Signature Needle Arts Knitting Needles Review

We were so lucky to have so many terrific knitting needle sponsors for BiCrafty Bootcamp. After all, we wanted to show all the new knitters the many different options out there. Most of them started out not even knowing about different types of knitting needles, let alone which brands might be best. We got to use a different brand every month, wrapping everything up this past month with Signature. So, here’s our Signature Needle Arts review. (Although if you’ve been following along with BiCrafty Bootcamp then you already know that we LOVE these knitting needles.)

Signature Knitting Needles

The Stiletto Point

What sets Signature Needle Arts apart from the rest is their design of the stiletto point for their knitting needles. It’s a sharper point that allows for such great ease of knitting. In fact, this company formed when the President of a family-owned machine shop called Bothe Associates Inc, who also happened to be a knitter, asked, “why can’t I have better needle points?” Then they decided to make them. The company grew from there. In the chat portion of the final live video chat for BiCrafty Bootcamp, we were joking (kinda, not really) about how we’d rather have stiletto needle points than stiletto heels. They make the knitting go fast and smooth.

But They Have Other Point Options, Too

All of the experienced knitters in BiCrafty Bootcamp seemed to love those stiletto points. And Marly is one of Signature’s biggest fans. But it’s important to note that their needles come with other point options as well. Why does that matter? Well, for example, BiCrafty Bootcamper and Marly Bird team member Kathryn has been slow to pick up knitting and still finds the ease of the stiletto point just a bit too fast for her hands. So it’s good to know that some of the their knitting needles also come in “Middy” and “Blunt” points.

Signature Needle Arts Review DPNs 2

Types of Signature Arts Knitting Needles

The company has everything you might want including straights (single points), double points (DPNs), and Circulars.

Single Points

Signature’s set of single point needles ranges in size from 1/2.25MM-10/6.0MM. You also have a variety of options to choose from:

  • Knitting needle length: 7″ or 10″ or 14″
  • Needle point type: stiletto, middy, or blunt
  • Knitting cap type (the end opposite the needle): shaped as bell, spiral, or tear
  • Option to monogram!

That’s right – you can monogram your Signature Knitting Needles. This is great for inspirational phrases, intentional crafting with a message, gifts, putting your name on your needles, and more.


A set of DPNs from Signature ranges from 01/2.25MM-06/4.0MM. Each set includes five needles. One of the things the Marly Bird team loved was having each set arrive in its own tube, making it easy to keep the sets together without anything getting lost. Choices you have for Signature DPNs:

  • Knitting needle length: 4″, 5″, 6″ or 8″
  • Note that they are all stiletto points except the 4″ which combine stiletto and blunt
  • Option to monogram


Signature Convertible Circular Knitting Needles Set are interchangeable circulars. They range in size from 03/3.25MM-10/6.0MM. Options include:

  • 4″, 5″ or 6″ needle length or “stalks”
  • 16″, 20″, 24″, 32″, 40″ or 47″ overall length with cables (note that not all sizes are available for all stalk lengths)
  • Stiletto tip or middy tip
  • Option to monogram

High-End Signature Arts Knitting Needles Review: Worth the Investment

It’s true that Signature Needle Arts knitting needles tend to be on the high end as far as price goes. But their quality is well worth it. Of course, not everyone can afford them, and that’s okay. It’s okay to knit with whatever you can get your hands on. But if you have a little bit of money to treat yourself – or a crafting friend – to something special then our Signature Needle Arts review is: GET THEM.

Signature Needle Arts Review

Cryssi’s Signature Needle Arts Review

BiCrafty Bootcamper, Marly Bird team member and now-knitter Cryssi says her Signature Needle Arts review is: “slices through yarn like a hot knife through butter.” She really loves working with these, says they are “such a dream” to use. Moreover, she is excited to be at the stage of knitting where she can use them comfortably.

Kathryn’s Signature Needle Arts Review

Although Kathryn might not be at the knitting level where she works quickly with the metal needles, she doesn’t deny that she’s lucky to own a set. First of all, they’re beautiful. Displaying them makes her want to improve her knitting. Second, she loves the storage tubes the DPNs came in. And finally, she can see that they’re of great quality.

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