Marly Bird Crochet Purse Patterns: A Handmade Accessory for Every Occasion

It’s always fun to make accessories designs. Over the years, I’ve made several different crochet purse patterns. There are lots of different styles. Together, they give you the chance to practice a variety of different crochet skills and techniques. Moreover, if you make all of them, then you’ll have lots of different purses for any occasion. Check out all of the Marly Bird crochet purse patterns below. You’ll find free patterns, patterns for purchase, and patterns in books and magazines.

Marly Bird Free Crochet Purse Patterns

Many Marly Bird crochet purse patterns are free. I love to offer you the opportunity to get free patterns through my website whenever possible. In some cases, they patterns are free on another site. Here are all of those designs:

Granny Square Puckered Purse

Granny Square Puckered Purse free crochet pattern

Learn how to turn simple granny squares into a slightly more unique design using the long double crochet stitch. This is a roomy crochet purse pattern that’s relatively easy to craft. Line it for extra durability. The pattern is written with extra details to make it easy for you figure out exactly how to complete each step.

Chic Crochet Handbag with Wooden Purse Handles

wooden handled purse free crochet pattern

It is so fun to pick out different wooden handles for purses. Then you can make the handles the star of the show while still playing with fun crochet designs. This crochet purse pattern uses griddle stitch for a terrific texture. The wooden handles give you a bohemian feeling, perfect as a summer handbag. Use four color of scrap yarn to bust your stash and make this striped purse.

Crochet Bento Bag

Bento Crochet Purse Pattern

This is a quick and easy crochet bag project. And yet, it’s a lot of fun to make because of its unique construction. This is a versatile bag that you can use for everything from gift wrapping to carrying your lunch. I’ve done a full video tutorial for this easy crochet bag.

Firecracker Felted Bag Free Pattern

Crochet Patriotic Party Purse free pattern

If you want to make a really fun party purse for patriotic holidays then this is the pattern you’re seeking. The red, white and blue stripes are ideal for Memorial Day, Fourth of July and summer parties. You get to play with felting and eyelash yarn for a fun make. This is a delightful accessory to add to your wardrobe.

Reversible Felted Crochet Purse with Pocket Free Pattern

free Marly Bird crochet purse pattern

What’s not to love about this felted crochet purse pattern? It’s got a pocket. Moreover, it’s reversible, so you can put that pocket on the inside or the outside. Round bamboo handles are stylish. And felting makes it durable.

Seed Stitch Crochet Purse Free Pattern

free striped crochet purse pattern

The Marly Bag is a free seed stitch crochet purse pattern. It was originally created for Knit and Crochet Now! back in the show’s first season. With a leather belt for a handle and a big button for detail, this striped purse is chic and stylish. It’s one of those Marly Bird crochet purse patterns that has truly stood the test of time.

Felted Fur Fur Crochet Purse Free Pattern

free Marly Bird felted crochet purse pattern

Red Heart Easy Split Tote

easy split tote

I didn’t design this crochet purse pattern but I love it. And I did do a full video tutorial to help you learn how to crochet it.

Other Marly Bird Crochet Purse Patterns

Various publications have shared Marly Bird crochet purse patterns over the years. For example, you can find them in back issues of some magazines. Where they are still available for purchase, I’ve shared them below:

Carry All Tote

Carry All Tote crochet purse pattern-2

This is a roomy crochet tote bag pattern that can serve as a market bag, library bag, project bag and more. It’s got a fun two-color design with undulating circles creating stripes around the body of the bag. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

Tremendous Tote Crochet Pattern

crochet tote bag pattern

This roomy crochet purse pattern is great as a beach bag, farmer’s market tote, library book bag and more. It’s partially felted, very durable, and has a pocket inside to help keep you organized while you’re on the go. The pattern download is available for sale through Interweave.

Snowflake Bag Crochet Pattern

Snowflake Bag Crochet Purse Pattern

This snowflake bag is a big crochet purse made with bulky yarn. It’s obviously great as a winter accessory. However, it’s also a surprisingly smart summer purse, useful for the beach and picnics. You can purchase the pattern as part of the Love of Crochet Holiday 2012 issue, available for download through Interweave.

Red Hot Purse

beaded crochet purse pattern

This date night purse is part of the Love of Crochet, Crochet More 2014 issue. All issues from that year are available for sale from Interweave as a digital edition set. When you purchase the six issues, you get well over 100 timeless crochet patterns including this purse design.

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