The Best Crochet Swimsuit Patterns

Every summer, crochet swimsuits come up again for controversy. Some people love them. Others just can’t see how those designs can possibly work in the water. Some are better than others in terms of construction. For a lot of people, it’s less about getting in the water and more about having a terrific swimsuit for sunbathing. If you want to make a crochet bikini or a one piece, here are some of the best crochet swimsuit patterns for you.

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crochet swimsuits patterns

Choosing Crochet Swimsuit Patterns

You want to choose your crochet swimsuit patterns carefully. Ideally, you want a design that’s easy to adapt to your own specific measurements. After all, a swimsuit is something that really requires the right fit. There’s not a lot of coverage, so there’s not a lot of room for error.

Additionally, you want to make sure the designer has selected the right yarn. Most swimsuits are designed for cotton yarn but you have to choose those cotton blends carefully or they can get too waterlogged and heavy.

Finally, read the details of the crochet pattern carefully. Some designers will specifically state that the design is for sunbathing, not swimming. If you need a swim-friendly suit, then make sure that you’ve chosen a design for that.

Top Crochet Swimsuit Patterns

Here are some of the crochet swimsuit patterns that you might want to try for yourself.

Paton’s Crochet Bikini Pattern

Patons crochet bikini free pattern

We’ll kick things off with this one because there are some pros and cons to it as far as crochet swimsuit patterns go. It’s a free crochet bikini pattern, which is obviously a plus. It’s also a very simple pattern, which means that it’s great for beginners to practice.

However, sizing is limited. While the instructions offer options for cup sizes A, B, and C, the bottoms are only designed in one size. If you’re skilled at adapting instructions to fit your body (or you happen to be this one size), then no problem. But if you’re relatively new to crochet and this isn’t your size, then it wouldn’t be a good choice.

If you want to learn how to crochet a basic bikini so that you can understand the formula for it, start here.

Starfish Boho Bikini

starfish bikini crochet pattern

This crochet bikini pattern is a little bit more detailed in terms of design. It was inspired by a starfish. You use cotton to make it, and it’s designed so that you can insert bra pads into the top for full coverage. The pattern designer says that it’s customizable.

Customizable Crochet Bikini Pattern

customizable crochet bikini pattern

Here’s another great crochet bikini pattern. It’s beginner-friendly, water-adaptable, and customizable. The Etsy designer says, “The pattern provides the size from XS to XXL as well as the instructions to make the bikini set according to your unique body shapes.” The pattern also comes with video instructions.

Crochet Halter Top and Shorts

crochet halter and shorts swimsuit set

Looking for crochet swimsuit patterns with a little bit more coverage? How about a halter and shorts set? This is a great option for the beach, and you can comfortably hit up a beachside cafe without changing.

Granny Crochet Swimsuit Pattern

vintage crochet granny square swimsuit pattern

If you like the shorts option, consider these vintage granny swimsuit patterns. There are actually a lot of great vintage crochet swimsuit patterns, many of which you can find for resale through Etsy.

Fringe Crochet Bikini

fringe crochet bikini pattern

This is one of the most unique crochet swimsuit patterns in this roundup. It’s covered in fringe! This would probably be a lot of fun to wear. The top is asymmetrical.

Crochet Monokini

crochet monokini pattern

Crochet monokinis were trending really hard a few years ago. We seem to see less of them these days. Nevertheless, they remain a solid design for crochet swimsuit patterns. This one has that great classic crochet pineapple shape at the center and a keyhole peekaboo at the top. It’s designed in three sizes.

Crochet One Piece Bikini Pattern

crochet one piece bikini pattern

One piece bikini is another name for the monokini. It looks like a one-piece from the front and a bikini from the back so the name actually does make sense. This one has great texture and full coverage over the entire front with a low-slung tie at the waist. The pattern is written for 6 top sizes and 5 bottom sizes.

Crochet One Piece Swimsuit Pattern

crochet one piece swimsuit

Like these swimsuits that have fuller coverage? This one from MayaLunaCorazon is a great choice. She, like many of the other Etsy designers linked here, also offers other crochet swimsuit patterns. The pattern is written for seven sizes.

Strapless Tie-Front Crochet Swimsuit

strapless crochet swimsuit

This is a strapless one-piece crochet swimsuit. It ties closed across the front. The designer has provided instructions for two different types of bottoms – Brazilian or cheeky.

High Waisted Crochet Swim Shorts

high waisted crochet swim shorts pattern

This pattern is for the high-waisted crochet bikini shorts that you see in the photo. They’re designed so that you can easily alter them to fit your specific sizing. The designer, Shylercrochetsug, offers lots of other great crochet swimsuit patterns and summer crochet designs. For example, check out the Crochet Modest Kini.

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