What is Creativebug


What is Creativebug?

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Well, CreativeBug is an award-winning online arts and craft learning site offering unlimited access to take beginner-to-advanced yarn crafting classes in everything from knitting and crochet to weaving and needle felting, as well as hundreds more across other crafting mediums. Additionally, it now provides its users with lifetime access to the classes that mean the most to them, whether they maintain an ongoing subscription or not. It’s simple. For every month someone subscribes, they receive a token to save one class of their choice to their personal library. These classes never expire, even if the user cancels their subscription.

For less than $5 per month you can now hone your skills while learning from and being inspired by top crochet and knitwear designers – like Marly Bird, Norah Gaughan and Wendy Bernard – and build their your special collection of classes with lifetime access.

The award-winning online arts and craft learning site offers unlimited access to


“We are artists supporting artists,” said Creativebug.com CEO Ursula Morgan. “It’s important to not only inspire creativity and learning, but to also support our customers’ artistic journey for the long-haul. Giving them the opportunity to keep a personal library of their favorite classes to look back on for help or inspiration as they grow in their craft.”

A monthly subscription to Creativebug.com costs $4.95. In addition to unlimited access to over 500 classes and the option to choose one class per month for lifetime access, Creativebug.com also provides:

  • Award-winning high-quality video workshops that provide an intimate in-person-like experience for the student
  • Instruction from first-class designers and artists featured in Martha Stewart Living, O’ The Oprah Magazine, Vogue and more
  • A free mobile app for learning on-the-go – no internet connection required
  • Beginner-to-advanced classes across a variety of mediums from knitting, crochet, sewing and quilting to paper crafts, food cra
    fts, jewelry making, flower arranging sketching, watercolor, bath & body and more
  • A vast array of inspiring projects from fashion and home décor to gifts, holiday decorating and more
  • A Work-Along Discussion Board where users can interact with each other by making comments, “liking,” and posting photos and updates for their class projects

A 14-day free trial with unlimited access to over 500 video classes and lifetime access to one free class (no commitment necessary to keep free class)

To sign up for a free trial, check out free classes and techniques or learn more about Creativebug.com and its offerings please visit www.creativebug.com.

Find out more about Marly’s Creativebug Classes HERE

Marly’s newest class with Creativebug is a Crochet Shawl Workshop that includes lessons on how to crochet 3 uniquely different shawls. Get the class today and have a shawl completed by the end of the weekend!

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  1. Ruth Darelius says:

    For me making or crafting has been a way of life since I was a child. With grandmothers and a mother that did various crafts it was inevitable that I would also doing various forms of needlework and other crafting. For me it is a lifeline, it centers me, and gives me great pleasure. I often say it is the journey not the finished object that is most important.

Marly Bird

The One and Only, Marly

Marly is a knitwear and crochet designer (and yarn addict) that is here to help you learn how to knit and crochet in a way that's fun and approachable.

Meet Marly

Knitting & Crochet Patterns for Every Mood
A cartoon image of a joyful chicken, sitting comfortably in a green armchair, knitting happily with blue yarn, surrounded by pink and white flowers, looking for DIY project ideas. -Marly Bird

Netflix & Chill

Simple projects for when you want to relax and zone out

A colorful illustration of a white rabbit with a unicorn horn, nestled among multi-colored leaves arranged like a fan behind it, projects every mood of peacefulness and whimsy. -Marly Bird

Social Butterfly

Frustration-free projects that you can easily work on in public areas

A whimsical illustration of a white chicken adorned with pink flowers and light pink butterflies, featuring flowing tail feathers and a playful pose, all set against a simple white background, perfect for mood-based projects. -Marly Bird

Smooth Jazz

Projects that require a bit more intense focus (but music is nice!)


Shhh Be Quiet!

Advanced projects requiring deep focus (but a big payoff, too!)