Crochet Beach Bag Patterns For Summer Ease

These crochet beach bag patterns give you room to carry everything summer fun requires. Fit your sunscreen, beach toys, beach blankets, swimsuit coverups, and so much more into these bags. Of course, you can also use these big bags for other activities like picking up food at the farmer’s market or hauling your library books back to return them. Have fun crafting these!

crochet beach bag patterns - Marly Bird

Crochet Beach Bag and Mat Patterns

Convertible crochet beach bag and mat

This is a terrific crochet beach bag pattern. However, it’s more than you think. Once you get to the beach and empty out your sunglasses, summer reading, and other supplies, you can unroll a mat from the inside. This turns the beach bag into a beach yoga mat or beach blanket. It’s perfect! You don’t have to carry a second blanket with you to the beach. Crocheted in cotton, it even works in a pinch as a towel.

Tremendous Tote Crochet Bag

Tremendous Tote roomy purse pattern

I designed this crochet beach bag pattern based on the Fibonacci sequence. Therefore, if you find yourself drawn to the pattern, it might be because it’s scientifically considered beautiful. I recommend combining different yarns for this bag. You’ll use felting to change the design, and those two different yarns will have different felting results. This is fun to make and super useful, especially since it has a pocket on the inside.

Rainbow Hexagon Crochet Beach Bag

rainbow hexagon bag crochet pattern

We don’t usually think of rainbows as summer patterns in particular. However, they’re sunny and bright and perfect for summer. These textured hexagons are perfect motifs to craft and then use in a summer beach bag.

Floral Rainbow Crochet Bag Pattern

floral rainbow crochet beach bag

Here we see that terrific rainbow color set put together in an entirely different way. This is a fun beach bag – fun to make and use. Doesn’t it make you ready to fill it up and head to the beach today?

Sunny Day Tote Bag

sunny day tote bag to crochet

Here’s one more really colorful crochet beach bag pattern. It also uses rainbow-inspired colors in a totally different design. Add that great sunny applique on the front to celebrate summer. Of course, you could use other appliques instead to personalize this design.

Crochet Bento Bag Pattern

Bento Bag

This crochet bento bag is a versatile design that’s easy to crochet. It’s also really fun, thanks to the unique design. I’ve created a video tutorial to accompany it. Get ready to head to the beach soon with this tote in hand.

Nautical Striped Crochet Bag

nautical striped beach bag

Nautical blue and white are natural choices for crochet beach bag patterns. They’re bold and beautiful. Here those stripes are paired with a red bottom to the bag, making it especially perfect for patriotic holidays like Fourth of July. Worked in cotton, this is an easy breezy bag.

Beach Days Crochet Tote Bag Pattern

beach days tote

The great thing about crochet beach bag patterns is that you can work them in any color. Here we have a solid bottom and a variegated top half to the bag, worked in sand-inspired hues. However, tassels add a pop of fun pastel color. Note: you can create crochet handles for these bags or buy purse handles.

Crochet Beach Party Bag Pattern

beach party bag pattern

Not all beach bags can easily go from day to night. However, this is one of the crochet beach bag patterns that definitely can. That creative round handle with a pop of color is perfect against the granny stripe, easy beach bag body design.

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