Get Thick With It: 17 Best Super Bulky and Jumbo Yarn Options

It’s that time of year when working with super bulky yarn and even jumbo-weight yarn makes a lot of sense. If you’re cold and looking for something warm to do with your hands, then these yarns are perfect. They’re great to work with when you want to make something quickly. Obviously, quick makes are great during the holidays. Alternatively, if you just need that cozy feel of plush comfort, then these super chunky yarn options will do the trick. But which super bulky and jumbo-weight yarns are the best? Here are seventeen to try.

Note: This post has been updated. Originally written in 2020 and updated in late 2022, some of the yarns were discontinued. Moreover, some great new super chunky wool options have come out since then. So even if you saw this post last year, you might want to look again!

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What Are Super Bulky Yarn and Jumbo Weight Yarns?

Yarn comes in many weights. See our yarn weight chart, which includes recommended yarns for all weights.

When you find really thick yarn that’s practically roving, you’re probably looking at a #6 super bulky yarn or even a #7 jumbo yarn. This is the ultra-chunky yarn you can use for arm knitting or finger crochet. Alternatively, you can use huge crochet hooks or knitting needles to craft this yarn into something amazing.

Not sure what to make? Check out 10+ Things to Do With Super Bulky Yarn. Those ideas work for Jumbo Yarn too. Alternatively, here are 26 knit and crochet patterns that use these yarns.

Top 11 Super Bulky Yarns

Before we dig into the list of the best super bulky yarn choices, I want to mention that O’Go Yarn has Bernat Blanket as an option. You’ll see the regular Bernat Blanket yarn plus its striped version mentioned as a great choice below. In the O’Go Yarn format, you get 300 grams, 220 yards of yarn, in one donut. So if you’re looking for affordable super chunky yarn that offers fun ways to play with color, check it out.

1. Red Heart Sweet Home

Red Heart Sweet Home Super Bulky Yarn

I used this yarn for my Crochet Beginner Shells Blanket. It shows off the shell shape nicely, thanks to the thickness. And it works up quickly into a blanket which is nice for beginners who want to see their hard work pay off.

2. Bernat Blanket Stripes Yarn

Bernat Blanket Stripes Yarn

This is a chenille-style yarn, which makes it a perfect choice for making a really comfy blanket. There’s also regular Bernat Blanket Yarn (not stripes). It’s one of those yarns that give you a lot of bang for your buck.

3. Bernat Softee Chunky

Bernat Softee Chunky Yarn

If you want to make a bold statement, choose a bold yarn. That’s one reason I chose Bernat Softee Chunky for my VOTE sweater knitting pattern. (By the way, you can adapt it to read something other than “vote” if you prefer.)

4. Bernat POP! Bulky Yarn

Bernat POP super bulky weight yarn

Looking for an easy-care self-striping super bulky weight yarn? Check it out – it’s right here!

5. Patons Highland Bulky

A classic wool-blend yarn: this yarn comes in solids as well as tweeds to make projects that pop.

6. Bernat Sheepy

This textured yarn creates a fabric that looks like shearling, but it’s 100% nylon and machine-washable! Use it as an accent on collars for a bomber jacket look, or make a baby project from this super soft yarn.

7. Patons Forever Fleece

A soft, fluffy yarn…this fleece yarn works up quickly to make perfect home decor projects such as blankets.

8. KnitPicks Mighty Stitch Super Bulky

An acrylic and wool blend, this yarn is easy to care for and great for projects that need to be washed often.

9. KnitPicks Alla Prima

The hand-painted colors play the starring role in this single-ply yarn. Use simple stitch patterns to let the yarn shine.

10. KnitPicks Tuff Puff

The colors stand out on this wool yarn! It works up quickly, so you can easily make sweaters and accessories that catch the eye.

11. Fable Fur

Use this faux-fur yarn to add an accent to the piece you’re making or for a soft all-over texture.

Top 3 Jumbo Yarns

The super bulky yarns are great. But do you want to go even bigger? Try these 10 jumbo yarns on for size,

1. Bernat Mega Bulky

Bernat Bega Bulky Jumbo Yarn

I’ve already mentioned a couple of super bulky yarns that I used for my book Two Hour Neckwear. While I also used this jumbo yarn for the Bow Cowl pattern in that book. Note: This jumbo yarn will be discontinued, so the link will take you to the clearance page, where you can find what’s left.

2. Bernat Blanket Extra Yarn

Bernat Blanket Extra Jumbo Yarn

If you enjoy the Bernat Blanket and Bernat Blanket Stripes super bulky weight yarns, then you’ll probably also like this jumbo version: Bernat Blanket Extra.

3. Bernat Alize Blanket EZ

This unique yarn comes with loops along it, so it’s easy to use your fingers to stitch projects. It works especially well for double-sided projects like blankets!

There you have it! The 17 best super bulky yarn and jumbo yarn options to keep you wrapped up in warmth as you craft your way into coziness.

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