Seed Stitch Knit Hat Free Pattern: Beginner, One-Ball, Instant Gratification Project

Beginner knitters looking for a next-step project would do well to check out this seed stitch knit hat free pattern. The seed stitch is a very easy knit stitch. It’s also a very repetitive stitch pattern so advanced knitters seeking a meditative (or mindless!) project will also want to bookmark this one. As a one-ball project that works up within a few hours, it’s great for making a last-minute gift or accessory.

What Is Knit Seed Stitch?

Bicrafty folks might already know that there’s a crochet seed stitch as well as a knit seed stitch. Seed stitch can also go by a variety of different names in either craft. But basically, when you knit seed stitch, you work knits and purls into one another. You’ll knit your purls and purl your knits.

Therefore, if you get stuck at all with where you are in this project, then you simply need to look at the next stitch that’s on your needle. If the next stitch is a knit stitch, then you’ll work a purl stitch into it. And if the next stitch is a purl stitch then you’ll work a knit stitch into it. It’s easy-peasy. And it creates a really great texture that’s perfect for your knit hat.

Meditative – or Mindless – Stitching

When you have a really simply repeating knit stitch pattern like this, you can approach your project in one of two ways.

On one hand, it is perfect for mindless stitching. For example, if you want to knit while watching your favorite tv show, then you can easily do that with this seed stitch knit hat free pattern. Even if you get immersed in the show, you’ll easily continue to work the stitch pattern.

On the other hand, you can approach a pattern like this with mindfulness or meditation in mind. Mindfulness means that you pay attention to the details of each moment. A repetitive stitch pattern can help lull you into a state that allows for mindfulness practice.

knit seed stitch hat free pattern-2

One-Ball, Quick, Easy Hat Pattern

This is a one-ball hat pattern. Therefore, you can use it as a stash buster. Or you can find a really great luxury yarn in your stash to make a special hat using this pattern.

It’s also a quick hat pattern. You should be able to work it up in just a few hours. Therefore, it’s a great go-to pattern for last minute projects. You can use it to whip up a gift. If you want to add a cute accessory to an outfit, then use this pattern. Or, if you just want the instant gratification of a start-to-finish same-day project, then give this seed stitch knit hat free pattern a whirl.

Get the Seed Stitch Knit Hat Free Pattern

Ready to get stitching? Get the seed stitch knit hat free pattern here or click the image below:

seed stitch knit hat free pattern

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