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  1. Zouglounette says

    Happy new year & Best wishes ! Love
    Bonne année et bonne santé et que cette année t’inspire beaucoup de nouvelles créations !


  2. Martha says

    I want to make the Colorado Sunrise Cowl for an adult. The pattern you demonstrate says for a child. Is there s specific pattern for adult?

    • MarlyBird135 says

      The Sunrise Cowl is for an adult. The finished size is 22″ around. In the youtube tutorial for the stitch pattern I do mention that you could use it for a nice kids scarf or something like that but that does not apply to the cowl. I hope that helps.

  3. Martha says

    I went back and read the pattern and it clearly states that the cowl should be 11 inches when folded in half. I know this is an easy pattern, but I have a tendency to get confused. When folding the wrong sides together to join, that means to put the two short ends together, stitch across making like a seam, is that right? Then from there do I start working around the floating edges? Do you have a short video showing this step? So sorry to have to keep asking questions.

  4. Sue says

    I would love to make a hat in this stitch. Would you have a patter for that?

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful stitch!



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