Olympics 2021 Fun: Join the BiCrafty Champions Make-Along for the Most Fun All Summer

Do you remember back in mid-May when we told you about BiCrafty Games? At the time, you could only sign up for the yarn boxes for this fabulous make-along. If you already did that then Gold Medal to you!

However, now it’s time for the games to begin. Whether or not you got the yarn box, you can sign up for the BiCrafty Champions Workshop right now.

Pre-game has already begun, games begin officially on Friday, and when you’re done you’ll have a beautiful new knit or crochet shawl (or both) along with lots of new knowledge in those crafts. If you love competition and/or collaboration then you can show off what you’re making in the Minions group as we go!

BiCrafty Games Box vs. BiCrafty Champions

The first full first announcement of this collaboration between myself, Robyn Chachula, Erin Lane Bags and Destination Yarn, is the BiCrafty Games. It includes the yarn box. The workshop part, BiCrafty Champions, is the part of the KAL/CAL that Robyn and I have put together. It includes two patterns plus video instruction.

Olympics BiCrafty Games stitch along

If you purchased one of the BiCrafty Games yarn boxes then you get the BiCrafty Champions workshop with it. (There are a few boxes left; it’s not too late!) However, you aren’t required to purchase a yarn box to participate. You’re welcome to sign up just for BiCrafty Champions.

What’s Included in BiCrafty Champions Workshop?

This is a three week live KAL/CAL. You’ll get both a knit shawl pattern and a crochet shawl pattern. Those are yours to keep. Plus, you get video help along the way. The point of this workshop is to give you a fun community setting in which to learn new stitches, practice new techniques, and craft a fun project. You have to exercise your muscles to keep them strong. This is a way to exercise your craft muscles with a multi-day intensive project. You’ll feel like a gold medalist when you reach the end!

Do You Have to Love the Olympics to Participate?

Of course not. We think Olympics 2021 is going to be a lot of fun to watch. Moreover, we think it gives you focused time to work on your knitting or crochet while you have it on in the background. However, this is simply a celebration of the craft community during the Olympic Games. You don’t have to watch the games if you’re not interested in them. Just like with my Game Day and Turkey Trot make-alongs, you don’t have to like sportsballs at all in order to love spending that time crafting in community.

Sports and Crafting Can Both Be About Community

There are some Olympic sports that people do individually. Then there are some team sports. Moreover, there are some that are a little bit of both. In gymnastics, for example, there’s the US Gymnastics Team but the individuals compete against each other as well. At any level, there’s community. You’re part of your sport, your team, your country’s participation in the global event.

Crafting can be the same way. You can knit or crochet alone. Alternatively, you might only craft in groups. KALs / CALs give you the chance to craft on your own within (and at the same pace as) your craft community. There’s a lot to be said for the motivation, inspiration, and support that comes along with making a knit or crochet shawl at the same time as everyone else. That’s why we love to to do thee make-alongs. And why we’ve designed this one with so many chances to interact.

Pre-Game Olympics 2021 Has Already Begun

If you’ve already signed up for BiCrafty Champions then you know that pre-games have already begun. How do we pre-game this event? With lots of great content to get you started before the project itself actually begins.

For example, we have information about how to pick colors for your project in case you didn’t sign up for the BiCrafty Games Box. (The box is really fun, though, because the special yarns are all packaged to be opened day by day so you get a little bit of surprise each day of the make-along.)

We also have videos about how to read knit charts and stitch diagrams. Whether you’re experienced in both crafts, stronger in one, or working only in one, this is a great opportunity to expand your knit and/or crochet skills. You’ll get about one dozen different instructions, day by day, to complete this beautiful shawl project.

If you join before midnight tomorrow 1/22/21 ET then you’ll get BiCrafty Champions workshop at a deep discount.

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  1. Susie Moten says:

    I joined the BiCrafty Champions but am pulling from my own stash. Is there a section of the videos or materials that suggests how to put your colors in A, B, C etc. order? Trying to figure out what my color B should be!

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