Unisex Mosaic Blocks Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

It’s always fun to crochet a blanket for a new baby that’s on the way. But of course there are so many decisions to make when choosing a pattern. The Mosaic Blocks Baby Blanket has a lot of the features that make it a perfect choice. It’s an easy-but-interesting unisex design that is both chic and durable. Technically this is an intermediate crochet blanket pattern but an ambitious beginner could put in the work to make it.

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Mosaic Blocks Crochet Baby Blanket Free Pattern

Special Blanket for a Special Baby

I didn’t design this crochet baby blanket with a vague notion of some random baby in mind. Instead, I designed it for a very specific baby. I designed it when my friend Nadia of YARNutopia was pregnant with her first child. She and her husband Nate shared the colors they were using in their nursery with me, which helped me pick the colors for this blanket.

I wanted to make something special for their first baby. After all, Nadia can crochet, too. I’m sure she would have been happy with any baby blanket, but I wanted it to stand out. Plus, honestly, a basic repeating stitch can get a little boring. By using the mosaic blocks for the baby blanket, I was able to stay excited about each stitch. It was easy and rhythmic once I got into the swing of it, but it was also still interesting and kept me surprised as I crafted it.

It’s a Unisex Crochet Baby Blanket

Of course, you can crochet a baby blanket in any color for any baby. But many people want to find a unisex crochet baby blanket pattern with neutral colors. Unisex baby blankets are great for:

  • Giving to someone who is pregnant but hasn’t learned or revealed the baby’s gender, yet
  • Gifting to charity so that it can easily go to any baby in need
  • Giving to someone who doesn’t want to follow traditional gender norms
  • Gifting to people who just don’t prefer pink or blue

The Mosaic Blocks Baby Blanket is actually named the Oliver and Olivia Crochet Blanket. Worked in the Chic Sheep Yarn colors Linen and VIP; it’s got terrific contrast that works for any baby. The two colors are also neutral enough to work well in almost any necessary. And they’ve got a chic, contemporary flair.

unisex crochet baby blanket free pattern

Alternative Single Crochet Stitch

Have you ever noticed how many different things that you can do with the single crochet stitch? For example, by working in just the front loop only or just the back loop only, you can create entirely different texture from the regular single crochet stitch, even though the motions of the stitch itself are the same.

Well, the Mosaic Blocks Baby Blanket crochet pattern uses a really unique version of single crochet. It’s called Alternative Single Crochet. The abbreviation is alt-sc. It’s worked almost exactly like a regular single crochet stitch. However, instead of inserting the hook front-to-back as usual, you insert it back-to-front. It’s a really neat twist on a basic crochet stitch. And it keeps things interesting for you as you craft.

Special Double Crochet Stitch

Of course, you can make subtle changes to other basic crochet stitches as well. In fact, the Mosaic Blocks Baby Blanket pattern also has a twist on the classic double crochet stitch. It’s called the Special Double Crochet Stitch. You double crochet into the front of the chains and then also into the next single crochet that is three rows below that. So it’s sort of like a variation on a spike stitch.

It’s the special stitches like this that make this an intermediate crochet baby blanket pattern. However, since they are simply variations on basic single crochet and double crochet, an ambitious beginner could figure it out.

The Other Side is Cute, Too

The geometric pattern on this unisex crochet baby blanket really stands out. But the reverse side of the blanket is pretty interesting as well. Take a look:

geometric crochet baby blanket free pattern

A Crochet Baby Blanket Border For a Polished Finish

The Mosaic Blocks Baby Blanket has a border that really puts that perfect finishing touch on the project. It’s a three-round crochet border. Therefore, it’s got enough heft to it to make it a statement piece. And yet, it’s fairly simple. Therefore, the design doesn’t compete with the bold geometric look of the blanket’s body. Instead, it complements it perfectly. It adds that touch of polish that makes a piece feel complete.

Ready to Crochet the Mosaic Blocks Baby Blanket?

Just click on the image below to go to the free crochet pattern for this Oliver and Olivia Blanket. If you’d rather have an ad-free PDF version, you’ll find a link there where you can purchase one on Ravelry.

Mosaic Blocks Baby Blanket Free Pattern

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