Welcome, Little One Crochet Baby Blanket eBook

The WeCrochet team has put together a new eBook featuring 15 different crochet baby blankets. Aptly titled, “Welcome, Little One,” this eBook includes a variety of different designs, yarn choices, and color palettes. You can also purchase some of the yarns by category. And the patterns are for sale individually as well.

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baby blanket crochet ebook

Crochet Baby Blanket eBook Patterns

There are fifteen different crochet baby blanket patterns in this eBook collection. These are each for sale individually for $4.99. However, the entire book only costs $12.99 to download. Therefore, unless you truly only want one or two patterns, it makes a lot more sense to buy the whole book that to download the individual patterns.

crochet baby blankets ebook

Here are some of our favorite crochet patterns in this book:

Cloud Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

tapestry crochet cloud blanket pattern

Tuck baby underneath the clouds at bedtime. Combine bobble crochet stitches with tapestry crochet techniques to create this dreamy baby blanket.

Snuggle Hexi Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

hexagon crochet baby blanket pattern

Use Tunisian crochet to give a knit-like look to the crochet hexagons that make up the base of this baby blanket. The pastel colors are nice and light for a soft look in a nursery. Of course, you could play with bolder colors or neutrals if you prefer.

The Lillie Blanket Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

crochet baby blanket pattern WeCrochet

You’ll work from the center out when you crochet this blanket. As a result, you can choose whether or not to add the dramatic colored ruffles at the outer edges. This gives you versatility for creating something simple or something more elaborate.

Choose From Three Yarn Samplers

The blankets in this collection use a variety of different yarns. There are so many good options to play with. However, it can be tough to choose where to start. WeCrochet has simplified things by offering three different yarn samplers. They each come with yarn and the eBook:

This gives you a chance to try the different yarns, see what you like best, and get all of the patterns in the eBook at one time.

Marly Bird’s Baby Blankets Book

simple crochet baby blankets book

Don’t forget that I also have a crochet baby blankets book that you can use! It offers you another ten crochet patterns for making these great gifts for babies.

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