Happily Hooked Mag + 5 FREE Textured Crochet Patterns

I wanted to share with you that Happily Hooked Digital magazine has included a featured article about me in their November 2020 issue. I’ve also shared five textured crochet patterns in this post since the article is themed Textured Crochet.

Happily Hooked Crochet Magazine

As aforementioned, Happily Hooked’s November 2020 digital issue includes a feature article about me by Kathryn Vercillo, author of Crochet Saved My Life and (for full disclosure) my blog content director. She has been writing for Happily Hooked since the magazine’s inception over six years ago.

If you’re unfamiliar with Happily Hooked, it’s a crochet magazine that comes out twice monthly. It’s entirely available in digital format, and some of the crochet patterns are also available in a print magazine. Other things you should know:

  • The main magazine is Happily Hooked Magazine. It comes out on the first of every month. It includes at least ten crochet patterns monthly and crochet articles, interviews, book reviews, yarn reviews, industry news, tutorials, stitch lessons, and more.
  • The second magazine is a digital magazine called Pattern Pack Pro. It’s released mid-month as a selection of additional crochet patterns.
  • Both magazines come out monthly, and each has its theme every month. Therefore, you get twenty-four themed digital magazine issues every month.
  • There’s also a Happily Hooked Members’ Community Facebook Group.

Learn Some Fun Facts About Me In This Article

The article covers a wide range of things that I’ve done in my career. Moreover, it shares a lot about what I’m all about. Here are a few excerpts from the article:

Multi-Talented Bi-Crafty Designer

Marly Bird is a prolific crafter with a broad array of talents – she’s a podcaster, an author, a bi-crafty designer, a craft teacher, and a blogger who connects regularly with the craft world via social media. Marly is bold, bright, and creative; that energy infuses all she does.

Building Bridges and Strengthening Craft Community

The thread that runs through all of Marly’s work is that she really loves to build community. While there’s sometimes a divide between the knitting and crochet communities, Marly offers safe, fun spaces where crafters who enjoy both approaches to yarn can come together. Both knitters and crocheters follow her around the web because she truly celebrates both crafts and shares her expertise across them. 

Benefits of Knitting and Crochet

In an interview with Tamara from the Moogly blog, Marly said that working with yarn, whether in knit or crochet, is a meditative act. It brings her into the present moment, where she “can get lost in the simple making of a stitch.” For a woman as busy as she is with family and career, it’s important to have those times to pause for a moment. Yarn helps that happen for her. 

And More…

The article also includes information about:

  • Other ways yarn benefits my life
  • Podcast details including a fun fact about its history
  • The Chic Sheep Yarn line
  • My work as a knit and crochet designer, author, and teacher
  • Some of the things that are coming up next for me!

Get the issue that features me over on Ravelry.

5 Textured Crochet Patterns

As aforementioned, each magazine issue has a theme. The theme for the November 2020 issue is Texture! So, I thought I’d share five textured crochet patterns that I’ve designed:

1. Summit Chic Textured Crochet Hat

Crochet bobbles are one of the best techniques for adding texture. When I designed this crochet hat I had just learned the unique long bobble crochet stitch. I couldn’t wait to design something with it. Thus, this hat was born.

2. Crochet One Skein Soft Essentials Cowl

Crochet One Skein Cowl Pattern by Marly Bird

Front Post double and treble crochet stitches create crochet cables for this FREE crochet cowl pattern. The cables combine with shells for added texture and visual appeal. This crochet pattern works up quickly, but it’s an accessory that adds a lot of pop to your outfit.

You can also use the same repeating textured crochet pattern to create a cable and lace stitch blanket.

3. Marly’s Perfect Dramatic Cowl Poncho

Perfect Dramatic Cowl Crochet Poncho Pattern

This crochet poncho pattern uses both front and back post double crochet stitches to create a unique raised chevron texture. It is intriguing to crochet, building upon skills that you may already have but perhaps working them in a new way. And it’s cozy and warm to wear!

4. Trinity Stitch Textured Crochet Hat

Trinity Stitch One Ball Crochet Hat Free Pattern

You don’t need to know any fancy crochet techniques to create texture in your projects. The Trinity Stitch is a variation on single crochet in which you pull up additional loops in multiple stitches before you yarn over and pull through. It adds easy, subtle, beautiful texture to your project.

5. Abstractly Chic Textured Crochet Shawl

Abstractly Chic Textured Shawl Free Pattern

Surface crochet is an embroidery-like form of crochet that adds a little bit of texture to the top of a crochet project. You can also use it to add color and graphic detail. This free crochet shawl pattern began as a CAL. You work this shawl differently from a typical triangle shawl, so you’ll have fun playing with this FREE pattern.

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  1. Carleen Roberts says:

    Marly, I loved Kathryn Vercillo’s article about you in the Nov 2020 issue of Happily Hooked Magazine. I’ve been “on the fence” about subscribing to it, but knowing you were featured, I did! Because it was mentioned in the article, I also bought your book Cold Weather Crochet. How did I miss that when it came out? Hmm I wonder if something in that book has inspired one of your 2020 Turkey Trot mystery patterns.

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