My Favorite Knit Sweater Pattern

Years ago I bought a Lane Bryant sweater that I loved and loved and loved. And, of course, as a designer, I’m inspired by many things, including clothes that I love to wear. So, taking what I loved most about that sweater and tweaking it, I’ve got a new sweater design for you. And I think it’s my favorite knit sweater pattern ever. It’s a two-color striped knit sweater, worked flat in stockinette so it’s super easy for beginners, but with extra flattering A-line shaping that’s enhanced by the offset design of the striped colors. Eeeeee. I love it. I hope you do too.

my favorite knit sweater pattern

8 Reasons This Is My Favorite Knit Sweater Pattern

Of course, it’s easy to love a new design when it’s fresh off of the needles. But, I was inspired by a favorite sweater, so there are longer-lasting reasons I love this design. And there are some things I’m really proud of about it that make it My Favorite Knit Sweater Pattern. Here they are:

marly bird offset striped knit sweater

1. Offset Stripes Are Slimming and Attractive

My favorite knit sweater has horizontal stripes but they are offset. As you can see in the images, Color A is on the left and Color B is on the right then in the next row it’s the opposite. The result is super flattering for all body types. Your eye doesn’t get stuck in one place but instead roams with the movement of the colors. It creates a very slimming effect, which you don’t always get with horizontal stripes.

2. There Are So Many Options for Your Two Colors

Go bold like mine for a design that really pops. I love this! However, you can use any two colors that you love together to create a style that works well for you. This is the kind of pattern that works as well in neutrals (a tan and olive, for example, or black and gray stripes) as it does in bold colors.

3. Knit Flat So It’s Beginner Friendly

This sweater is knit flat rather than in the round. And it’s knit in pieces that are seamed together with mattress stitch. This is really perfect for those offset stripes, because it allows you to make sure that you’re matching the stripes up perfectly as you work. This creates a really beginner-friendly design.

stockinette knit sweater

4. Stockinette Stitch With Smart Shaping

My Favorite Knit Sweater Pattern is a stockinette knit sweater. This is also beginner-friendly. Or great for relaxing, meditative stitching. And yet, I’ve incorporated smart shaping into the design. The shaping happens along the side edges. It is negative ease at the upper body and positive ease on the lower body. The result is a very flattering A-line shape that works with different body types.

5. V-Neck Is Also Flattering

I’ve designed my Favorite Knit Sweater with a V-neck. I love how that looks on me. APlus, I think it’s really flattering for lots of different people. It’s not just that it’s a V-shape but more specifically that it’s a really flattering depth of the V. And it works well geometrically and visually with the offset striping.

two color knit striped sweater

6. Super Versatile Yarn Options

In addition to different color options for your yarn, you can actually play with different fiber for making the sweater. The sweater is knit in pieces and seamed together. The seaming helps hold the weight of the yarn. Therefore, you get the drape and shape that you want regardless of the yarn type.

While there might be some exceptions, generally speaking, you can use pretty much any worsted weight yarn that holds the weight. So, if you want to make this sweater in cotton, linen, acrylic, wool, or some blend, then go for it. The sweater will work!

7. Broken Ribbing For Even Better Fit

Sometimes a whole sweater is almost perfect … except that the rubbing around the hem and cuffs isn’t quite right. The result, sadly, is that you get pinched in at those places and end up looking like a balloon. Not so with My Favorite Sweater Pattern. The broken ribbing around the hem and the cuffs does not pull in so this piece will not make you look like a balloon!

8. Great For Gifting!

Since this sweater is flattering for all different types of people, plus the pattern is written for seven sizes, it’s something that you can make for others. It’s especially great for beginner knitters who are ready to start gifting handmades to people!

Get My Favorite Knit Sweater Pattern

favorite knit sweater pdf

Ready to go? Get My Favorite Knit Sweater Pattern over on Ravelry!

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