Crochet Octopus Pattern? 10 Worthy Reasons!

The crochet octopus pattern is trending. Honestly, this has been a hot trend for a while now. However, even trends go in ebbs and flows. And this one seems to be taking off again right now. So, we thought we’d share our top ten reasons to make a crochet octopus. Plus, we’ll link you up to all of the best crochet octopus patterns out there.

#1 Reason to Make a Crochet Octopus

If you don’t know why the crochet octopus is a hot trend, then you need to learn about crochet octopi for preemie babies. In recent years, many hospitals have begun to accept these unique donations. Preemie babies struggle a lot in the hospital. They’re so young that really they’re biologically supposed to still be in the womb. They’re scared and overwhelmed. Hooked up to many monitors, they often try to pull out their tubes. However, research indicates that cuddling with a colorful crochet octopus can significantly help these tiny babies.

Why Crochet Octopus for Preemies

Here are some of the reasons that researchers and hospital staff believe that the crochet octopus pattern, in particular, helps preemie babies:

  • The soft tentacles remind the babies of the umbilical cord. Their bodies remember the comfort of the womb. Therefore, the toys help reduce their stress, induce calm, and thus aid in healing.
  • Playing with the octopus toy keeps the baby’s hands busy. Therefore, they’re less likely to pull out their tubes.
  • They fit safely inside incubators, keeping babies company when they can’t have a lot of physical human contact.
  • Overall, the babies are calmer. As a result, their heartbeat and breathing are regulated. This is critical for their health improvements since these are two of the biggest issues for preemie babies.

9 Other Reasons to Crochet Octopi

So, the best reason to work from a crochet octopus pattern is because you can donate the finished item to a preemie baby. But here are nine other reasons to crochet octopi:

  1. It’s a unique project. Obviously, it’s always fun to make something you’ve never made before.
  2. Creating the tentacles in different ways can invigorate your creativity.
  3. They’re a terrific gift for children of any age. They’re comforting for more than just babies.
  4. In fact, adults might like a crochet octopus as well. The film, “My Octopus Teacher,” has ignited people’s passion for this fantastic animal. You might even feel inspired by putting a small one on your desk.
  5. If you have a themed party to plan, the octopus fits perfectly for ocean/summer events.
  6. You can make them in any color. And depending on the recipient, you can make them in any yarn. Therefore, the crochet octopus pattern is an ideal stashbuster.
  7. It’ll stop the scroll. If you share your finished crochet octopus on social media, you’ll likely get good engagement on those posts. They’re just too cute to resist.
  8. Many of these projects work up quickly. It’s always satisfying to start and finish a project on the same day.
  9. It’s cute! Really, how could you be sad making a crochet octopus? It’ll brighten your day!

Best Crochet Octopus Patterns

Okay, so you’re sold. Now, where do you get a crochet octopus pattern to work with? First, head over to our roundup of 44 free ocean animal crochet and knit patterns. You’ll find more than half a dozen octopus patterns on the list.

Octopus for a Preemie is a UK organization that accepts donations for hospitals. They have patterns available on their site.

Octo Project on Ravelry is a worldwide project to donate crochet octopi to preemie babies in the NICU. They link to two patterns and a video tutorial.

Knitting for Charity has additional information about crochet octopus patterns for donation.

Or, if you want some good roundups for octopus crochet patterns, then check out DIY Craftsy, Derpy Monster, and The Spruce Crafts.

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