How to Create Crochet Planned Pooling Charts

If you have been following my blog or YouTube channel you will know that I have been loving the crochet planned pooling argyle. I have put together a few videos and post about the topic and recently I release this new video. In this video I will show you how to create crochet planned pooling charts. These charts should make it easier to understand what your yarn needs to do and then make it easier to see what is going on in your project. If you understand how the colors work in your select yarn, you should have more success. *This post may contain affiliate links*

When you are working on your own planned pooling projects you might get a slightly different results from someone else using the same color. I always use the moss stitch when I work on planned pooling crochet projects, it is what I feel the most comfortable with. Through this video I will show you how to create crochet planned pooling charts based on the results you are getting from the yarn you choose in the moss stitch.

Planned Pooling Crochet Argyle Poncho with Marly Bird

This method of creating crochet planned pooling charts is similar to what you would find for the planned pooling software. I wanted to show you how to create the charts yourself so that you could better understand how the stitches work together. My hope for this video is that it gives you that ‘aha’ moment of clarity on how pooling works so you can anticipate what stitch you will need and how to manipulate it into what you want.

What you will need to Create Crochet Planned Pooling Charts:

  • Graph Paper
  • Colored Pencils-in the colors of your yarn
  • Variegated Yarn
  • Hook of Choice

Red Heart Super Saver Bright MixI hope this video makes it more clear as to where you colors should go in each row. After watching this video I hope that you have a lot of success in your projects.

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Additional Planned Pooling Resources:

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Did you know that Marly has published a book on Planned Pooling Crochet? In this book, published by Leisure Arts, you will find 10 beautiful designed patterns that you can create using Red Heart yarns.

Yarn Pooling Made Easy by Marly Bird

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