Knit Crop Top Patterns: Short & Sassy!

Crop tops are trending for summer! Yes – warm weather is just around the corner. You know, we recently did a roundup of crochet crop top patterns. But, as you also know, we’re bicrafty around here and don’t want to leave the knitters out. So, here’s our roundup of knit crop top patterns.

Like the crochet version, we’ve included a range of styles, from bra tops to cropped tunics.

So stay cool and knit on!

knit crop top patterns

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1. Knit Contrast Trim Tank Top Pattern

knit crop tank top pattern

This knit summer tank top pattern stops right above the waistline, just making it a crop top. It’s designed with contrast trim, the second color on the straps and waist enhancing the main color of the body. This knitting pattern comes with a matching pattern for a striped knit cardigan you can wear over the tank.

2. Trinity Woods Bralette Knit Pattern

knit bra top pattern

This knit bra top pattern is a festival-style design in a neutral color, perfect for summer beach time. With a deep scoop neck and almost shoestring straps, this knit crop top is ideal for your next outdoor music event. It’s another of the crop top patterns with a matching knit cardigan pattern to go with it.

3. Lace Cami and Skirt Set

lace cropped knit cami top and matching skirt pattern

This lacy knit cami knitting pattern is designed as a crop top you can wear over a professional blouse. Of course, you could also wear it over a dress, a more casual top, or even on its own. It includes a matching narrow skirt pattern, creating a great set for the office or summer parties.

4. Crop Sleeve Knit Cardigan

crop sleeve knit cardigan pattern

The Just For Mom cardigan is a sophisticated cardigan pattern with a wide neckline. It’s a cropped sleeve style, meaning it’s longer than a short sleeve but shorter than a three-quarter sleeve. It’s a great style for many body types. The length isn’t a true knit crop top since its hem sits at the high hip length. It’s shorter than average crop top knitting patterns.

5. On Trend Knit Top Pattern

scoop neck knit top pattern

Some people like knit crop top patterns because they want to show off their bellies. However, many of us like knit crop top patterns because they layer well over other longer-length shirts and dresses. Layered outfits allow you to mix and match textures, colors, and fabrics, creating unique outfits that are fun to wear. And dressing every day should be fun! So, although this wide-neckline knit top isn’t a true crop top length, we’ve included it because it’s specifically designed as an oversized piece you can wear over other tops.

6. Gradient Knit T-shirt Pattern

gradient knit t-shirt pattern

This knit t-shirt pattern works with two colors of yarn to create a double-stranded gradient that turns out absolutely beautiful. This almost-sleeveless short-sleeved t-shirt skims the waist, so it’s a bit longer than true knit crop top patterns but still falls in the category. You can make it longer or shorter to suit your taste.

7. Square Tunic Knit Pattern

square knit tunic pattern

This shirt is cropped in length as tunics go. It actually has a similar shape to the knit t-shirt pattern above. However, it’s worked in different stitches and vibrant colors. It has a higher neck and a lot of pep and is perfectly vibrant for summer. Choose your colors to match your mood.

8. Juliet’s Love Shrug

knit cropped shrug pattern

This cropped shrug is the perfect accessory to wear over just about anything when the day’s heat gives way to the evening breeze. With a classic short sleeve and fancy ruffle at the waist it adds a romantic touch to any outfit.

9. One-Shoulder Crop Top Knit Pattern

There are so many different knit crop top patterns in terms of the style of the top itself. This one is super unique – a one-shoulder design with optional waist shaping to fit your body perfectly. The knit cables add extra interest. Working on this would make any knitting needle happy! This is the Arcuate Top by Charissa Lam, sold through KnitPicks.

10. Knit Crop Top and Skirt Set

knit crop top and skirt patterns

The Twirl Your Dreams set is a lacy knit crop top with ruffled sleeves and hem and a matching skirt. You can breeze through this set with lots of stockinette and a small knit lace pattern. This is an idyllic, dreamy, whimsical summer outfit. Add a scarf or headband to complete the look.

11. Cropped Topper

Knit crop top pattern

This is one of the most wearable knit crop top patterns. It’s got a super easy shape, wonderful color, and an openwork design that you can layer with just about everything. The simple rectangle shape is great for lace knitting beginners since there’s no shaping to worry about. Yet more advanced knitters can whip this up easily. Pair it with anything from shorts to jeans or maxi skirts to minis. It’s versatile and will work with many outfits.

More Patterns and Yarns for Summer Knitting

So now you have a great selection of crop top patterns for the summer, but what about yarn? Of course, you can, and should, go by what the designer used in each pattern, but what’s a great yarn or fiber for summer knitting?

Cotton is by far the most popular. If you’re interested in cotton yarn, check out this blog post about cotton yarns in every weight. They’re some of our favorites!

Maybe you won’t believe me, but wool is also a good choice for summer. Why? Because it’s natural and breathable. Find out more about wool yarn right here.

And, if you prefer a knit sweater for summer when the evenings are a bit cooler, check out these knit and crochet spring sweater patterns. Sometimes, it’s nice to pop on something with a longer sleeve when the sun goes down.

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