13 BEST Crochet and Knitting Project Bags

Crochet and knitting projects bags make life easier. If you have one, then you can prep your project bag with all of the things that you need to easily work on knitting or crochet while you’re on the go. However, it’s tough to figure out which project bags for knitting and crochet are truly the best.

What do you need in a project bag? For example, what bag sizes, pockets, and other features make a bag perfect for this task? This article tells you all about what to look for. Plus we offer suggestions on the 13 best crochet and knitting project bags.

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What to Look for in Project Bags for Knitting and Crochet

Technically, of course, you can stick your crochet project or knitting project into ant tote, large purse, or canvas bag. However, that’s not what’s best for your project. If you want to keep your yarn from tangling or snagging, have your hooks and needles nicely organized, and everything kept secure, then you really need to choose project bags specifically designed for crafters.

Here are some of the things that you want to look for when choosing project bags for knitting and crochet:

  • Knitting Project Bag Size: Most people want large crochet and knitting project bags. You want to hold everything for one project in one bag. However, you may also want separate smaller bags for crochet hooks, knitting needles, and other notions. That way you can move the tools from one bag to another easily as needed.
  • Material: Many crochet and knitting project bags are made from fabric, which is fun because you can choose from a variety of different prints. Plus these are usually washable (and sometimes reversible). However, you can find leather craft project bags as well as bags made from unique materials such as silicone. Whatever you choose, look for durability.
  • Pockets: You want a project bag with a lot of pockets in varied sizes. Ideally, one of these pockets will specifically hold crochet hooks and / or knitting needles in place. You might want a bag with clear pockets to easily see what’s stored inside. Make sure there’s a big section for yarn, smaller pockets for tools, and perhaps an additional pocket for your personal necessities so you don’t have to carry an extra purse on top of your project bag.
  • Where and How the Bag is Made: Many people want crochet / knitting project bags that are themselves handcrafted. Of course, Etsy and artisan sellers are great resources where you can support small businesses and independent makers who sell these types of bags. You may want a bag that’s felted or woven, as that will complement your crafty style. People also sometimes want to make sure that the bags are made in the US. Those details are included in the knitting project bags roundup below.
  • Bonus details: Some of the other things that you might want to look for when choosing your project bag include grommets that allow you to slide yarn through easily, a no-snag design (such as a nylon cord zipper or drawstring), and pockets that all close to keep the materials in place.
inside knitting and crochet project bags

Crochet and Knitting Project Bags: Video Round Up

My assistant, Katelyn, and I previously did a video roundup of some of our favorite crochet and knitting project bags. I love all of the bags that we were able to pull together for you. If you want to see them ‘in person’ check out the LIVE video that created showing off each of the bags and talking about their features:

Featured Crochet and Knitting Project Bags:

Here are some additional details about the crochet and knitting project bags that we rounded up in the video. They’ll help you get a sense of what makes each one unique so that you can choose the one that’s best for you.

Furls: Leather Crochet Project Bag

Leather Crochet Project Bag by Furls

Inside the Furls Leather Crochet Project Bag you will find 38 tool spaces. These can fit Furls crochet hooks, conventional crochet hooks, or knitting needles, You will also find two additional accessory pockets to store any extras that you might have.

This bag comes in both black and brown leather options. If you’re vegan, then this isn’t the right bag for you. Otherwise, the leather is sleek, goes with everything, and serves as a durable crochet project bag that will keep your yarn, supplies, and pattern safe and sound.

This is a LARGE crochet project bag. Size: 17″x13″x6″

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binkwaffle: Alpaca Dumplings Crochet and Knitting Project Bag

Shop Binkwaffle's project bags for knitting and crochet

Looking for crochet and knitting project bags that are made in the US? If so, then try out the bags by binkwaffle. They are not only handmade in the US but also the fabric is printed here too! The bags are reversible so you can enjoy two different beautiful patterns prints with each bag.

What else we love:

  • These are handmade knitting project bags. Of course, we love handmade!
  • No zippers or hook and loop to snag your yarn
  • No fidgety clasps and snaps to fasten each time you close up shop!

These wonderful handmade knitting and crochet bags are great for small to large projects, available in FOUR different sizes.

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Lazadas: Project Caddy for Knit and Crochet

 Lazadas Project Caddy for knitting and crochet

The Lazadas project caddy is a multi-purpose knitting and crochet project bag. Closed, your yarn and hook or needles are protected, secure, and tidy. On the oter hand, open it and it becomes a sturdy bowl to keep your yarns from twisting or rolling away as you work. these are the kind of details that separate a regular large purse from true project bags for knitting or crochet.

This bag is made of ultra lightweight flexible silicon; there is nothing to snag or damage your project.

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Athena’s Elements: Project Bags for Knitting and Crochet

Athena's Elements Crochet and Knitting Project Bags

With one main storage bag that fits 4 to 5 large yarn skeins you can carry a large project with you anywhere. You will find holes for the yarn at the top, allowing the yarn to pull easily, without catching through the eyelets.

Inside you will find a clear, zippered pocket for your tiny accessories. You will also find small, medium, and large side pockets for your crochet hooks, knitting needles and other tools. If you’re seeking a knitting and crochet project bag that has lots of different storage options, this is the one for you.

This bag comes as a threesome that includes a small pouch with grommet for yarn ball and one big pouch for Crocheting or Knitting Tools and accessories or can fit one large skein yarn.

Athena’s Elements was on the Yarn Thing Podcast.

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Erin.Lane Bags: View Ewe Tote Project Bag

Shop Erin.Lane Bags for Crafters

The View Ewe Tote Bag is a 13″ x 13″ crochet / knitting project bag that has a 4″ deep bottom. Plus it has a 5″ x 15″ vinyl window that allows you to easily see which project is inside the bag. If you’re the kind of person who likes to put one project per bag into multiple bags to grab and go then this is a great choice to add ease and efficiency to your life.

The bags in this line come in a lot of different fun fabrics. The fabric is reinforced, so the bag will stand up while you work from it. The bag has a thick cotton handle that makes it easy to tote even heavy projects. The zipper is specifically designed to prevent yarn snags.

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Brooklyn Haberdashy: Brigid Bag

Brooklyn Haberdashy Crochet and Knitting Project Bags

Wool pom poms!! On Merino wool felt pouches! How can you not fall in love with this adorable pouch bag? It’s fun, cute, and sustainable because it’s made with 100% eco-friendly wool. Plus, it’s crafted here in the United States.

Available in three sizes and seven colors! Sizes are as follows:

  • Small — 9”l x 4.25”h x 2”d
  • Medium — 11″l x 6″h x 2″d
  • Large — 14”l x 8.5”h x 3”d

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Hadaki: Global X Body Bag

 Hadaki Global XBody Bag for Craft Supplies

This mini messenger has tons of ways to keep you organized including a zippered compartment built into the main flap! With so many useful storage compartments, you can fit your project, notions and more into this bag for every project.

This project bag for knitting or crochet comes in rose print, autumn floral, or class black. The messenger bag style is a unisex style that suits lots of different crafters. It’s also great for taking with you on a plane.

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Tom Bihn: Swift Craft Project Bag

Shop Tom Bihn Project Bags for Crafters

The Swift is a shoulder bag specifically for knitters and crafty types. Tom Bihn designed this bag in collaboration with the readers of Knitty® magazine. They asked readers what they would like in a project bag: colors, materials, and style of bag to functionality, accessories, and size. Then they took the most popular answers and made this knitting project bag.

The Swift’s tote-bag design makes finding all its contents easy. You’ll never have to waste time searching inside deep caverns for small, lost items. It has clear pockets to allow you to see what’s inside even better. Plus there’s a separate internal bag for yarn.

Bag size: 12.6″ x 13.4″ x 7.5″

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Spools Stories Bags: Bucket Bag for Knitting

Shop Spool Stories Knitting and Crochet Project Bags

This is a large drawstring waxed canvas project bag made with cotton fabric and cotton lining. With a soft interfacing, it stands on its own. It also has multiple pockets on the inside and a swivel clasp to hold your stitch markers and progress keepers. Alternatively, you can use it as a guide for your yarn. In other words, adapt this crochet and knitting project bag to your exact needs.

Spool Stories also has other cute bags that you might want to look at. There are drawstring bags, zipper bags, and other crochet and knitting project bags. You can mix and match the different prints if you get multiple bags/ totes/ backpacks for your projects.

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The Crafter’s Box: Canvas and Leather Toolbox

Shop the Crafter's Toolbox for Knit and Crochet Project Bags

A Crafting Toolbox that could serve many storage, travel and craft organizing purposes was born from what their customers needed.

The canvas tote is incredibly sturdy – heavy duty enough to hold your favorite supplies conveniently while traveling but designed in such a way that this large tote is ideal for keeping in the home office or bedroom for easy access to your curated tools & materials for making.

This bag contains unique pockets to hold varied supplies. One such pocket includes an embedded grommet for no-tangle yarn access for knitting, crocheting, punch needling on the go!) to hold a variety of supplies.

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Hey Blue Handmade: Bowler Bag

Shop Hey Blue Handmade Crochet and Knitting Project Bags

This is a sturdy knitting project bag made from hand-dyed, American-made 100% cotton cord. Finished with a beautiful tassel, the design definitely appeals to knitters and crocheters. It is extremely durable, flexible, and fully washable. 

Bag size: 12″ x 16″

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Post Stitch: Hanging Yarn Bag

Shop Post Stitch Craft Project Bags

Handmade by the talented women of Work + Shelter, these exclusive Hanging Yarn Bags are designed to compliment your favorite knitting spot. That’s because the weighted arm of the bag allows the bag to hang from almost anywhere. For example, hang it from the arm of a sofa where you craft. Alternatively, you can hang it on the table of a coffee shop or the dashboard of the car to keep your yarn safe and contained. This also keeps your project within reach.

This is another of those crochet and knitting project bags that you can tell was crafted by people who really know about the crafts. If you aren’t a knitter/ crocheter, then you might not ever think about how important it is to be able to hang your project near you while you work. It’s the little details like this that separate project bags for knitting from traditional totes or purses.

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Bamboula: Sisal Tote Bag for Knitting or Crochet

Crochet and knitting project bags from Bamboula

This beautiful project bag is handwoven and hand-dyed in Kenya. It comes in a variegated “tie-dyed” pattern.

Because it is made from the inner fibers of the Agave sisalana plant, this project bag for crochet and knitting is extra strong and sturdy. Therefore, it can stand up to the toughest of tasks.

Because these are handmade knitting project bags, they sometimes run out of stock. Therefore, if you see the available, you should grab one before it’s too late.

Bonus Project Bags for Knitters

There were a couple of project bags that weren’t mentioned in the original roundup video. However, they’re so great that I don’t want to neglect to draw your attention to them.

Namaste Bags by Jimmy Beans Wool

Namaste Bags for Knitting and Crochet

Although not included in the original roundup and video, we definitely didn’t want to neglect to mention the Jimmy Beans Wool Namaste Project Bags for Knitting and Crochet.

When I got the opportunity to try these bags, I chose the Fold Over. I use it as both a crochet / knitting project bag and as an every day purse. I like that it has short handles as well as a long cross-body strap, making it versatile.

But if that one isn’t your style, they have a lot more to choose from. This is an entire line of project bags for crafters. The small 3.5″ x 5″ Buddy Case has magnets to keep your stitch markers in place. On the other end of the spectrum is the Maker’s Backpack, a full-sized, travels-well vegan leather backpack with pockets for your laptop and other supplies along with your craft project.

Slipped Stitches Studio Project Bags

Back in 2014, I did a podcast episode with Slipped Stitch Studios about their project bags. I double-checked and these great knit and crochet project bags are still for sale. The two-skein project bags, which the company enlarged in 2019, is a relatively small bag that’s convenient to carry around yet. Nevertheless, the inside of the bag is quite roomy. That’s how you can fit two skeins in without a lot of bulk.

That said, their project bags come in five different sizes from Mini to Extra Large. Additionally, they ache the Hybrid Sling bag which is Ann amazing bag that has more than 50 different pockets. You can organize your supplies inside this bag in any number of ways. Therefore, you can easily customize it to exactly what you need for any given project.

10 Knit and Crochet Projects For Your NEW Bag:

  1. Chic Sheep Day Dream Blanket (crochet)
  2. Uptown Chic Shawl (knit)
  3. Boysenberry Bramble Shawl (crochet)
  4. Social Knitter Shawl (knit)
  5. Perfect Simple Cowl Poncho (crochet)
  6. Bird Seed Cowl (knit)
  7. Chic Sheep Log Cabin Blanket (crochet)
  8. Seed Stitch Chic Hat (knit)
  9. Modern Granny Square Stocking (crochet)

Tell us: what are the features you most desire when choosing project bags for knitting or crochet?

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