Sweet Baby Blankets to Knit-Review and Giveaway

We talk about ‘wedding season’ each year and it seems that there is becoming a ‘baby season’ as well. Okay, not everyone is having a baby at the same time every year but spring and April seem to put us in the mode for some baby shower fun! Today Katelyn will be reviewing a new book called “Sweet Baby Blankets to Knit” by Jody Long.

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Making a Baby Shower Gift:

One of the greatest things about being able to work with our hands and make beautiful things through knitting and crochet is that we can gift to others our projects. I have always had the mindset that every baby should have at least one handmade thing in their lives. My go to project had typically been baby blankets. With a baby blanket you really don’t need to worry about getting the size right and you can work with one color or multiple colors and themes depending on how much you know about the new baby.

The worst thing about making something for someone is when they don’t wear it. It is one thing if they don’t wear it because they don’t like it but another if it doesn’t fit. Babies come in a lot of different shapes and sizes even when they are born. Baby blankets are a safe bet because they will fit any size baby. Sometimes you work for hours on a cute outfit and the baby is born and won’t fit in the newborn size that you made!

Although you don’t have to worry about the size of the baby for clothing or hats when making a blanket you can think about the use of the blanket. Making a crib size blanket or stroller blanket are just two options to consider. Make something handmade today for the new baby that you know in your life. Not only will it make your heart a little happier but it will let that baby know they are loved with a warm hug from you.

Sweet Baby Blankets to Knit:

Sweet Baby Blankets to Knit by Jody Long

Sweet Baby Blankets to Knit, by Jody Long, comes packed with 29 patterns for you to pick from. The photography in the book is just beautiful and makes me want to knit EVERY blanket in the book. Jody uses simple colors, nothing too bright, to create beautiful blankets through stitch pattern and texture.

Most of the patterns in this book can be gender neutral. Simply by changing the color of yarn you use you can make the blanket to suit either a boy or girl or neutral if you don’t yet know what the baby is. Jody also included four intarsia blankets for you to try.

Personally I like the Bobble Blanket for the texture. My kids always loved to play with the blankets that I put on them and it was great when we were traveling in the car! Jody has included complex lace patterns and also some simple color change garter stich patterns. No matter the timeframe that you have to make your blanket you will find something in this book.

Sweet Baby Blankets to Knit by Jody Long

When Making Handmade Baby Gifts:

For those of you who aren’t yet a parent or those of you where it has been a while since you had little ones I wanted to take a moment and share some things to consider before starting your first project.

Material-Please consider the yarn that you are selecting for your projects. This goes for all handmade baby gifts, not just the ones from this book. Try to find something that is soft, as it will be near the babies skin, but something that is machine washable. Being honest, as a mom of two young kids, I am happy to get through all of our wash each week. Anything that requires special washing is no longer worn. Make the gifts that you give easy for the parents to maintain.

Holes-There are some people that are adamant that you never give babies projects that have any holes in them, that their fingers might get stuck. Others believe that babies will enjoy the holes and have something to play with. Really, I think it is a personal preference. If you are unsure you can always add a little reminder for the parent to watch the baby with the item until they are older.

Presentation-When you are wrapping up your gift don’t forget to add a tag or note with washing instructions for the new parents. Although you may know how to care for the item the parent might have questions since it will be handmade. Let’s be honest, babies can be messy. We want them to have fun and explore but we also want to make sure that there is a way to clean their new blanket.

Purchase Sweet Baby Blankets to Knit:

Purchase your copy of Sweet Baby Blankets to Knit

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  1. Lynne Baltzer says:

    I’m just now getting to the age where there are great grandchildren of friends and family that I can knit or crochet for. So far my specialty is hats with ear flaps for a baby’s first cold Midwest winter. I also create hats and scarves for kids at our local federal health clinic. These pretty blankets make me want to try at least one.

  2. Chris Lopez says:

    My daughter recently asked me to start a “hope chest” of sorts with baby items I’d like future grandchildren to have. This would be a perfect place to start!!

  3. Erica Jackson says:

    I’ve actually not made a homemade baby shower gift because I haven’t felt like my work was good enough to give away. Hopefully now that I’ve honed my skills more through practice, I’ll have some friends who will have babies just so I can spoil them with homemade goodies 🙂

  4. Tammy Todd says:

    My go-to baby shower gift is usually a crocheted baby blanket. I haven’t tried knitting a blanket yet. I’m still learning on the knitting scene (only be at it for about 2 years, crocheting I have been doing that about 35 years now.)

  5. Karen says:

    My goto baby gift is usually a sweater and hat, although I’ve made several small blankies. Parents seem to like the car-seat size which is smaller than the receiving blankets I used with my babies.

  6. Rachel Ballew says:

    So far I have done a hat and blanket. My go to would have to be a blanket! Much easier for me to get sizing correctly.

  7. Edith Smith says:

    My go-to gift is a crocheted baby blanket, but now that I have learned to knit as well I might try making a knitted blanket for a gift.

  8. Jean Jones says:

    My go-to baby gift is either a crib blanket or a car seat blanket. Knit or crochet depends on the pattern(s) I select. Sometimes a matching hat with the car seat blanket.

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