Twist Knit Headband – Simple And Fun

You can find the FREE Twist Knit Headband on the Yarnspirations website right now. It’s a free pattern download, so you can be reading it and knitting one (or more) in no time flat!

What’s so great about this easy-to-knit headband?

Well, we love the simple twist that makes this knit headband a hot seasonal favorite. But that’s not all!

Keep your ears toasty, thanks to Red Heart Heat Wave Yarn that warms up when exposed to sunlight.

Yes, you read that right! The yarn itself can warm you up (up to 12 degrees) when it’s exposed to UV (ultraviolet) light! Genius!

Can you believe it? There’s technology spun into the yarn, but you can still wash and tumble dry your finished projects on low heat.

What Else Should You Know About The Twist Knit Headband?

And, you only need to know 3 stitches to knit this cutie. Work in a combination of knits, purls, and slip stitches to complete this squishy headband in any shade that inspires you.

You’ll need 5mm needles and worsted weight yarn. If you can’t find the Heat Wave yarn, or just want to whip up a headband (or ten) with yarn from your stash. Go for it! I’m not stopping you! But I’m sure you’ll end up making more than one. You can count on it!

Since it works up quickly, this pattern is a great weekend project and a fabulous gift option for colder weather, countries, or just the winter months. And, it’s specially convenient for anyone with long hair. You don’t have to squish a ponytail under a tight-fitting hat. It can flow wild and free over this ear-warming headband.

Download the FREE Squishy Knit Headband pattern now!

Download the FREE Squishy Knit Twist Headband Pattern from Yarnspirations.

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And, I have a feeling you’ll find some headbands here too!

Have fun creating whether it’s for yourself, a coworker, a friend, or to donate.

Get your crafting on!

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