Warm Chevron Crochet Hat Pattern

Are you looking for a really warm, cozy, beautiful crochet hat pattern? If so, I’d like to make sure that you know about my Wings of Hope hat. I originally designed this pattern back in October 2020 to raise awareness about pancreatic cancer. That’s why I designed it in shades of purple, the color for this cause. However, you can obviously crochet this hat in any color combination that works for you. It’s a variation on a chevron crochet hat pattern that an adventurous beginner could complete.

chevron crochet hat pattern for pancreatic cancer awareness

What Do You Need to Know to Complete This Hat?

I believe that an adventurous beginner can complete this crochet hat pattern, especially since I’ve created a full video tutorial to help you along the way. (Scroll down for that.) Here’s what you’ll need to know or learn in order to finish the chevron crochet hat pattern:

  • Basic crochet stitches
  • How to crochet in the round
  • How to decrease in single crochet and double crochet
  • Working around the post of a stitch, specifically back post single crochet (BPSC)

If you can do those things, or you’re willing to learn with video assistance, then you can crochet this warm winter hat.

Wings of Hope Hat by Marly Bird Ad Free PDF and Free Pattern On Website

What Is The Chevron Pattern?

Chevron is a really popular graphic pattern that you find in everything from flooring to furniture design. Chevrons are v-shaped designs, usually in short rows repeated over and over. There are many different ways to create chevrons using crochet. This hat uses a variation that looks like little wings, which is part of the reason that this is called the Wings Of Hope Hat.

Cozy, Warm Winter Hat Pattern

You can crochet really lacy hats to wear in warm weather as well as really dense hats to keep you warm in the winter. This chevron crochet hat pattern falls into the latter category. You’ll use those single crochet post stitches to make a dense brim that fits close to the head in a way that is comfy, cozy, and keeps you very warm. Then you’ll use single crochet stitches throughout the rest of the hat. This is a nice dense stitch that keeps cold air away from your head. Top it off with the optional pom pom for that winter look that just says, “yes, I’m so cozy.

Get The Chevron Crochet Hat Pattern

wings of hope hat chevron crochet pattern

You can get the free version of this pattern here on the website or get an ad-free PDF over on Ravelry.

Looking for the instructional video tutorial? Here it is:

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