Game Day Mystery Make-Along 2022

Get ready for Game Day Mystery Make-Along 2022. Other people know it as Super Bowl Sunday. We don’t care which team you root for … or whether you root for a team at all. We don’t care if you knit or you crochet. Regardless of any of those preferences, we want you to join us for a fun day-long make-along. There will be community-building, crafty surprises, prizes and so much fun. You’ll dedicate much of the day to knit or crochet. Then, about the time that the Super Bowl ends, you’ll have a great new make to enjoy.

Here are the Game Day Mystery Make-Along 2022 details.

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History of the Game Day Mystery Make-Along

We started this annual event in 2018. Therefore, 2022 is the fifth annual event. We’re excited to keep growing this each year. More and more people participate each year. We get better at streamlining the whole process, design new creative projects, and keeping it all running smoothly. If you aren’t quite sure what this event is, read our Game Day Mystery Make-Along page. That has all of the details and links you to the patterns from past events.

AFTER EVENT ADDITION! Ad Free PDF is now available!

Now that the event is over and the mystery has been revealed, many of you are asking for the ad-free pdf’s.

Well, it is your lucky day because, all three patterns are now available as an ad-free pdf available.

That’s not all! To add to the fun, each of the Game Day patterns includes a second pattern for complimentary hand warmers! Yep, you get two patterns!

Click here to get the Crochet pattern

Click here to get the Tunisian Crochet pattern

Click here to get the Knitting Pattern

When Is Game Day Mystery Make-Along 2022

Game Day happens on Super Bowl Sunday. Therefore, this year the event is on February 13, 2022.

It starts in the morning. We release one clue EVERY TWO HOURS until the evening. All of those clues will be on their own individual pages here on the Marly Bird website. However, you’ll also find them all added as links at the bottom of this post as they become available.

So, you’ll want to bookmark this page. Need help with that? Watch how to get a Marly Folder:

How To Participate In Game Day Mystery Make-Along 2022?

  • Join the Marly’s Minions Facebook Group where we chat about the event all day long.
  • Get your materials. See the list below.
  • Mark you calendar! 
  • Return to this blog first thing in the morning on February 13, 2022 to get started!
  • Return EVERY TWO HOURS throughout the day for the clues, which you’ll find linked below.
  • As you work on the project, post progress pictures on Facebook and Instagram with the tag #GameDayMakeAlong. When you do, you’ll have the chance to win various surprise mystery prizes!
  • Grand Prize details are below so keep reading.

What Are We Making In The Game Day Mystery Make-Along 2022?

Well, we aren’t going to tell you. That’s what makes it a mystery! It’s really fun to just follow the clues and see if you can figure it out as you go. Some people have trouble letting go of control at first but then eventually find that they really enjoy this part of the process.

Materials for Game Day Mystery Make-Along 2022

We chose a yarn weight that is easily accessible to most. This year, we are featuring the WeCrochet and KnitPicks Yarn for the samples, but you can use any yarn you choose that is worsted weight, as long as you get gauge!

As for color choice, these items can be made with any combination of solid colors. We suggest that you choose colors that look good together, but that are not so close in hue that if two were side-by-side you could not distinguish between them.

Also, because I know you all are going to ask, like many of the Game Day Mystery Make-along events, we do not suggest using any variegated yarns. We think it is best to choose solid or semi solid colors of yarn.

The yarn amounts for all the projects are the same (you should be able to make more than one of the items with just 50g of yarn in each color) but you will notice that this year we are including another craft option for those of you who are triple threat bicrafters…TUNISIAN CROCHET!

Here’s what you’ll need to gather before the event begins:

Pre-Game Video with Marly and Robyn

Game Day Mystery Make-Along 2022 Prizes

We have some amazing giveaways lined up for you on Game Day and our sponsors for this year are pretty amazing, and HOLY COW are they prepared to spoil you! This year we’re trying something a little different and have our “referees” (the Marly’s Minion Modmins) nominating “players” (you all) for six specific categories: 

1. Sportsmanlike Conduct – answering other’s questions and generally being helpful, 

2. The Cheerleader – someone who is going above and beyond to encourage other “players” and boost morale, 

3. The Flash – someone who finishes so quickly they make MULTIPLES,

4. The Underdog – this person faces setbacks but continues to persevere,

5. The Rookie – someone who is new to the craft they chose and shows up and works hard to finish, and

6. MVP – this is the player who essentially embodies it all – helpfulness, efficiency, kindness, and morale boosting!

GRAND PRIZE – all players are eligible and this winner is chosen entirely at random from the finished item threads in the MARLY’S MINIONS FACEBOOK GROUP!!!

Winners will be chosen and announced on February 14th in the Marly’s Minions Facebook group!

***This giveaway is VOID where prohibited and limited to the continental US***

“It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.” 

― Grantland Rice

Game Day Mystery Make-Along

????Get the Game Day Make-Along “Plays” Here ????

Be sure to come back EVERY TWO HOURS from 9 am to 6 pm on Sunday, February 13, 2022 to see the new play for that hour.

9 am Play:

⭐️9 am Crochet Play >>click here<<

⭐️9 am Tunisian Crochet Play >>click here<<

⭐️9 am Knit Play >>click here<<

11 am Play:

⭐️11 am Crochet Play >>click here<<

⭐️11 am Tunisian Crochet Play >>click here<<

⭐️11 am Knit Play >>click here<<

1 pm Play:

⭐️1 pm Crochet Play >>click here<<

⭐️1 pm Tunisian Crochet Play >>click here<<

⭐️1 pm Knit Play >>click here<<

3 pm Play:

⭐️3 pm Crochet Play >>click here<<

⭐️3 pm Tunisian Crochet Play >>click here<<

⭐️3 pm Knit Play >>click here<<

5 pm Play:

⭐️5 pm Crochet Play >>click here<<

⭐️5 pm Tunisian Crochet Play >>click here<<

⭐️5 pm Knit Play >>click here<<

6 pm Play (OVERTIME Optional):

⭐️6 pm Crochet Play >>click here<<

⭐️6 pm Tunisian Crochet Play >>click here<<

⭐️6 pm Knit Play >>click here<<

WAIT, there is more! During the Game:

The fun doesn’t stop once the game starts. Be sure to join us for a game of BINGO during the game. Just grab a card at the link below! You can start marking as soon as the game starts, and there will be an entry thread in the Marly’s Minions FB page for your finished cards. All you need is one regular, old-fashioned BINGO, so horizontal, vertical, or diagonal!

Get the 2022 Bingo Card HERE! >> Click Here <<

are you excited? Share with us on social media what yarn you’re using and what colors you like 🙂 Br sure to use #gamedaymakealong #mmmdi #marlybird

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  1. Eileen Stark says:

    I focused so much to get the crocheted hat done that I didn’t get a chance to get the knit hat pattern saved. Is there a way to now get the knit hat without paying so much for the pattern?

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