Knit Beach Bag Patterns For Summer Fun

We recently updated our roundup of crochet beach bag patterns. When we did, we realized we didn’t yet have a similar roundup for the knitters. Since we believe in BiCraftiness here at Marly Bird, we had to remedy that immediately. So, here’s your roundup of knit beach bag patterns. These are all roomy, durable, and ready to hit the sand.

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knit beach bag patterns

Sea Breeze Knit Bag Pattern

sea breeze knit beach bag

The drop stitch pattern is such an easy design for a beach bag. Work it in almost any color, although this natural jute is a great choice. Line the bag so you don’t have to worry about anything falling out through the open knit stitches.

Knit Market Tote Pattern

knit market tote

Of course, you can use any knit market bag pattern as a beach bag pattern. However, some are better than others for the job. Most market bags are openwork designs, which have pros and cons. On one hand, the sand easily runs through it and doesn’t get stuck inside. On the other hand, small beach toys can easily slip through. So, if you’re looking for a denser knit stitch, here’s a good choice.

Felted Knit Shopping Bag Pattern

felted shopping bag

Felting a bag is one of the best ways to make sure you close up any holes in the stitches. It also creates a dreamy blend of yarn colors. This bag is large and colorful and perfect to use as one of your knit beach bag patterns.

Summer Bag Knit Pattern

Mary's summer bag

Knit the bottom of this bag in a garter stitch for a dense, sturdy, durable bottom. Then work in knit lace for a more openwork summer beach bag pattern. Use double-stranding as one of the techniques in this design.

Watermelon Knit Beach Bag Pattern

melon pocket bag knit pattern

This is one of the most unique knit beach bag patterns. It functions like an openwork knit market bag. Fill it with towels and other beach supplies. Then, once it’s empty, it folds up, zips closed and becomes a little watermelon-designed clutch purse. Super cute.

Off to Market Knit Bag Pattern

knit market bag pattern

This knit bag was designed as a market bag. However, it’s truly perfect as a beach bag. It’s got blue and white stripes, so it has a nautical feel. Additionally, it’s got an external pocket so you don’t lose things like your cell phone or chap stick in that bigger bag.

Lovely Lunch Bag Knit Pattern

knit lunch bag

This is one of the most unique knit beach bag patterns since it was originally designed as a lunch bag. It’s a dense stitch in a bright sunny yellow which is perfect for a summer bag. If you’re looking for a bag to pack a picnic into this summer, this might be the one you’re looking for.

Seaside Knit Beach Bag Pattern

seaside knit beach bag pattern

This is one of my own knit beach bag patterns. It has a felted bottom, so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart. And yet it also has a ton of stretch. You can fit a surprising amount of stuff in there!

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