What Yarn Do I Need? (BiCrafty Bootcamp Crochet Materials List Update Weeks 5-9)

BiCrafty Bootcamp: Beginner Crochet Lessons for Knitters is going so great. The knitters are learning to crochet. Some yarncraft newbies are learning as well. Moreover we have lots of longtime crocheters joining in to make quick projects and help the new learners. It’s terrific. We’re almost done with our first set of projects, which means that I love of you are now asking “what yarn do I need to buy next?” It thrills me that you’re as enthusiastic as we are and ready to get ready for what’s to come. So, here’s the information that you’re looking for.

Note: If you’re in a hurry to learn “what yarn do I need next?” there’s a summary at the bottom of this post for you.

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BiCrafty Bootcamp with Marly Bird: Crochet Lessons for Knitters. Materials List for my first crochet blanket, my first crochet pillow, my first crochet shawl

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We’ll Use WeCrochet Dishie for One More Week

If you’ve been following along with our first three lessons, then you know that we’ve been using WeCrochet Dishie Yarn. This is a worsted weight cotton yarn that you can wash and dry by machine. While some of you have found it a bit hard to work with cotton as a beginner crocheter, it’s been the best choice for our first set of projects.

You’ve completed headbands and facecloths with this yarn. We’re going to wrap up with one more project in this set. In this week’s lesson, which goes up on Wednesday, you’re going to learn to crochet the popular chevron stitch. We’ll make one more Dishie facecloth using that stitch. This completes your first set of projects.

Types of Dishie Yarn

So, if you’re asking what yarn do I need for this coming week. It’s Dishie. There are actually three different colorway options for Dishie yarn – solid, twist, and multi. We’ve shown you all throughout the projects we’ve done so far. You can choose what’s right for you.

  1. WeCrochet Dishie Yarn is the link you’ll use to find all of the solid Dishie crochet options. There are more than two dozen beautiful colors to choose from.
  2. WeCrochet Dishie Twist yarn is what we used for the colorful portion of the beginner crochet facecloth in Lesson 2. Dishie is a two-color twist: white with one other color. They have one dozen options for the other colors.
  3. WeCrochet Dishie Multi yarn is their multi-colored yarn option. They have nearly twenty beautiful colorways to choose form.

So, what yarn do I need for the next lesson? You need one ball of WeCrochet Dishie yarn. Any of the Dishie options will work in any yarn color that you prefer. Some people like to make stripes with their chevrons so if you want to change colors, then buy extra colors. If you want it solid, or you want to work it with Dishie Twist or Dishie Multi, that works too. It’s all up to you!

TIP: I’m going to do a blog roundup soon of some terrific Dishie crochet patterns that you can all do with the crochet skills that you’ve gained so far. So, it wouldn’t hurt to stock on up some Dishie yarn if you want to use it to make a bunch of quick cotton projects!

Optional Extra Credit Yarn

We’re going to have one week off of lessons between the Dishie projects and the next set of projects. This gives you a chance to practice your skills. You’ll also have the opportunity to catch up on lessons if you’re behind. You can try new projects if you’re ahead (there are links at the bottom of each lesson with recommend projects.) But we’ve also put together a specific project that you might want to work on for this week.

For this optional extra credit project, you’ll need Red Heart Super Saver Ombre Yarn. You’ll want to choose two different colors for this double-stranded project. Then, you should purchase two balls of each of the two colors. This will create a baby blanket. It’s a big project but an easy one and we think you’ll be really happy if you complete it! (Of course, you can purchase extra yarn to make a bigger sized blanket.)

Time To Get Extra Crochet Hooks

IMPORTANT: In order to complete this project, you need a size K or size L crochet hook. (It will depend on your gauge.)

At this stage of BiCrafty Bootcamp, we highly recommend that you get a full hook set that includes sizes G, H, I, J, K, L. You can get the WeCrochet hook set for 9 hook sizes up through size 6.0 mm J. Another set option is the WeCrochet Mosaic Hook Set, which gives you eight sizes; the largest is size 6.5 mm K.

You can also buy individual Mosaic crochet hooks through WeCrochet. This is a great way to buy the L 8 mm crochet hook. You can also get the K hook this way if you buy the WeCrochet hook set that goes up to size J. All of these sizes are also available from Too Shay Crochet, as sets and as individual ergonomic crochet hooks.

Red Heart Ombre Yarn In a Basket. New Red Heart Super Saver Ombre Yarn

What Yarn Do I Need For The Next BiCrafty Bootcamp Lesson?

Once we return from that one-week break, we’re going to work on a one-off project that combines your new working knowledge of crochet shell stitches and granny stitches. We’ll also learn some new skills and teach you about edgings. More importantly for what you need to know right now, we’re switching yarn options. Many of you have found cotton hard to crochet with. You’re in luck – it’s time to move on!

Hooks and Notions You’ll Need

We’re going to continue working with the same hook size and notions. As a reminder, that’s:

Hook: 1 Size G (4.0mm) crochet hook (recommended: WeCrochet Hook or ergonomic TooShay Crochet Hook)

  • As aforementioned, we recommend at this point getting a full crochet hook set for sizes G (4.0 mm) – L (8.0 mm). We’ve provided links above for WeCrochet hook sets as well as individual hook sizes. All of these sizes are also available from Too Shay Crochet.

Notions: Locking stitch markers from WeCrochet, Chenille and tapestry needles for weaving in ends

Yarn for My First Crochet Shawl with WeCrochet Chroma

For this project, we’re going to use Chroma Worsted yarn. This beautiful yarn has color transitions that mesmerize you. It’s a mostly wool yarn with a little bit of nylon blend for stretch. And even though it’s wool, you can machine wash and dry it. This yarn comes in two dozen different amazing colorways (three of which are solid instead of multi-color). You’ll want to purchase two balls of the same color for this project.

Of course, we can’t blame you if you want to purchase more. It’s a really pretty yarn. And yes, we’ll be doing a pattern roundup post for this yarn in the future as well.

BiCrafty Bootcamp Crochet Lessons for Knitters. My First Crochet Shawl WeCrochet Chroma 2 balls

Yarn for My First Crochet Motif Blanket and Pillow with WeCrochet Brava

After these shorter projects that help you reinforce your skills and build that muscle memory, we’re moving into a bigger project. We’re going to work on a crochet blanket and or a pillow. Yes, you are ready for this! We’re going to use Brava Worsted Yarn and Brava Mini Packs. This is worsted weight acrylic yarn. The mini packs give you about two dozen colors to play with.

This granny stitch blanket is written in 3 sizes, Full Size Crochet Blanket, Throw Size Crochet Blanket, and Baby Crochet Blanket. As mentioned, there is an additional pillow pattern written for that cute added accent.

Because there are different sizes, make sure you choose the amount that applies to the size you want to make.

➡️ Pro Tip: If you are ordering yarn online and you get a free shipping for reaching a certain money spend…I always add a couple extra balls of yarn JUST IN CASE I need them because it is cheaper to get them now vs. later.

BiCrafty Bootcamp Crochet Lessons for Knitters with Marly Bird. My First Crochet Blanket: WeCrochet Brava Worsted and Brava Mini

Yarn Amounts for Different Blanket Sizes

Yarn Amounts for Granny Stitch Pillow

This is a simple one, add 2 extra balls of Brava Worsted and with the Brava Mini pack you will have plenty of yarn for the pillow if you purchased 2 packs.

So, that’s the yarn that you’re going to need to carry you all the way up to Lesson 10 of BiCrafty Bootcamp Crochet Edition.


We mention in Live Lesson 4 that City Tweed is another great yarn for these projects.

Summary of What Yarn Do I Need For The Next 6 BiCrafty Bootcamp Lessons

Crochet Hooks:

  • 1 size K or L crochet hook for the extra credit project. As aforementioned, we recommend purchasing a set of crochet hooks size G (4.0 mm) – L (8.0 mm) at this point.

We are so excited to have you joining us for BiCrafty Bootcamp: Beginner Crochet Lessons for Knitters. We can’t wait to see these new projects develop, alongside your growing skills, in the weeks to come.

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Other Helpful Information:

  • All current info and links for BiCrafty Bootcamp Crochet Edition can be found right here.
  • If you’re interested, you can learn more about team members Cryssi and Kathryn who you often see on the BiCrafty live videos.
  • As you grow your hook collection, be sure to check out our Ultimate Beginners Guide to Crochet Hooks. And make use of our complete Crochet Hooks Size Chart guide, which includes recommended yarns for each hook size.

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