How to Crochet Pocket Shawls + 9 Pocket Shawl Patterns

Crochet pocket shawls (and their knit cousins) have taken the craft world by storm. Although crochet shawls and scarves with pockets have existed for years, even decades, they’ve really been trending recently. Perhaps it’s because we all just have this urge to be a little bit cozier right now. A shawl is cozy, of course. But a shawl that you can tuck your hands into the pockets of is even cozier.

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How to Crochet Pocket Shawls, a simple guide plus nine patterns

What is a Crochet Pocket Shawl

The very basic essence of this design is that you make a crochet rectangle that wraps around the body, ending at either fingertip with a pocket for your hands. Of course, there are hundreds of different crochet shawl designs out there. There are triangle shawls, circle shawls, half circle shawls, and so forth.

So, of course, there are many different options for pocketed crochet shawls as well. But the gist is that it’s a wrap (without arms, that would be a pocket cardigan or sweater) that has pockets, usually (but not always) one for each hand.

Benefits of Adding Pockets to Shawls

Who doesn’t love having extra pockets? They offer so many different benefits:

  • A crochet shawl meant to keep you warm will be even warmer if you can tuck your hands away inside of it.
  • You can use the pockets to hold your cell phone, keys, and other essentials if you don’t want to carry a purse.
  • If you like crocheting prayer shawls, it’s nice to be able to add a pocket and tuck a special prayer or inspirational message inside.
  • People with pets may appreciate being able to tuck dog treats into their shawl pockets.
  • You can also put your human treats in there if you’re going somewhere where you might need a snack for yourself or your child.
  • Pockets are cozy. Really, even if it’s not cold, and you don’t need to put something in them, being able to stick your hands in your pockets feels cozy sometimes. It’s comforting. It’s safe. And nothing is cozier than when that pocket is made of yarn.
  • It opens up new design opportunities for crochet shawls. Perhaps you’ve made hundreds of crochet shawls in your lifetime, but if you haven’t added pockets then you have entirely new options that you never even considered.
how to crochet a pocket shawl

Super Simple Crochet Pocket Shawl

Here is a really basic recipe that you can follow to make a crochet pocket shawl:

  • Measure yourself from one fingertip to the other, across your back. Add approximately eight inches to that measurement.
  • Crochet a chain the length of that measurement.
  • Turn the work and crochet a favorite basic stitch into each chain. For example, make a row of single crochet or half double crochet stitches.
  • Continue adding rows of that stitch until you have a rectangle that stretches from arm to arm and has grown to the width you desire for your crochet shawl. A 1′ width is a good size to aim for.
  • Fold one side of the rectangle up approximately four inches. Seam it on either side, creating a pocket at the end of that side of the rectangle.
  • Repeat on the other side.

That’s it. A crochet rectangle with folded over pockets on either end. You can adapt the size and stitches in countless ways. Vary up your yarn. Have fun with this!

Other Ways to Crochet Pocket Shawls

Of course, there are countless variations on crochet pocket shawl patterns. Everyone puts their own twist on the design. For example, you might sew pockets onto a shawl instead of using the above-described fold-over technique. Those pockets might be in the same stitch and yarn or a different stitch or color. Alternatively, you might change the shape of the shawl and incorporate pockets to fit the design accordingly. Your pockets might have buttons or clasps. There are a number of ways to crochet pocket shawls.

9 Crochet Pocket Shawl Patterns

Want to see some of those different styles in action? Here are some crochet pocket shawl patterns:

Easy Crochet Pocket Shawl by WindingRoadCrochet

This is one of those great patterns that is easy to craft but makes you look like an advanced crocheter. You’ll only use single crochet and chain stitch. And yet, thanks to strategic spacing and working in the back loop only, you’ll get varied texture and design. Worked up in bulky yarn, this is a warm and cozy crochet pocket scarf to last you all winter long.

Easy crochet pocket shawl pattern by WindingRoadCrochet

Tweed Pocket Shawl by AnnahHaakt

The front and back post stitches on this crochet pocket shawl give it some much rich texture. The yarn choice makes it look like contemporary tweed. The varied horizontal and vertical lines across the entire piece provide graphic pop. It’s a gorgeous accessory, perfect for yourself or to gift to someone else you’d like to keep cozy this winter.

Textured post stitch crochet pocket shawl by AnnahHaakt

Crochet Wrap with Pockets and Fringe by KnotYourselfOut

This is a long crochet rectangle made in a simple, but beautiful stitch. Then you sew large crochet pockets on to either end, leaving some room between the pocket and the edge of the scarf. But what really makes it unique is the fringe. It gives you a boho crochet vibe.

Boho crochet wrap pattern with pockets and fringe

Beaded Crochet Pocket Scarf Pattern by Tldotcrochet

Get even more bohemian when you don’t just add fringe to crochet pocket shawls but also add beads. This also dresses up the shawl more, making it even more special. Plus it gives you the opportunity to practice bead crochet. Additionally, the stitches on this design are rich in texture. It’s thick, warm, and eye-catching.

Boho crochet shawl pattern with pockets, beads and fringe

Star Sprinkled Pocket Shawl by ForTheMini

Make crochet pocket shawls more interesting with fun stitch choices. This one uses star stitch as well as crossed double crochet. The combination has a powerful visual effect. Tassel fringe completes the look.

Crochet pocket shawl by the ForTheMini with star stitch and crossed double crochet

Cascade Pocket Shawl Crochet Pattern by KathyLutzDesigns

Like the Super Simple instructions for how to crochet pocket shawls given at the beginning of this post, this crochet pattern is worked in a single seamless design. In other words, you don’t have to sew the pockets on at the end. The body of the shawl has a beautiful openwork design while the pockets have dense stitches so that you don’t lose anything you slip inside of them.

Cascade Pocket Shawl crochet pattern by Kathy Lutz Designs

Camping Scoodie Pocket Shawl by LittleTownHomeDecor

Don’t just add pockets to a crochet shawl to keep you warm; add a hood as well. That’s exactly what you’ll find with this crochet pattern. The stitches are simple but the use of horizontal ribbing on the pockets accents the vertical ribbing of the scarf body.

Crochet scoodie shawl with pockets and hood by LittleTownHomeDecor

Reader’s Wrap Crochet Pattern by CrystalBearDesigns

What makes this crochet pocket shawl simple is the yarn choice. It’s a super bulky yarn so it’s a cozy accessory that you can craft up quickly. Make it an afternoon and wear it that evening as you settle down with a book to read. More than that, the pockets are a bold blue color that adds such a pop of joy to the body of the piece.

Super bulky crochet pocket shawl pattern by Crystal Bear Designs

Red Heart Gift Pocket Scarf by Ann Regis

The pocket scarf is a nice alternative to the pocket shawl. Skinnier and designed as neckwear instead of a wrap, the crochet scarf is a great accessory that works in varied temperatures. Adding pockets makes it even more versatile. This crochet pocket scarf pattern has a pretty picot edging that dresses up the design. But what really stands out are the cute crochet bows on the pockets.

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