12 FREE Knit and Crochet Spring Sweater Patterns – Perfect for Summer, Too!

Welcome to our roundup of 12 FREE Knit and Crochet Spring Sweater Patterns, perfect for those warmer days and cool summer nights! As we say goodbye to the heavy attire of winter and hello to the blooming beauty of spring, it’s time to refresh our wardrobe with handmade treasures. These patterns are selected with the balmy weather in mind, offering lightweight, breezy options that are a pleasure to create and even more delightful to wear.

In the delightful transition of seasons, crafting enthusiasts often look for projects that match the cheerful lightness of spring. There’s a certain joy in making pieces that are as perfect for a sunny day out as they are for a summer evening stroll. These free patterns cater to a variety of styles and skill levels, from beginner-friendly crochet options to more intricate designs for the experienced knitter or crocheter.

With choices that cover both all free crochet and all free knitting, you’ll find your next project right here. Whether you’re in the mood for a chic crochet sweater that makes a statement or a soft knit sweater for those unexpectedly brisk summer evenings, these patterns will keep your needles clicking and your hooks flying. Dive into these lightweight projects that won’t weigh down your lap or your spirits as the mercury rises. Get ready to create your new favorite spring and summer essentials, and keep the chill at bay through to early autumn.

Bonus: Check out the two sweater patterns in the roundup of Marly Bird Spring KAL free patterns.

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6 Free Crochet Spring Sweater Patterns

If you love to crochet then you’re going to be happy to see these designs. Like all great knit and crochet spring sweater patterns, they have terrific drape and ease. They’re good for layering, which is exactly what you want for spring and summer. After all, you’re not going to wear these sweaters all day but you might want them to drape over your shoulders in the evening.

Open Front Cozy Cardigan

This cute lightweight cardigan uses Red Heart Soft Yarn. Although it’s a worsted weight yarn, it’s a soft, light one compared to many other worsted weight yarns. Therefore, it’s comfortable to work with this in the spring and summer months. The cardigan has an openwork design that allows the breeze to blow through.

Amimono Kimono

The epitome of springtime chic in the world of knitwear. This elegant kimono-style sweater is a breath of fresh air for your wardrobe, offering both comfort and versatility. Its open front design and three-quarter length sleeves make it perfect for layering over your favorite springtime tops. The beautiful mesh-like stitch pattern provides a light and airy feel, which is just right for those warmer days or cool evenings. Whether you’re out for a casual brunch or an evening stroll, the Amimono Kimono adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Ideal for intermediate knitters looking to add seasonal flair to their craft, this pattern is a fashionable choice for anyone seeking a blend of style and ease. Don’t miss out on this staple piece that’s sure to be a highlight in any spring sweater pattern.

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Tunisian Star Stitch Pullover

If you know how to Tunisian crochet then this is definitely one of those knit and crochet spring sweater patterns you’ll want to bookmark. It’s just so beautiful, thanks in large part to the pretty yarn color.

Long Lacy Cardi

This crochet pattern uses Red Heart It’s a Wrap which is a #1 yarn weight. So although it is long, it is super lightweight. This is a great beach cover up that can also work in restaurants and other settings. This is an open-front short-sleeved spring / summer sweater.

Two Rectangle Cardigan

If you’re looking for really easy-to-make knit and crochet spring sweater patterns then you can’t go wrong with a two-rectangle design! This is a short-sleeved open-front cardigan that you’ll enjoy wearing layered over many different outfits.

Over Easy Cowl Neck Sweater

This is the warmest of our knit and crochet spring sweater patterns. It’s definitely for the coolest of evenings. However, it’s such a delight to work with and wear that we couldn’t leave it off the list. And the light blue color complements a lot of warm weather wardrobe palettes.

12 free sweater patterns for spring/summer: a colorful collection of knitwear designs.

6 Free Knit Spring Sweater Patterns

If you’re bicrafty or you’re solely a knitter then these are the patterns you’re looking to find.

Emily Sweater

This is a very sweet seed stitch knit sweater pattern. It’s a button-front short-sleeved knit sweater with flattering empire shaping. You can truly wear this from early spring through late fall.

My First Knit Summer Vest

Marly designed this vest using a light cotton yarn and to make a warm weather piece that can be enjoyed during warmer months! The goal with this project is to teach the knitter a new way of construction, a new stitch pattern, and a new way to utilize yarn colors to get a beautiful color fade

Directional Cables Sweater

Work knit cables in all kinds of different directions. As a result, you’ll get a graphic pattern worked in a single color. The sweater, while warm, is designed with a spring palette in mind, similar to the Over Easy Cowl Neck Crochet sweater pattern shown in the previous section above.

Cocoon Cardigan

You probably wouldn’t think that a #5 weight roving-style yarn would make a good spring sweater. However, this open-front cardigan cocoon is designed with warmer weather in mind. It’s a beautiful Irish moss stitch that’s fun to knit.

Knit Crew Neck Pullover

Use Caron Simply Soft yarn to knit this crew neck pullover sweater. Make it in a really bright, bold color to wear with a floral skirt or jeans this spring.

Coastal Stripes Pullover

This is a beautiful knit sweater with stripes in different colors and widths. The colors have a summery palette. It’s almost a nautical design but with a slightly more romantic side. It’s a beautiful knit spring sweater.

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up our roundup of 12 FREE Knit and Crochet Spring Sweater Patterns (did you notice there are even more patterns linked throughout the blog post?) that are just as delightful in summer, it’s clear that each of these designs offers something unique for crafters of all levels. From the airy Amimono Kimono to breezy pullovers, these patterns are curated to add versatility and style to your wardrobe.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned stitcher, these patterns provide the perfect blend of comfort and fashion, keeping your crochet hooks and knitting needles busy through the longer days ahead. So, pick your favorite all free crochet or knit sweater design, grab your lightest yarns, and enjoy creating pieces that you’ll reach for time and again during the cool evenings of spring, the balmy nights of summer, and the crisp beginnings of autumn.

Happy crafting!

~Marly Bird, Your BiCrafty Bestie

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