Top 100 Knit and Crochet Instagram Influencers and Accounts to Follow

Instagram is such a great place to explore knitting and crochet. Whether it’s works in progress, tips and techniques, yarn stashes, or fun crafty reels, there’s always something fun to see there. And there are lots of great knit and crochet Instagram influencers to follow. I hope you’ll check out some (or all?!) of the Top 100 listed here. They’re all worth the support. I’ve chosen a diverse range of accounts – some that are huge and everyone’s following and others that are small and deserve added attention. And don’t forget to follow @themarlybird on Instagram too.

10 Must-Follow Knit / Crochet Designers

These ten people are the first ones that come to mind when trying to think of folks who design knit / crochet patterns and share wonderful things about that on Instagram:

1. @mooglyblog

Whenever I think of crochet, I always think of Tamara over at Moogly. She’s got 64k followers on Instagram, so clearly I’m not the only one. In addition to other crochet goodness, she frequently shares her giveaways on Instagram.

2. @theloopylamb

You can always count on this account to share something delightful. Crochet dolls, stuffed animals, and book reviews fill the feed.

3. @whistleandivy

Bethany makes cute modern crochet designs. She showcases them here on Instagram, and it’s always a delight to see them pop up in the feed.

4. @vickiehowell

There’s not a lot that Vickie doesn’t do in the world of crafting. So follow her on Instagram to stay on top of knit and crochet news.

5. @julieknitsinparis

Julie is a French knitwear designer whose photographs showcasing her designs always sparkle with humor and joy. It’s always inspiring to see what she’s posting.

6. @lalylaland

Think of “cute.” Then think of “crochet.” If you know Lalylaland then this account is almost certain to come to mind. More than 160k followers certainly think so.

7. @knitatude

If you’re looking for a feed that’s filled with beautiful knit garments, then look no further. You must follow this one.

8. @carinaspencer

Knitting patterns and how to style them fill this feed. So do color, creativity, and joy.

9. @Yarnutopiabynadiafuad

This Midwest crochet designer always hits it out of the park. Definitely one of the top knit and crochet Instagram influencer accounts to follow.

10. @detroitknots

Consistently creative, colorful crochet patterns shared through beautiful still photography.

5 Instagram Accounts that Share Yarn as Therapy

Knitting and crochet can be healing through stress-relief, mindfulness, building self-esteem, distraction from life’s challenges, and more. Here are five accounts that touch on the idea of yarn as therapy.

1. @craftastherapy

This is a collaborative Instagram account launched by @littlecosythings that celebrates how knit and crochet heal us. Lots of great inspiration here including challenges to join in on. Also check out the #craftastherapy hashtag.

2. @the.hook.nook

Jessica Carey is the author of the terrific book Making with Meaning, through which she has shared her own journey of crocheting as healing. She shares a lot about mental health on her blog. Recently she opened a brand new in-person yarn store so lots of goodness about that, too.

3. @namaste_and_crochet

Each year this designer raises awareness about crochet as slow fashion and fights human trafficking as part of Dressember. More and more she’s opened up about her own mental health story as well, including craft as therapy.


This Florida crafter shares cheeky photos with raw authenticity. It’s inspiring and refreshing.

5. @ggmadeit

Recommended by Martha Stewart as among the best knitters to follow on Instagram, she says knitting saved her life after aa broken heart. She openly shares how it helps her heal, including a recent post about knitting through grief.


My blog content director @kathrynlucillevercillo is also on Instagram. She’s the author of Crochet Saved My Life and Hook to Heal, books about the health benefits of crochet. She openly shares her story and thoughts on her personal Instagram account.

15 Most Colorful Knit and Crochet Accounts

Most of us yarnies have colorful photos, of course. However, there are some that are rich in rainbows and other bold colorful designs. If you love filling your Instagram with colorful yarn, here are the must-follow accounts:

1. @bohocraftysouls

This account draws from the hashtag #bohocraftysouls to share a variety of work that embodies this vibe. Color is rich and plentiful.

2. @haakmaarraak

Whether in motifs or in stripes, each project has the kind of color that makes you stop and smile.

3. @anniedesigncrochet

This crochet designer is obsessed with color. That’s a great thing. Especially for all of us who follow her account.

4. @starlilycreations

If you love lots of color with some bohemian flair, then you’re going to love this account.

5. @thedreamcrochet

Really great photography showcases fabulous colorwork and celebrates color love.

6. @elevenhandmade

This isn’t account that has bold rainbow colors but it celebrates color all the same. These crochet patterns are saturated with color and shown off fabulously thanks to terrific photography.

7. @wheeltrish

This photographer / knitter always seems to work with great colorful yarns. And sometimes you get to see her cat, too. We love crafters pets around here.

8. @sopiestitches_uk

If you love bright and light rainbow inspiration then you’re going to like this feed.

9. @knittedflowers

You’ll find knit and crochet in lots of bright colors, particularly blankets rippling out different hues.

10. @gimme_kaya

Showcased in an article about how knitting became cool, this crafter (who is actually a crocheter, not a knitter) takes bright colors to a whole new level of design.

11. @snapdragonbrand

Ashley makes amazing granny square print clothes. Her photos shoots combine those clothes with handcrafted crochet. Always funky, fun and brightly colored.

12. @rebeccacareycrochet

Delight in the colors and whimsy of this account filled with “magical soft art.”

13. @olivialawsart

Crochet donuts, popcorn, and neon creatures make everything about this feed fun to view.

14. @sweetpeafamilycrochet

Every blanket shown here is rich in stripes and colors. Not every colorful feed is neons and rainbows; this is color for a softer palette.

15. @adindasworld

Rich in florals, rich in color, there’s nothing but brightness and joy here!

10 Yarn Makers and Dyers to Follow

If you love to knit and crochet then you love yarn. Yarn adds color to our feeds. And it adds beauty and delight. I always want to reach through the screen and squish the images from these makers:

1. @creartlaine

This is a Canadian indie yarn dyers account, so it provides a chance to look at lots of really beautiful yarn. I want to dive right into the photos.

2. @barnyardknits

These colors are rich and earthy and always a joy to see. If you follow knit and crochet Instagram influencer accounts, then you should also follow yarnies like this one.

3. @sockobsessionyarns

Rich, colorful, luxury yarns. How can you not want them all?!

4. @leadingmenfiberarts

This duo shares a variety of fun content but especially a lot of beautiful yarn.

5. @skeinnydippingyarn

The name tells you about her sense of humor. And the yarn and knits on this dyer/spinner’s account speak for themselves.

6. @littlewoollie

All the yarn. All the colors. As a result, all the joy.

7. @stripeycatyarns

Self-striping yarns shown in skeins and in action through projects.

8. @yarnovertruck

Who doesn’t love the idea of hand-dyed yarns sold out of a Mobile Yarn Truck? If that doesn’t make this one of the knit and crochet Instagram influencers to follow … well, then the yarn itself does.

9. @thefiberseed

Ohio maker of handdyed yarns loves to spread the love of them through Instagram.

10. @missbabsyarns

Enjoy the yarn, the sheep, and the inspiration behind it all.

10 Crochet and Knit Authors to Follow on Instagram

Each of these ten knitters / crocheters have authored books in their craft:

1. @salena.baca.crochet

Salena Baca has done so many interesting things in crochet from launching the American Crochet Association to authoring terrific crochet books. Thew newest is a collection of crochet tops patterns. Hers is definitely a knit and crochet Instagram account to follow.

2. @crochetbyjennifer

Check out Jennifer Dougherty‘s crochet books for fun patterns. You won’t be disappointed.

4. @repeatcrafterme

If you[‘re not one of the nearly 175k followers of this account, you must remedy this immediately Sarah Zimmerman makes the cutest, most colorful, most fun designs.

5. @karenwhooley

Karen Whooley is an award-winning crochet author and pattern designer. Find out what she’s up to on her account.

6. @susanbanderson

Susan is a knitting author / designer. Her account is filled with so much cuteness.

7. @coco.crochet.lee

Lee Sartori is a terrific crochet designer and author. Also, I just can’t get enough of her reels. Fabulous.

8. @fallingblox

A knitwear teacher, designer, and author shares his creations.

9. @yarnharlot

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is a funny writer so it’s no surprise her Instagram is entertaining. Fun fact: she was the first Yarn Thing podcast subject when I began talking about other designers.

10. @crochetbyfaye

I love working with Robyn Chachula. She’s a great crochet designer and author. So, of course, I’d recommend her Instagram account as well.

10 Foreign Language Knit / Crochet Instagram Accounts

Since Instagram is such a visual medium, you don’t necessarily need to speak the language of the crafter to love their accounts. (And you can always use the “see translation” option if you do want to read the captions.) Here are ten knit and crochet Instagram accounts that aren’t primarily written in English:

1. @Julie_accrochet

Julie actually blogs and shares in both French and English. However, she’s listed here because she started Francrochet, a collective of French-speaking crocheters supporting one another. Many of the other French crochet accounts listed here are ones I discovered through her. If you’re interested you can also follow the collective @francrochet_lecollectif.

2. @lanissima.tejidos

You don’t have to know Spanish to know that every item on this account is absolutely beautiful.

3. @designemycreations

This is one of those Canadian French language Instagram account that I found thanks to ACCROchet. It’s a small account, which makes me happy to have the chance to support it. After all, everything I see there is really pretty.

4. @lafeecrochettejuliesthilaire

This French Canadian amigurumi designer has creative patterns for octopi, reindeer, mermaids, tulips, and more. It’s easy to smile when these images pop up on Instagram.

5. @La.torcazaok

Spanish language amigurumi cuteness.

6. @erika_tokai

Absolutely unique knit wearables and accessories plus features from a cute pup.

7. @lovelymomkim

If you enjoy seeing cute knits and cute kids then you’re going to enjoy this account.

8. @papik.toys

Check out the amigurumi creations coming out of Argentina on this account.

9. @ohamuhamu

More amigurumi adorableness, this time from Japan.

10. @jul_knitting24

Lovely neutral knits and crochet items to take visual pleasure in.

10 Most Inspiring Crochet and Knit Instagrammers

You know those accounts that always “stop the scroll” and make you say wow? Here are ten of those in knit and crochet on Instagram:

1. @lesmailllesamailloux

I’m always inspired by the knit and crochet Instagram influencers who are doing cool things with reels. This is one of those fun accounts.

2. @knot.bad

A young male amigurumi designer who listens to punk rock and makes amazing reels. How can you not want to follow this guy?

3. @bknitshandmade

Knit and crochet instagram influencers that have highly curated feeds are also really inspiring. To be able to focus on a small niche and do it really well is awesome. This one is knit hats and poms and I never get tired of seeing any of them.

4. @summer.lee.knits

This is another of those perfectly curated accounts. It’s mostly knit socks. And it’s delightful to see each and every one of them. The color is fabulous!

5. @knitters.heaven

This account is mostly colorful knit socks on solid colored backgrounds. And it works every single time.

6. @stitchtogetherofficial

Hosting Crochet and Knitalongs. I found this account through another account I love: crochet designer @evelynandpeter

7. @cocoknits

This account manages to inspire inn mostly neutral colors. Great knit patterns as well as tools of the trade.

8. @ktandthesquid

Crochet designer Katy makes a lot of really cute videos for Instagram.

9. @flynnknit

Check out stunningly beautiful knit hats surrounded by bold pons, colors, and sprinkles. These posts are always a delight for the senses.

10. @lordvonschmitt

Knit and crochet blankets upcycled into pants, umbrellas, swimsuits, and onesies for sexy, fun, creative, colorful photo shoots.

10 Accounts to Follow to Learn Knitting and Crochet

If you want to learn new stitches, techniques and tips then here are ten must-follow knit and crochet Instagram influencers/ accounts:

1. @Jessie_athome

Find regular posts from Jessie that include videos and links to tutorials for interesting stitches. You can learn a lot by following her bicrafty blog, which also includes her knit and crochet patterns.

2. @pattyjlyons

If you want some smart knitting tips then you’ll often find them thanks to this account. After all, Patty Lyons is a great knitting instructor.

3. @fibrespace

This yarn dyer’s account also shares terrific videos showing you knit and crochet techniques, tips, and stitches.

4. @bellacococrochet

The Bella Coco Instagram account is filled with pretty, eye-catching crochet projects. Designer Sarah-Jayne also features lots of great stuff from guest designers. Recently she announced that she’s supporting size-inclusivity by only featuring wearables for a range of sizes. The goal is designs offered in size 0 – 30. She also does lots of great tutorial videos on her feed.

5. @thecomfycrochetco

This is a small crochet account. However, she’s recently shared some great video tutorials for crochet basics. This looks like one worth keeping an eye on.

6. @come_crochet

Likewise, this account might be small but it is showing a lot of promise. As the crafter learns how to crochet, she’s showing through video posts what she’s learned. Recent posts include how to back loop single crochet and how to crochet crab stitch.

7. @oombawkadesigncrochet

Check out what she’s doing with IGTV to help you learn new things in crochet. Lots of good tips in there.

8. @nickishomemadecraft

Here’s another great designer who is making use of IGTV to teach crochet to others.

9. @lovable_loops

Melissa shares crochet stitch tutorials and quick pattern videos through IGTV.

10. @northeast.mama

Learn smart tips like how to deal with different dye lots in your projects and how to calculate yarn length from weight thanks to this creator’s IGTV videos.

Top 10 Brands to Follow

Some companies / brands have great content. Think magazines, needle and hook makers, and websites. Here are ten you might want to follow for their knit / crochet content:

1. @simplycrochetmag

See what’s awesome in the magazine through sneak peeks on the Instagram feed.

2. @yarnspirations

I’m biased because I’m one of their ambassadors. However, 411k other people also think they’re worth follow for knit and crochet.

3. @furlscrochet

They offer creatively designs hooks that are practically works of art. So of course it’s fun to view them on Instagram.

4. @happilyhookedmagazine

This digital magazine has a strong Instagram account with reviews, yarn memes, and sneak peeks.

5. @molliemakes

This magazine isn’t limited to knit and crochet but they do feature a lot of each, both in the magazine and on Instagram.

6. @officialchiaogoo

See what people are making with ChiaoGoo knitting needles and crochet hooks. Moreover, get a chance to see somme of those tools close up.

7. @crochetfoundrymagazine

If you don’t know this size-inclusive magazine then it’s time to get to know them. Their Instagram photo shares are fabulous. Several great knit and crochet Instagram influencers contribute to this magazine.

8. @jimmybeanswool

All the yarn in all the colors. And tools to boot.

9. @knit_picks

More yarn and more tools.

10. @interweavecraft

Knitting and crochet inspiration from this top magazine.

And 10 More Knit and Crochet Instagram Accounts to Follow

And here are ten other unforgettable, must-follow knit and crochet Instagram influencers to go hit the “follow” button on:

1. @straw_animals_eng

There aren’t too many cute crochet toys in this particular style, which makes it fun to see what this pattern designer is up to.

2. @jonahhands

This is Jonah Larson’s crochet Instagram account. If you don’t know this not-quite-a-teenager, then you’re one of the few. After all, he has close to 300K Instagram followers. He’s eloquent, charming, and excellent at crochet.

3. @stitchesnscraps

I always love finding out what Pia is up to. She shares the latest from her blog over on her Instagram account. Therefore, that’s one great way to stay up to date with her latest craftiness.

4. @akrochetatuk

If you like to find new crochet patterns through Instagram then this is one of the knit and crochet Instagram influencers you’ll want to follow.

5. @evano_crochet

Check out the creations from this amigurumi designer. You’ll find pirates, octopi, unicorns and other whimsical creatures.

6. @2bossayknits

It’s always fun to see what colorful project Michelle Renee is working on. Plus she often offers up some great positivity.

7. @onceuponacheerio

This crafter always makes this cutest little things. They are so delightful. It’s nice to fill your feed with real things made by real people and infused with simple pleasure. That’s this account.

8. @twobrothersblankets

Michelle posts such beautiful crochet patterns. And she does a great job of using her feed to show them off in beautiful, inspiring ways.

9. @sweetpeaandsparrow

Do you want to see someone designing beautiful knit and crochet on a consistent basis? Then you want to follow this account.

10. @nomadicknits

This is a knitting magazine. It’s so fun to get sneak peeks from it through their Instagram account.

Don’t forget to follow @themarlybird on Instagram. I’ve tried to include a variety of different knit and crochet Instagram influencer accounts here. But I follow thousands of accounts, so there. There aresurely lots more I could have named. I can already think of some that aren’t on this list. We are so lucky to have so many inspiring people to follow in the craft community.

Knit and Crochet Hashtags to Follow

Here are some of my favorite hashtags that you might want to follow as well. Don’t forget to follow #marlybird and #marlymademedoit and #bicraftybootcamp, too!

  • crochetcommunity
  • knittingcommunity
  • craftcommunity
  • crochetersofinstagram
  • crochetersgonnacrochet
  • knittersofinstagram
  • knittersgonnaknit
  • craftersgonnacraft
  • craftersofinstagram
  • makersgonnamake
  • craftastherapy
  • yarnlovers
  • crochetismytherapy
  • knittingismytherapy
  • crochetisfun
  • knittingisfunn
  • crochetisthenewyoga
  • knittingisthenewyoga

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