30 Marly Bird Knit Hat Patterns – One For Every Season and Occasion

If you’re looking for knit hat patterns, then you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find a complete roundup of Marly Bird knit hat patterns. Many of these are free patterns that are also available as ad-free PDFs for purchase. You’ll also find lots of them have video tutorials to accompany them.

30 Marly Bird Knit Hat Patterns - One For Every Season and Occasion

We’ve categorized the knit hat patterns in various ways, starting with links to beginner patterns and then advanced patterns. You’ll also find hats for bulky winter knit hats vs, lighter warm weather hats, hats for babies vs. hats for adults, etc. Of course, some hats fall into multiple categories, and we’ve listed them by name and link a second time where appropriate.

Beginner Knit Hat Patterns by Marly Bird

If you’re just beginning to make knit hats, then these are the best patterns for you. These are also great choices for advanced knitters who want easy, instant gratification projects for mindful crafting.

Absolute Beginner Chunky Knit Hat Free Pattern

Absolute Beginner Chunky Knit Hat Free Pattern

I wrote this pattern specifically with beginner knitters in mind. It includes all of the notes necessary to make it an easy “first knit hat” pattern. Plus it has a step-by-step video tutorial. Using #7 weight yarn, it works up really quickly.

Absolute Beginner Preemie Baby Hat Free Pattern

Preemie Baby Hat Free Knit Pattern for Beginners

Even a brand new knitter can make a hat to donate for charity. This preemie baby hat free knit pattern keeps little heads warm with soft, safe yarn. It works up super fast, since it’s such a small item. And yet it’s so satisfying to make.

Donna’s Denver Football Hat

Striped Stockinette Knit Hat Free Pattern

If you know how to knit and how to purl then you can quickly knit this team spirit hat. You’ll work this hat primarily in stockinette stitch. The only thing that makes it slightly more advanced is the use of Kitchener stitch for seaming this bottom-up hat at the end. However, I’ve included written instructions and a video tutorial for you.

It’s So Suite Knit Hat Free Pattern

chevron knit hat free pattern

You might think that the beautiful chevron pattern requires advanced knitting skills. However, that’s not the case with this hat. You simply place knits and purls strategically to create the all-over subtle one-color chevron design. The hat requires no shaping and includes a video tutorial for support. This is a one-ball pattern that works up quickly and is great for gifting.

Seed Stitch Knit Hat Free Pattern

seed stitch knit hat free pattern

Advanced beginners can easily work the seed stitch. You just knit your purls and purl your knits. This is a one-ball quick hat pattern.

Advanced Knit Marly Bird Hat Patterns

If you’re an advanced crafter looking for a bit of a challenge, then these knit hat patterns might be right for you.

Honeycomb and Fair Isle Knit Hat Free Pattern

Capriciously Chic Knit Hat Free Pattern

The Capriciously Chic Knit Hat free pattern uses honeycomb cable stitch with Fair Isle colorwork for a bold two-tone design. This design is thick and textured. It comes with a chart and a video tutorial to support you in working the design.

Cable Knit Kat Free Pattern

Cable Knit Hat Free Pattern

The Curvaceously Chic Knit Hat free pattern uses cable stitches in combination with regular knit stitch to create terrific all-over texture. This is an intermediate hat pattern designed for joy thanks to a bright color and a fun pom.

Chill Out Winter Hat Pattern

Fair Isle Knit Hat Free Pattern

This is a Fair Isle knit hat worked in a traditional snowflake design. It’s perfect for winter wear, but it’s made with a worsted weight yarn, not a bulkier weight, so it’s comfortable in varying temperatures. The Latvian Braid is a particularly fun detail on this hat. It separates the brim from the body on this hat that’s worked from brim to crown.

Chic Knit Lace Hat Free Pattern

chic knit lace hat free pattern

An advanced beginner who knows how to work with charts could probably tackle this knit lace hat. However, it’s really designed for intermediate or advanced crocheters. Using baby cables, lace, and the right yarn, you end up with a sophisticated, romantic, knit slouch hat.

Entrelac Knit Hat

entrelac knit hat

Most of these knitting patterns are free here on the site. But this Entrelac Knit Hat is one that you’ll only find in one of my knitting books. Find it in I Can’t Believe I’m Entrelac Knitting, available in print and digital form.

Skeeter Beanie Knit Hat

knit beanie hat pattern

If you like entrelac knit patterns then you might also want to check out the Skeeter Beanie Knit Hat, for sale through Ravelry.

Huckleberry Hat

entrelac knit hat pattern by Marly Bird

Here’s one more entrelac knit hat pattern for you, also for sale on Ravelry.

Bulky Winter Knit Hat Patterns

Working with bulky yarns gives you warm knit hats that are cozy in the winter. These are great for gifts and donations to charity. Moreover, they work up quickly so you get that satisfaction of a quick project.

Of the projects shown above, here are the ones that also fit into the Bulky Knit Hat Category:

Here are some other bulky knit hat patterns:

Ebb and Flow Knit Hat Free Pattern

fast knit hat free pattern

This fast knit hat free pattern works up super quickly because the pattern calls for super bulky weight yarn. Have it done in just a couple of hours.

Pom Pom Knit Hat Free Pattern

Pom Pom Knit Hat Free Pattern

Use a special jumbo weight yarn that’s designed with pom poms on a string to create this cozy winter knit hat. The body of the hat is made with simple stockinette stitch so that the brim and top pom take center stage.

Snowboarder Knit and Crochet Hat

bulky knit hat pattern

Bicrafty folks will find that they can make both a knit version and a crochet version of this warm, chunky snowboarder hat.

Berry Burst Hat and Scarf Set

knit and hat scarf pattern set

This pattern set was published in the Winter 2012 issue of Love of Knitting, which you can purchase in digital version.

Spring and Summer Knit Hat Patterns

You can wear hats all year long. However, bulky hats are often too hot to wear in the winter months. That’s when you’ll want to check out these lighter weight knit hat patterns instead.

Of the projects shown above, here are the ones that are great for warmer weather:

And although it can be used all year long, if you’re looking for knit hats made with lightweight yarn then you might want to check out:

Pink Courage Knit Chemo Cap

free knit chemo hat pattern

This bottom-up seamless hat is worked in the round using soft yarn that makes it a prefect chemo cap. I designed this in honor of my friend Nicole. It’s filled with beautiful intertwining cables which she loved, representing all of the lives hers touched before we lost her too soon to cancer.

Slouchy Knit Hat Free Pattern

Slouchy Knit Hat Free Pattern

The bright green color of this hat is perfect for spring! It’s a slouch hat with a ribbed brim and a pom on top. The star of the design is a bold cable panel.

Striped Slouch Hat Free Knit Pattern

Knit Slouch Hat Free Pattern-2

This is another knit hat pattern that works throughout the year. It’s a unisex striped design worked in four different colors.

Paris Beret Knit Hat

Paris beret knit hat pattern

Although warm, the beret style is truly perfect for spring. This hat pattern was published in the June / July 2012 issue of Your Knitting Life which is now available for eReader download on Nook.

Slouchy Bliss Knit Hat Pattern

slouch knit hat pattern

Use luxury yarn to make this chic knit hat. Find the pattern for sale on Ravelry.

Gerri Hat Knit Pattern

knit spring hat pattern

The eyelets on this knit hat pattern make it perfect for springtime. Buy the pattern on Ravelry.

Knit Hats for Babies

The following hats are only available in baby sizes:

Knit Hats for Adults

The following hats are designed for adult sizes only:

And here are some other knit hat patterns for adults:

Afternoon Delight Quickie Knit Hat Pattern (with matching cowl pattern)

afternoon delight quick knit hat free pattern

This is a stash busting quickie hat pattern. Work it up in a few short hours using a combination of basic knit stitches and a few special stitches. It’s a colorful Aran or Worsted weight knit hat. Moreover, it comes with the free pattern for a matching knit cowl.

Double Dip Knit Hat Free Pattern

double dip ribbed knit hat

This ribbed knit hat pattern uses dip stitches to create fishtail braid texture. Thanks to complete photo and video tutorials, this is easier than you might expect.

Knit Skater Hat Free Pattern

Skater's Knit Hat Free Pattern

This striped knit skater hat pattern was designed with men and teen boys in mind. However, it’s a sporty, casual, unisex design.

Ratatouille Knit Hat Pattern

This easy knit pattern is for a tam-style hat. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

Eyelet Hat and Scarf Pattern Set

Eyelet Knit Hat and Scarf Pattern

Find this pattern set published in the Holiday 2008 issue of Knit Simple. Back issues available for sale.

Knit Hat Patterns with Pom Poms

These knit hat patterns all have pom poms that make them just a little bit more fun:

Whimsical ski hat knit pattern

You’ll also find a Marly Bird knit hat pattern with a pom in the book Stitch Mountain: 30 Warm Knits for Conquering the Cold.

slouchy knit hat with pom

And the Slouchy Knit Hat with Pom in Knitting for Dummies, 3rd Edition.

Knit Hat Patterns with Cables

These knit hats, which you can learn more about above, all featuring cables:

dual cable knit hat pattern

And if you love cables then you might want to buy my Dual Cable Knit Hat pattern.

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