Long Crochet Lace Prayer Shawl Pattern

I’ve been going through some of my old crochet patterns, finding the ones you might not know about but shouldn’t overlook. And I’ve got a great one for you today. It’s the Shelly stole. This is a bulky weight lace crochet shawl, which is a bit different than what you’ll find out there. It’s also a prayer shawl, although you can make it without the prayer if you’re so inclined. This long crochet lace prayer shawl pattern is designed to look and feel great on all body types.

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bulky crochet prayer shawl pattern

A Long Crochet Shawl For Bigger Bodies

One of the reasons I love to crochet and knit my own designs is because I can make them to fit my body. I’m a tall, bigger gal, and just like everyone else, it’s nice to wear clothes that flatter me. I found that many crochet stoles, shawls, and wraps were shorter than I needed to look right on me. They created a stumpy, short, frumpy look. So, I started designing longer crochet wraps. Problem solved. This long crochet lace prayer shawl pattern is designed to a length of 95″. Wrap it all around you and cozy up! Of course, you can always adapt to shorter patterns if you desire.

Bulky But Lacy Crochet Shawl

Another thing that sets this long crochet lace prayer shawl pattern apart from other crochet stoles and wraps is its lacy design, but it’s made with bulky weight yarn. Usually, when people think of lace designs, they naturally think of lace weight or sock weight yarn for the project. However, you can create a beautiful openwork design with lots of great drape and still use bulky weight yarn.

Since the yarn is thicker, the wrap works up more quickly than using a lightweight yarn. But because I’ve kept it very lacy, it’s not an overly heavy wrap that’s uncomfortable to wear. It’s not a blanket scarf by any means. It’s long and thick, but it’s not overwhelming.

Yarn and Crochet Hook

I designed this crochet pattern using Lion Brand Homespun Yarn with a size N/P crochet hook. Billow cotton yarn would also be a really great choice for this crochet pattern. So would Chroma Twist Bulky. Buy the yarn that makes your heart sing while you craft!

Prayer Shawls, Stoles, and Wraps

I originally designed this as a crochet prayer stole for my sister. This simply means that I held prayer and intention in mind for her while I crafted it. This infuses the project with your thoughts and prayers. It can be a great comfort to you while you craft and to the person you gift with the project when you’ve completed it. Of course, you can turn any shawl into a prayer shawl; likewise, any prayer shawl can be just an accessory if you aren’t inclined to pray while you craft. It’s up to you.

Learn more about crochet prayer shawls here.

Get The Crochet Pattern

The Shelly Lace Stole pattern is available through Ravelry.

bulky lace wrap crochet pattern

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