60 Mittens and Fingerless Mitts Free Crochet and Knit Patterns

It’s chilly out, and you need to keep your hands warm! Whether you’re shoveling snow, in a snowball fight, or just need to cozy on a walk, mittens and fingerless mitts are here for you. Yarnspirations has dozens of patterns that are just what you need to keep your hands warm this winter.

60 Mittens and Fingerless Mitts Free Crochet and Knit Patterns

If you’re not sure how to knit mittens, we did a series in BiCrafty Bootcamp on knitting mittens! Get step-by-step instructions and videos.

13 Pairs of Fingerless Mitts and Gloves

These patterns all leave your fingertips free. Wear them when it’s chilly inside but still type or knit, or use them when you know you’ll be outside but need to use your phone or just need a little extra warmth. A few patterns are even convertible, with flaps that let your fingers be free or covered.

  1. Fingerless Gloves (textured)
  2. Fingerless Gloves (smooth)
  3. Crochet Lace Fingerless Mitts
  4. Fair Isle Fingerless Mitts
  5. Cosy Pozy Fingerless Gloves
  6. Simple Knit Fingerless Mitts
  7. Road Trip Mitts
  8. Flip Top Mittens
  9. Fingerless Knit Gloves (worsted weight yarn)
  10. Fingerless Knit Gloves (sock weight yarn)
  11. Flip-Top Kids’ Mittens
  12. Convertible Family Knit Mittens
  13. Texting Gloves
Fingerless Gloves Free Knitting Pattern

6 Pairs of Single Color Mittens

These mittens are made with one color of yarn for a classic look. Whether plain or textured, pick your favorite color and you know they’ll coordinate nicely with your coat.

  1. Hands Full Crochet Mittens
  2. Crochet Faux Cables Mittens
  3. Chill Chaser Mittens
  4. Travelling Lines Knit Mittens
  5. Textured Family Knit Mittens
  6. Crochet Textured Ribbing Mittens
Textured Family Knit Mittens Free Knitting Pattern

9 Pairs of Colorblock Mittens

Blocks of color are fun way to add color to mittens without as many ends to weave in. Plus, they make great mix-and-match patterns, especially for kids!

  1. Kids Tri-Color Mittens
  2. Cozy Crochet Mittens
  3. Let It Snow Mittens
  4. Snowday Crochet Mittens
  5. Off-Set Cable Mittens
  6. State Your Nation Knit Mittens
  7. Double Cuffed Knit Mittens
  8. Find a Match Knit Mittens
  9. Textured Knit Mittens
Snowday Crochet Mittens Free Crochet Pattern

18 Pairs of Patterned and Colorful Mittens

These mittens all have design or a pattern on them. Whether you’re doing Fair Isle, intarsia, stripes, or making animal mitts, they’re a great way to add a statement that won’t be missed to your outfit.

  1. Fox in the Snow Mittens
  2. Frozen Mittens
  3. Fox Mittens
  4. Tunisian In the Round Mittens
  5. Skeleton Mittens
  6. Strawberry Mittens
  7. Crochet Striped Mittens
  8. Maple Leaf Mittens
  9. Kiss and Tell Mittens
  10. Warm Brioche Knit Mittens
  11. Stripey Knit Mittens
  12. Heartland Knit Mittens
  13. Crochet Fair Isle Mittens
  14. Fair Isle Knit Mittens
  15. Let’s Stripe Crochet Mittens
  16. Knit Neo Geo Mittens
  17. Spiral Up Knit Mittens
  18. Happy Hands Child Mittens
Crochet Fair Isle Mittens Free Crochet Pattern

11 Family Mitten Sets

When it’s cold out, everyone’s hands need protecting. Crochet or knit matching mittens for everyone in your family with these mitten patterns that come in all sizes. Plus, there’s a special set that lets you hold hands!

  1. Family Mittens (knit)
  2. Family Mittens (crochet)
  3. Valentine Mittens
  4. Mittens for All
  5. Family Heart Mittens
  6. Crochet Mittens for All
  7. Colorblock Family Knit Mittens
  8. Broken Rib Knit Mittens
  9. Basic Family Knit Mittens
  10. Family Size Crochet Mittens
  11. Rita’s Family Knit Mitts
Basic Family Knit Mittens Free Knitting Pattern

Bonus: 3 Mitten Decorations

Mini mittens make a great winter decoration as well! Hang them on a tree or from a mantel, or add them to a centerpiece.

  1. Advent Mini Mittens
  2. Mitten Ornaments
  3. Crochet Snowflake Mitten Ornaments
Advent Mini Mittens Free Crochet Pattern


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