Tunisian Crochet Workshop Book Review

As you might have noticed, we’re talking a lot about Tunisian crochet right now. It’s a great niche of the craft, and we’re excited to incorporate more of it into the Marly Bird world thanks to partnering with the wonderful Robyn Chachula. Since it’s on our radar, we’ve been going back and updating the few related posts we have to make sure that we’re bringing you the best information. Yesterday, we reviewed a book called Great Tunisian Crochet Projects. And today we want to draw your attention to our previous book review of Michelle Robinson’s “Tunisian Crochet Workshop.” This book really could make anyone want to learn the craft.

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What is Tunisian Crochet?

Tunisian crochet is often thought of as a combination of knitting and crochet. Using it, you produce a unique fabric that brings a look that resembles knitting together with the hook motion of crochet. Tunisian crochet is a type of crochet that holds multiple loops on the hook in a style similar to what is done in knitting. It differs from knitting in that it uses a crochet hook, not knitting needles, and you “cast off” after every double row rather than at the end of a project.

We’ve started adding Tunisian crochet options to our make-alongs. Game Day 2022 and Tournament of Stitches 2022 both had options for knit, crochet, and Tunisian crochet patterns.

Tunisian Crochet Workshop Book

Michelle has really set up the Tunisian Crochet Workshop book to be used by everyone. She breaks things down so that the absolute beginner to the craft really has a chance of working these beautiful projects and having them turn out great. The book is set up tso hat as you work through it, front to back, you will build on your skills and knowledge. When they chose the title of workshop they weren’t kidding. It really does feel like a full class is packed into this book.

All of the projects are designed to include a broad range of the stitches and techniques shown within the book. This book not only teaches you about Tunisian Crochet and how to complete the stitches, but it also gives you projects to test your skills and make beautiful finished pieces in the process.

I have a feeling that after you browse through this post and see what is inside the book you will be asking for this book, some Tunisian hooks and new yarn to get started!

Starting from the Ground Up

Michelle really did a great job of thinking about the beginner in this book. Like I mentioned before, this truly is a workshop to teach you all that you need to know about Tunisian Crochet. Starting with the equipment you need, it goes on to show you basic stitches and techniques. Then you get into some more detailed stitch patterns and projects.

If you are not a beginner, though, this book can still be a great resource for you. It has everything that you might need all in one location for quick reference when you want to learn a new stitch or just need a refresher for the next project.

What You Need To Know

Once again Michelle thought of everything you need to be successful in your first project. She is sure to talk about gauge, working with color, tools needed, how to hold the hook, the anatomy of the stitches, and most importantly how to read charts.

If you are a chart lover like me, then it might take a minute to get used to reading a Tunisian chart as compared to a traditional crochet chart. They are different from what you have seen in other crochet patterns. Don’t worry, though, because they aren’t hard to use. It’s just that you need to look at them a slightly different way.

Within the book you will also find photo tutorials on the basic stitches of Tunisian crochet. I really don’t think that she left anything out! Best of all each of the techniques that she includes, like increasing and decreasing, are accompanied by a beautiful pattern.

Tunisian Crochet Workshop Projects:

Inside the book you will find the following patterns:

  • Tassel Pouch
  • Entrelac Bag
  • Ribbed Cowl
  • Simple Scarf
  • Herringbone Cushion
  • Cherry Potholder
  • Geometric Wall Hanging
  • Chevron Cushion
  • Pineapple Pincushion
  • Ombre Rug
  • Honeycomb Pouffe
  • Sampler Blanket

Purchase your Copy of Tunisian Crochet Workshop

Tunisian crochet workshop book-2

Overall Review Summary

Would I purchase this book? YES! Without a doubt, I would pick up a copy of this book. If you are looking to learn about Tunisian Crochet, or to have a great reference about the craft, then this would be a great investment.

Both the content and the photography in this book are top notch! My learning style is to understand why I am doing something, not to just be told to do it. In this book, she goes over each step to make sure you understand the background of what you are doing before you do it. If you don’t like all that extra information, though, then don’t worry because you can just skip over those sections and work on the pretty projects.

The only thing that I don’t like about it, which is a complaint I have about most project books, particularly reference books, is that the book isn’t spiral bound. Spiral bound books allow you to lay them flat while you are working on them. So, it would be nice if that were an option for this book, but it’s okay since that’s my only complaint.

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  1. Aida says:

    I have been dabbling in Tunisian crochet for a couple of years but have yet to master the craft.
    Will need to look into this book to perfect my skills.

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