Where Do You Stand On These 6 Crochet Trends?

Every spring and summer, the fashion blogs start talking about crochet trends. Of course, these don’t necessarily reflect what’s happening in the world of craft, where actual people crochet actual items. Instead, they reflect what’s showing up on the runways, on celebrities, and in the stores.

crochet fashion trends

There’s a correlation, though, because ultimately crocheters and designers start making those items if they see a demand from their customers. And since crochet fashion is trending on TikTok right now, the demand is bigger than usual. So, we’re curious what you think about some of the crochet trends that the big fashion blogs are talking about this summer.

Bodiless Crochet Sweaters

knit and crochet bodiless sweaters

We recently did a blog post about the new trend of bodiless crochet sweaters. (There are knit ones, as well, of course.) We knew that this was going to be one of the most controversial crochet trends. Indeed, when we posted about it on Instagram, asking for your opinions, you all had a lot to say! Some people outright hate this trend and can’t see any reason anyone would ever bother. Other people think that the shirts work great as a top layer, an alternative to a shrug or shawl. So, what do you think? Where do you land on this trend?

Crochet Bucket Hats

crochet bucket hat patterns

We recently rounded up some of our favorite patterns for crochet bucket hats. As we noted, they’re super popular this summer. Every time a fashion blog or magazine mentions crochet trends, they definitely highlight this one. As we also noted, these are a regularly recurring trend – we saw them in the 1960’s and again in the 1990s and they’re back again. They’ve got a unique sensibility that seems to come around strong once every generation or so. Let us know in the comments if you’re on board with this trend or ready for it to go away again.

Crochet Swimsuits

crochet swimsuit patterns

Here’s another one that you’ll see many fashion magazines mention every single summer. This isn’t so much a trend anymore as just a seasonal expectation. If it’s summer, fashion blogs will have swimsuits. And it’s honestly where crochet shows up the most in the fashion world. It’s kind of funny because if you take an informal survey of all of the people that you know who crochet, most will say that they’ve never crocheted a swimsuit or rarely do. And yet, it’s considered a high fashion trend each summer. What’s your thoughts?

Crochet Tops

crochet summer tops patterns

We were thrilled to see Marie Claire name crochet tops among the most wearable summer fashion trends this year. Crochet tops are actually functional, fun to make, come in a variety of styles that flatter different bodies … and yet, they almost never show up on predictions for fashion trends. 2022 is the year! Although not specifically mentioned by Marie Claire, we’ve noticed that crochet crop tops and crochet vests are trending this year.

Crochet Dresses

Marie Claire also highlighted crochet dresses as trending this year. They tend to go in and out of fashion on the runways and on celebrities. We see them most often during Coachella / music festival season. When a celebrity wears one to a big event, they trend for a while again. What do you think? Are crochet dresses trending? Should they be? Have you made one recently?

Crochet Bags

crochet beach bags patterns

Finally, Marie Claire mentioned that crochet bags are trending this summer. We love this one. Crochet purses, market bags, beach bags, totes, clutches and all manner of bags are great accessories for all occasions.

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  1. Barbara LeBlanc says:

    Bucket hats are great if you look good in them so making them would be good. Light weight ponchos and summer tees are fine but how many of us actually have the figure for wearing a bikini, much less a crocheted bikini? Maybe for little girls but women? G-d no ! A bodyless sweater is absolutely ridiculous–who invents this absurdity? Again, how many women can successfully wear a knitted or crocheted dress??????Crocheted bags are wonderful and have many uses so I’d like to see more patterns for these. Well, that’s my opinion.

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