It’s Sweater Weather! Marly Bird First Fall Make-Along 2023

As the first whispers of autumn breeze begin to rustle the leaves, we are thrilled to unveil the Marly Bird First Fall Make-Along 2023! Perfectly timed for the seasonal transition and upcoming holiday travels, it’s time to craft cozy cover-ups that’ll be the envy of all. Whether you’re a knitter or a crocheter, we’ve got a treat in store for you!

Crafting ponchos and sweaters has always held a special place in my heart. The sensation of being enveloped in a self-made embrace, especially during the crisp fall months, is unparalleled. The alchemy of transforming textured yarn into wearable art never ceases to amaze me.

During the pandemic, many embraced knitting and crocheting as therapeutic outlets, finding solace in every stitch. Now, years post-lockdown, these budding artisans are yearning for fresh challenges. Whether you’re drawn to intricate crochet colorwork with a play of textures or a knit sweater adorned with mesmerizing cables and streamlined finishes, this Make-Along caters to all your creative desires.

Join the annual Marly Bird First Fall Make-Along 2023 and craft a piece you’ll cherish and wear confidently!


Is the Make-Along a Free Event?

The short answer is yes. You can dive into the Marly Bird First Fall Make-Along 2023 at no cost! While the event is completely free, participants have the exclusive opportunity to elevate their experience with a VIP upgrade. This supports the event and unlocks a plethora of premium benefits, ensuring crafters get the most out of their make-along journey.

Model wearing Check Me Out Crochet Poncho on the left, and model wearing the Sazerac Cabled Knit Sweater on the right. Center text reads Crochet And Knit - Marly Bird

That sounds great. What are we making again?

In our unique spin on the traditional mystery make-along, the end goal isn’t entirely shrouded in secrecy. I want you to share in the excitement and anticipation for the final project! However, the exact design remains a delightful surprise.

We’re crafting the Check Me Out Gingham Plaid Poncho and the Sazerac Cabled Sweater. My heart has always been drawn to the intricate patterns of ponchos and the snug warmth of cabled sweaters, and I believe these pieces will be a testament to the beauty of our craft.”

Marly Bird First Fall Make-Along 2023 Information

This make-along is a 3-week event that will walk you through how to make beautifully textured stitches and create stunning wearable garments.

  • Learn how to choose the perfect size
  • Learn how to read charts (knitting and crochet)
  • Learn how to crochet Gingham Plaid
  • Learn how to knit cables with texture
  • Learn how to seam

Each week of instructions includes a video tutorial and a segment of the pattern to work along with the Marly’s Minions community (free pattern link can be found here on this blog post below).

Collage of Marly Bird First Fall Make-Along 2023: Woman wearing colorful gingham plaid poncho posing in a lush green setting; central image showcasing autumn leaves and event title; close-up of intricate red knit pattern; smiling woman wearing a cozy red sweater against a neutral background; vibrant textile detail showing a blend of colors; bold 'VIP EXPERIENCE' text on a glittery gold background - Marly Bird

You can upgrade to the VIP EXPERIENCE.

Step up your crafting game with the VIP Experience at the Marly Bird First Fall Make-Along! 🍂 Whether you’re passionate about knitting or have a soft spot for crochet, this is your chance to elevate your skills, enjoy exclusive perks, and be a part of a unique crafting community.

By upgrading to the VIP Experience, you’ll access specialized content tailored to your preference and unlock a world of inspiration and expertise, all housed in the exclusive MarlyBirdHouse.

Dive deeper, craft smarter, and celebrate the joy of creation with fellow enthusiasts. Don’t miss out – make this season unforgettable by choosing the VIP upgrade best for you. Your ultimate crafting journey awaits!

Join the Only Knitting or Only Crochet for only $21.

Or get the Ultimate VIP Experience and join the BiCrafty First Fall $29!

Collage showcasing BiCrafty Collection for Marly Bird First Fall Make-Along 2023 event. Features Marly Bird in various knit and crochet designs, including a red sweater and colorful poncho. Displayed alongside are pattern details, video tutorial icons on laptops and tablets, and a logo of falling autumn leaves with the text 'BiCrafty Collection' at the bottom.

Important Dates of the First Fall Make-Along 2023

This make-along will take place over three weeks.

Nov. 6, 2023

Nov. 13, 2023

Nov. 20, 2022

**Links to each section of the pattern are at the bottom of this post**

How to Participate in The First Fall Make-Along 2023 For Free

Joining the First Fall Make-Along is as easy as pie, and yes, it’s completely free! To participate, simply follow the bullet points below.

As you join this fall crafting fun, remember that the VIP upgrade will amplify your experience. By choosing the VIP experience, you get access to in-depth tutorials and specialized content and an entry into the exclusive MarlyBirdHouse, where premium resources and a dedicated community await.

While the free Make-Along offers a delightful crafting experience, the VIP upgrade promises an elevated journey filled with inspiration, expertise, and unparalleled support.

Here is what you need to do to join for free:

Group of 4 images of Marly Bird wearing the First Fall Knitting and Crochet Projects - Poncho and Sweater. First Fall Make-Along 2023

How Do I Get the Free Instructions For First Fall?

Beginning November 6, 2023, the free instructions will be added in a post here on the MarlyBird.com website.

All of those instructions will be linked at the bottom of this post as they become available.

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⭐️ The Marly Bird First Fall Make-Along 2023 | Check Me Out Gingham Plaid Poncho Supply List ⭐️

Everything you need to know to get started on the crochet poncho is listed below (in the VIP, you get a downloadable supply list).


Adventurous Beginner


To Fit Size

Kids L (Adult S/M, L/XL, 2X/3X) sample shown on 52” bust in size 2X/3X.

Finished Measurements

Panels are 13 (16.75, 20.5, 24)” [33, 42.5, 52, 61 cm] wide by 27 ½(30 ½, 33 ½, 36 ½)” [70, 77.5, 85, 92.5 cm] long. 


13 sc x 11 rows = 4” [10 cm] x 4” [10 cm] in griddle stitch pattern; use any size hook to obtain the gauge. 



Red Heart Roll With It Melange (100% acrylic, 389 yds / 356 m, 5.29 oz/ 150 g, CYCA# 4 worsted)

Choose any colors you like…all the colorways of this yarn look great!

Color A: #Autograph, 1 (2, 2, 3) cakes

Color B: #Catwalk, 2 (2, 2, 3) cakes

Color C: #Theater, 1 (1, 1, 1) cakes

Other Yarn Suggestions:

Sirdar, Jewelspun Aran (100% acrylic, 546 yds / 500 m, 200g, CYCA #4 worsted/aran)

Hobbi, Cookie

Caron, Jumbo Ombre

Crochet Hook

Size J/10 (6.0 mm)


Removable Stitch Markers, Tapestry needle

Promotional image for Marly Bird's 'First Fall Make-Along 2023' featuring vibrant full-color photos of crochet ponchos, detailed written instructions with charts, a video tutorial preview on a laptop, a bonus pattern, and a mobile and tablet view showcasing the user-friendly online platform. Emphasis on 'Only Crochet' with autumnal leaf motifs in the background.

⭐️ The Marly Bird First Fall Make-Along 2023 | Sazerac Cabled Sweater Supply List ⭐️

Everything you need to know to get started on the cable knit sweater is listed below (in the VIP, you get a downloadable supply list).




To Fit Sizes

XS/S (M/L , XL/2X, 3X/4X, 5X/6X)

Bust circumference 28-35 (36-43, 44-51, 52-59, 60-67)″ [71-89 (91.5-109, 112-129.5, 132-150, 152.5-170) cm]

Finished Measurements

Bust 36 (42, 51, 57, 66)” [91.5 (106.5, 129.5, 145, 167.5) cm]

Length 21¾ (22, 24¼, 24¼, 27½)” [55 (56, 61.5, 61.5, 70) cm]


16 sts and 22 rounds = 4″ [10 cm] in Cable Panels using larger needles.



Queensland Collection, Uruguay Chunky (70% Wool/ 20% Alpaca/ 10% Silk, 73 yd /67 m balls, 1.75 oz /50 g, CYCA# 5 bulky): #104 Sunset

Note: sample yarn has been discontinued. See suggested yarns for substitutions.

Suggested Yarn

675 (800, 1075, 1200, 1575) yds / 617 (732, 983, 1097, 1440) m

Bulky weight (CYCA #5) yarn:

675 (800, 1075, 1200, 1575) yds / 617 (732, 983, 1097, 1440) m

Knitting Needles 

Size US 9 [5.5 mm] long circular needle (to fit around desired bust measurement), or size required for gauge.


Removable stitch markers in two different colors or designs, cable needle, stitch holders, tapestry needle.

Promotional image for Marly Bird's 'First Fall Make-Along 2023' with a knitting theme. Highlights include bright full-color photographs of a knitted red sweater named 'Sazerac', comprehensive written instructions with charts, a video tutorial preview showcased on a laptop, a close-up of the knitted fabric pattern, a bonus 'Cabled Comfort Blanket' pattern, and snapshots of the user-friendly online platform on a tablet and mobile device. The design is accentuated with autumn leaves, and a large 'Only Knitting' text at the bottom. - Marly Bird

🍂 ⇨ Instructions for Each Week Listed Below ⇦ 🍂

  • Nov. 6, 2023 – Main Body — available at NOON EST
  • Nov. 13, 2023 – Next Section — available at NOON EST
    • Knitting >> Click Here <<
    • Crochet : the instructions for this weeks make-along are to make the second panel.
  • Nov. 20, 2023 – Finishing — available at NOON EST

Note: I’ve put all the sections of the instructions on ONE page for convenience.

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  1. Sandra Peters says:

    Ok, not enough time to get my yarnfrom Knit Picks but just maybe I have something in my extensive collection. I love doing your KALs so I have to do it.

    • Marly Bird says:

      The beauty of this Make-Along is you can do it whenever. Plus, I know you have an awesome stash so I can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂

  2. Renae says:

    This is my second sweater I’ve knit. The first one I did not swatch. It turned out three sizes too big. I’m glad I took the time to do it this time! Now I can go ahead and not worry about it.

  3. Renae says:

    I made a swatch and didn’t catch this. On the 3/4 size pattern on line 6 there is 40+ stitches and there is only supposed to have38 stitches. Not sure how to proceed.

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