Crochet Water Balloons: Eco-Friendly, Easy, Stashbusting Summer Fun

Crochet water balloons are definitely the most fun summer project. If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest lately then chances are that you’ve seen this great trending new craft project. If not, then you definitely need to check it out. Crochet water balloons are an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional summer fun activity. Make them with your kids or for your kids. Use them at camps and summer parties. Delight in the colors while busting your yarn stash. There’s virtually no downside to this fun summer crochet project.

why and how to crochet water balloons

What Are Crochet Water Balloons?

As their name suggests, these are balloon-shaped crochet items that you can safely throw at one another. Although there are a variety of different designs, most of them are a simple crocheted shape. You don’t actually put any kind of balloon inside. Instead, you soak the crochet balloons in buckets of water. They absorb the water. Then the kids (or adults, for that matter) can safely throw them at one another. It’s the perfect way to cool off with a fun outdoors activity.

Benefits of Crochet Over Traditional Water Balloons

The number one reason that people prefer crochet water balloons over the usual latex kind is because they’re kinder to the earth. When you buy regular water balloons, you fill them up, use them, then they’re done. The latex or rubber or whatever synthetic material was used to make them shatters into pieces. Hopefully you pick up all of the pieces because they can be dangerous to birds and other wildlife. Even so, though, they just go to the landfill. Those water balloons are bad for the environment, and you know it. You can use crochet water balloons again and again. And you can make eco-friendly fiber choices a well.

Other benefits of crochet water balloons as compared to “regular” water balloons include:

  • They’re cheaper. After all, you can use them again and again.
  • It’s fun to make them. Crafting them can be a kids’ summer activity all on its own.
  • They’re quick to make. You don’t have to run to the store to buy balloons. After all, you have enough yarn in your stash to make some right now.
  • They make a really cute summer gift. Most people wouldn’t give just a gift of a bag of storebought water balloons. These, however, are perfect. Similarly, you can give them away as summer party favors.

Crochet Water Balloon Patterns

There are a variety of different ways to crochet water balloons. Left in Knots has one of the most popular patterns.

free crochet water balloons pattern

She uses Bernat Blanket yarn, which she suggests because it’s nice and squishy. As a result, it doesn’t hurt when the balloon hits you. It’s tough to come up with super bulky yarn projects for summer but this one is a definite wine! This pattern is a super simple pattern using single crochet and double crochet stitches with just a little bit of shaping. You can make the balloons in a variety of sizes; she offers a mini size pattern as well. And gauge doesn’t really matter with a project like this.

Here are some other variations on this pattern:

Crochet Water Balloons Aren’t a New Trend

Although they’re trending hot again right now, these aren’t a new thing. Left in Knots created their pattern several years ago, updating the post in 2020. Back in 2017, Crafters Anonymous shared this video of kids testing out crochet water balloons:

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