginner knitters to create a trendy twisted knit headband.

You can find the FREE Twisted Knit Headband on the Yarnspirations website! It’s a free pattern download, so you can be reading it and knitting one (or more) in no time flat!

Final Thoughts on the Twisted Knit Headband

Since this twist knit headband works up quickly, it makes for a great weekend project and a fabulous gift option for colder weather, countries, or just the winter months. And, it’s especially convenient for anyone with long hair. You don’t have to squish a ponytail or your signature messy-bun under a tight-fitting hat. It can flow wild and free over this ear-warming headband.

➡️ Download the FREE Bernat Twisted Knit Headband pattern now!

Are you BiCrafty and Want MORE Patterns?

Looking for more patterns like this one? We got you covered. Here are some fun patterns we found on Etsy and from our designer friends.

Knit & Crochet Headband Patterns

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And, I have a feeling you’ll find some headbands here too!

Have fun creating whether it’s for yourself, a coworker, a friend, or to donate.

xoxo Marly Bird

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